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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome BACK to my channel!! Today I'm revealing a brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick formula called VELVET TRAP!!! It's time for my well loved Lip Ammunition to retire and say goodbye! Her replacement? A stunning new formula that's richly pigmented, one swipe coverage, buttery soft and giving a luxurious opaque color. It hugs the lips in a lightweight, velvet, pure matte finish with unreal dimension. The component has also been revamped!!! I also announce this year's HALLOWEEN Mystery Boxes!!!!!! They are FINALLY back! EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON OCT. 16TH @ 10AM PST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL tea!
ALL 20 SHADES.....
Celebrity Skin
Unicorn Blood
Nudist Colony
Diet Mannequin
The Perfect Red
Chocolate Fondue
Naked Body
Funeral Parlour
Pure Hell
Medieval Kiss
Watermelon Soda
Fire Starter
Hot Commodity
Malibu Beach House
Honey, Suck Me
So Jaded
Drill Sergeant
👻 Mini Mystery Box - $25
Premium Mystery Box - $60
Deluxe Mystery Box - $100
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MUSIC: Besomorph x EMM - Afterlife ► - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
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Aisin Pred uro
I absolutely hate this male/female I don’t even know what it is
Lucy9th Archer
Lucy9th Archer Pred 3 urami
OMG had to get off right away and order Unicorn blood lipstick!!
beautiful world
beautiful world Pred 3 urami
Kira Linaris
Kira Linaris Pred 3 urami
He doesn't sell out of products anymore ...
J W Pred 4 urami
I Love Jefree soo much 💓 I just love how jeffee is so honest and just how jefree is not scared to be " HI , HOW ARE YA,? IM ME BITCH LOVE ME OR HATE ME I DONT GIVE A FUCK BITCH " Jefree has worked to get to the top and is slaying the beauty industry as well as self made industry in every aspect! While I unfortunately only own 1 pallette from jefrees eyeshadow collection that being cremated- I cherish it, I use it only when I get to " go out" with my girlfriends bc im a mom of 2 and just simply can't afford to go out or have the luxury of having someone watch my kids so I can get out but me and my 7 year old daughter love to play dress up and pretend we are " going out " and it's so much fun for us to do "mock ups" of makeup while watching previous videos of Jefree doing make-up!! Thank you Jefree ❤️ 😊 💓 also I watch the video before my daughter does and I do use the * mute * 🔇 button if I feel necessary before anyone tries to come for me! But my daughter loves Jefree 💕
Joey Edmond
Joey Edmond Pred 4 urami
I have my problematic favs. Jeffree is just.... problematic
mariem sidoumou
mariem sidoumou Pred 5 urami
just doing my daily tasks hating on jeffre
S I Pred 5 urami
I have never ever seen someone anthropomorphasis a lipstick before 😂. I live a quiet life lol! I watched due an non verbal analysis of his 'apology' no clue what he's done 🤷🏻‍♀️. Good sales man but nearly threw up in my mouth watching him pose 🤷🏻‍♀️ and how he loved to watch himself... sorry Jeffery. Lipsticks look cool but don't wear the stuff (don't get me wrong i like make up bare minerals, benefit, etc ) and yours looks expensive if you're promoting it so extensively, again not a business woman lol why does it need to look so amazing? I get having a luxury product but I choose to buy different things and spend money on things that last... each to their own. Im 43 perhaps a different generation thing. Right ive seen enough of Jeffery can't be bother looking into why he was 'apologising' anyway I love beautypie 😉 none of the 🎉zazzmatazz 🎉 no offence Jeremy 😉. Be safe
Tilana van Vuuren
Tilana van Vuuren Pred 5 urami
Paris Hilton wannabe
Firewolf Boy6598
Firewolf Boy6598 Pred 8 urami
I'm gay
Small Rxse
Small Rxse Pred 8 urami
me scrolling through the comments to see who supports him-
Fatima Ramos Heckert poderosa
Fatima Ramos Heckert poderosa Pred 8 urami
Hoje faz uma semana que conheci esse canal. Tô amando,sou fã agora
Tudor Marinca
Tudor Marinca Pred 8 urami
You can not hate him for not being boring and being relevant and better than you🧚🏻‍♀️
Pumpkin Pred 9 urami
You should do a favorite 2020
695690 Pred 9 urami
This my first time watching Jeffer stare he or she sound like a girl or men
Gatcha Katelyn
Gatcha Katelyn Pred 9 urami
Ur amazing!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Pred 10 urami
“One swipe for full color” ... as he swipes back and forth 5x for each color swatch 😂
Jacey Payne
Jacey Payne Pred 11 urami
Is there a way to buy colors like this without supporting this awful man? I really like the colors of the lipstick but I can't with this man
Serartic K
Serartic K Pred 11 urami
At this point, there would be a higher chance of people buying his make up if his two faces weren't in every ad/ campaign.
