Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

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Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

dhruvi brahmin
dhruvi brahmin Pred 12 minutami
We need more videos with stormi!!!!😘😘😘
Ariaa Pred 16 minutami
Omg I'm gonna cry stormi is so cute and polite shes so blessed ♡
Divisha Bhagat
Divisha Bhagat Pred 31 minuto
last christmas video: they drop the vanilla halloween vid: they drop it again !! nice job.
GeorgeTurnbullVlogs Pred 40 minutami
I’m not crying.. you are!!! Sooo cute
Jacco Scherjon
Jacco Scherjon Pred 40 minutami
Wow can i get also a cookie stormi🥺
Dashj'a Pred 52 minutami
Why are y’all so amazed? Aren’t most 2 year olds like this ?
Sly List
Sly List Pred 59 minutami
Kyle: I love you Stormi: Thats cute mommy Me: YOUR to cute!
dwt_ moonlightbae
dwt_ moonlightbae Pred uro
awe mommy and baby in twin pjs baking cookies 🥺🤍awe Kylie your the best mom of all time have a lovely halween
uglyy clownn
uglyy clownn Pred uro
"I need a towel please" she's so cute
Ada Rhee
Ada Rhee Pred uro
*Stormi is more mature than me...*
Demxnbxyxo_999 Pred uro
I don’t think Stormi knows this is food 😂 the amount of sprinkles... damn
iixxstrawberryxxii Pred uro
stormi: puts 100000 glitters on one cookie kylie : wha- wh-👁💧👄👁
rogan kikho
rogan kikho Pred 2 urami
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Zaina Wajdi
Zaina Wajdi Pred 2 urami
Stormi is so precious and Kylie is an amazing caring mom
Bro Sike
Bro Sike Pred 3 urami
Awwww love youuu😫🤍🤍🤍.
Girl Interrupted
Girl Interrupted Pred 3 urami
I'm amazed that this video has over 18 million views in two weeks. No shade. I'm just surprised. Not really into