Moraw Pred 11 urami
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Pred 10 urami
I received my mystery box and velvet trap lipstick yesterday. I am so super happy with my purchase!!!❤❤❤
i Am IcY hOt
i Am IcY hOt Pred 11 urami
Why am I watching this again.........
Rose Lamanna Kenny
Rose Lamanna Kenny Pred 11 urami
I love you so much Jeffrey I am 51 years old and do not give a s*** about all of the drama on SLshow and all the BS that's been going on I love who you are as a person everyone changes and screw the haters as I've told you many times
Jennie Diaz
Jennie Diaz Pred 11 urami
Jennie Diaz
Jennie Diaz Pred 11 urami
Sorry 🤪, Nail Color took my Attention ‼️🤣😂💝🌹
Destiny Bierman
Destiny Bierman Pred 12 urami
Something very horrible happened to our family my sweet baby boy Wyatt passed away from SIDS he was only three months old. Our hearts are broken. His funeral is $3500, we have two other babies and multiple overdue bills. Please notice me and bless my family ❤️ $MrsNicholson823
bxby_ cloud
bxby_ cloud Pred 13 urami
omg-why dont i like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aikothefrog [[AKA shaneyaewstan4life]] •_•
Aikothefrog [[AKA shaneyaewstan4life]] •_• Pred 13 urami
You got canceled and you still decide to post😐
L.I.A Pred 13 urami
Im sorry jeffree i dont hate you but...i came here from larrays mv
Autumn Saldana
Autumn Saldana Pred 13 urami
We miss Nate.
GracieLuvGaming Pred 13 urami
he Should React To Cancelled By Larray xD I really wanna see his reaction OwO Love u Jeffree~ ,3
AEZZ Simon
AEZZ Simon Pred 14 urami
Amy Bourne
Amy Bourne Pred 15 urami
Please review RareBeauty by Selena Gomez! ❤️❤️🙏
Abby Gonzales
Abby Gonzales Pred 16 urami
You continually out do yourself!!! The colors are deep luxurious beauty! Hail Jeffrey!
Janet Turbeville
Janet Turbeville Pred 16 urami
Please contact me. I think that you might be very interested in some information about your products.
CHANEL Pred 17 urami
I received my mystery box and velvet trap lipstick yesterday. I am so super happy with my purchase!!!❤❤❤
Babitha Beauty world
Babitha Beauty world Pred 17 urami
Lizzie Walker
Lizzie Walker Pred 17 urami
the exposure is so high its hard to see any of the product
Chokoleit Vlogs
Chokoleit Vlogs Pred 17 urami
Hello my idol here in philippines plsss give me gift of my birthday plss my idol love you so much🥰♥️🙏
hannah hilbert
hannah hilbert Pred 18 urami
hey j! I wanna start a youtube channel. I need some advice... I would really love if you could reply and give me some advice! I been watching you forever! & I wanna shed light on some things that’s going on everyday!!! thank you so much! I hope to hear from you soon!!! XOXO my email is or if there is some way too reply on here please do so! 🤍
Phoenix27 Blaze
Phoenix27 Blaze Pred 18 urami
Unicorn blood ❤
ashley gardner
ashley gardner Pred 18 urami
whos here after this video Palette Swap ft. Jeffree Star
Nazli Malik
Nazli Malik Pred 18 urami
I have 2 of the light colors and they are not made for olive skin tone. It's for white people. Maybe try making nude pinks for olive complexion. I know i can use a line but i don't want to. Other companies do it. Target all of your audience, not just white people. On a positive note, The lipstick is not drying at all, very creamy and opaque. Much better then the original.
karisxh Pred 18 urami
i had ur blue pallete, i burnt it✨
Blessed Princessa
Blessed Princessa Pred 18 urami
the black girl prettyyyyyyyy
Natan The 6th
Natan The 6th Pred 19 urami
Vegan > child labor Yes, your make up contains child labor ingredients instead, but who cares, right?
Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong Pred 20 urami
You are a man, what tragedy led you to this?
F.A.R Pred uro
How do you know they are a man?
Davor Ivanovic
Davor Ivanovic Pred 21 uro
notice how he is sending the make up to unknown SLshowrs, they are probably on his payroll
Carol Baker
Carol Baker Pred 21 uro
Come on Jeff, who the hell wears lip stick these days when we're forced to use masks. Wake up people...
JB Joseph
JB Joseph Pred 12 urami
Yep great point but you know he's likely illuminati as is the rest of the junk
Lidya Munoz
Lidya Munoz Pred dnevom
Yes...this is what I want when 90% of the time I'm wearing a mask :/
squish Pred dnevom
Popping Hair styles
Popping Hair styles Pred dnevom
Mahlee :p
Mahlee :p Pred dnevom
Kevin R
Kevin R Pred dnevom
wow, you're fully self-centered beyond compare! I could give a shit about you as much as you think about yourself. Will no longer be following. From recent previous videos, I see no spacial distancing so I guess you think you're extra special and beyond the virus. Fingers crossed, but I wouldn't give a shit if you got the virus. Maybe it would give you a sense of recognition which you seriously exist. Money doesn't equate to immortality. Nate was such a great equalizer. Sad he couldn't deal with your obnoxious lifestyle. Kinda sad. Do all your ridiculous rooms in your mansion equate to true love?
Rool Jeffry
Rool Jeffry Pred 5 urami
😂😂😂 this comment just shows how stupid and mad people can be about someone else life. Stay mad
Olan Pred dnevom
it's funny when people so gullible, when someone talks against him people would believe w 0 evidence, like why people get so much into someone's private life, he's not hurting this toxic haters but, they get so angry more than the person who relates to, like why dont you mind your own business? mistakes don't define nobody, remember people make mistakes in life and learn!
Mayo Pred 5 urami
@Madison Wood his Hollywood Undead and MySpace days need more exposure.
Madison Wood
Madison Wood Pred 6 urami
So him being a predator is ok?
Mr Waffles
Mr Waffles Pred dnevom
Did he really get cancelled?
Londonplays 1
Londonplays 1 Pred dnevom
I would love to stay with you for a day I would be all in your stuff
Terese Benge
Terese Benge Pred dnevom
Such a great set❤ Im so excited for this collection 💄💄💄 Im definitely getting the mystery box. Can't wait to get my order 🛍 Stunning video💋👄💋
Robin Siwula
Robin Siwula Pred dnevom
My sister and me just bought these cant wait to try them!!
Cameron Sherman
Cameron Sherman Pred dnevom
Omg I love you so much!! I’m in the first trimester of my pregnancy and feel like absolute garbage and your videos are the only thing keeping me going!! You are a rockstar diva! You keep on doing you! Love ya!!!
Aubrynn Sloat
Aubrynn Sloat Pred dnevom
I think its funny that he says he can't relate if you don't like bright color lips but I can't remember the last time he wore a bright colored lip.
ELM o Pred dnevom
This man scares me
Summer Prettygirl
Summer Prettygirl Pred dnevom
ur not kylie jenner u cant just pop up like this expecting us to buy ur shit loool copycat
NourishMe Pred dnevom
I love u Jeffree Star finally learned how to comment on videos yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 46 thts y lol
Sofia Tsaernev
Sofia Tsaernev Pred dnevom
Everyone triggered
Courtney Davis
Courtney Davis Pred dnevom
I got one of the boxes I ordered im so excited I ended up getting the Androgyny pallet a beanie and 3 lip products
nina hagen
nina hagen Pred dnevom
So, he took off all liquid lipsticks from his website (except of the boxes) so that we are forced to buy his lipsticks
Anestashe Kelly
Anestashe Kelly Pred dnevom
The African American woman in the photo shoot sold those Lipsticks, so much attitude and made me want to buy one.... give that woman a raise.
Jack Belton
Jack Belton Pred dnevom
Hi Jeffree Star what days do u do your SLshow videos I know u been doing a lot and that's ok but we love seeing u do make up reviews on peoples brands and I am a huge fan of u truly ❤ 💞
YisuCrist Pred dnevom
I litterally had the most funniest time in my life reading all these comments about "how Jeffre copy the Lisa Elderidge velvet lipsticks" as if she invented the velvet in the world, lol. So many other brands has made velvet lipsticks before yall, idk why are you being so shady. + None of those velvet lipsticks are like JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS VELVET TRAP LIPSTICK OK. PERIODT. Jeffree is such an icon and such an inspiration in my life; him, as a person who have that much succeed in his life even tho he had really hard times before with his economy is such an inspiration in my life. Keep doing what you doing and even better Jeffree. Love you so much, your brand, all of your producst (even tho i don't have one bc i'm in Venezuela and we have communist lol), i love EVERYTHING about you, your career and your succeed. Blessings to you, Dear Jeffree. ❤️❤️❤️
Esperancita Pred dnevom
I ran so fast to the comments when I saw him posts
יון לוי
יון לוי Pred dnevom
Why is he not cancelled yet? This man is a sick liar..
Madelyn H
Madelyn H Pred dnevom
Jeffree only trisha gets to decide when shes cancelled, hun your cancelled.
OshinTorek Pred dnevom
Does he still have true friends?
40 inch Luigi doll
40 inch Luigi doll Pred dnevom
Gen Unheard
Gen Unheard Pred dnevom
commenting makes the video different.
Gen Unheard
Gen Unheard Pred dnevom
Yo do realize those people living with you are out for their own best interests.
Jessica Pelligra
Jessica Pelligra Pred dnevom
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson Pred dnevom
Why you copy the kardashians/jenner's? Where they live an when they display shit guess who does it next. It's creepy for someone who claims to hate them so bad. #beorigional #stalkmuch #wannabe
Olivia Irvin
Olivia Irvin Pred dnevom
make a new vid
Bethany Bb
Bethany Bb Pred dnevom
React to cancelled by Larray
Orenji Pred dnevom
can jeffree stop releasing new things every 10 seconds
Chase Dellinger
Chase Dellinger Pred dnevom
I listen to the beauty killer album everyday! When are we getting another album 🥺👑
CraftyFrogger Pred dnevom
Why weren't you wearing your earrings? Lol!
Mrs. Clorox Bleach
Mrs. Clorox Bleach Pred dnevom
Jeffree Star please come out with a skin care line as well as a fragrance line.
nina hagen
nina hagen Pred dnevom
Well, I was actually hoping for some new shades of liquid lipsticks with a new formula... I mean, who needs lipsticks anymore? They never stay on really long.
Marry Php
Marry Php Pred dnevom
The terrible truth about Jeffree Star
Mr Trippy
Mr Trippy Pred dnevom
POV:your scrolling looking for hate comments f
HairTips_ Pred dnevom
you should react to larray music video ....... one more thing......" oh wait jeffree star said n****"
Camila Méndez
Camila Méndez Pred dnevom
I don't know, does he seem sad to you too?
Faith Evans
Faith Evans Pred dnevom
your awesome and I just started out doing make up do you have any tips for beginners?
Hannah Webb
Hannah Webb Pred dnevom
I think Jeffers thinks that just because he says something and acknowledges the criticism, that it suddenly isn’t true?? “I am not making an update video just because I have a launch” 3 days later.. “BUY THIRST TRAP” I understand he has to promote his brand, but that isn’t the issue here lmao
Be the Change
Be the Change Pred dnevom
Waste of money.
Ilona Pankevich
Ilona Pankevich Pred dnevom
Black color for the packaging would look better. This pink looks cheap.
Lovely Muffin
Lovely Muffin Pred 8 urami
sis really expects fucking JEFFREE STAR himself to choose a basic ass colour like blAck LMAOOO
JennyApostolos Pred dnevom
Rynne Carnivora
Rynne Carnivora Pred dnevom
Bruhh(♥ω♥*) He's the problematic Willy Wonka of the beauty community I stan ಥ⌣ಥ
Ksenia Lanigan
Ksenia Lanigan Pred dnevom
Hi Jeffree can you please react to Larry's new distrack 'Cancelled'
do you you call this a Beauty guru lol if any one agrees please like
Song Mingi
Song Mingi Pred dnevom
You butted in the james drama with TATI for what reason? You're a cold-hearted cruel person. I used to love watching you, but not any longer. You also did the same shit with Manny and many other influencers.
Rool Jeffry
Rool Jeffry Pred dnevom
😂😂😂 but here you are. Go watch sesame street
Phoebe Taylor
Phoebe Taylor Pred dnevom
🤮🤮🤮 this channel makes me sick
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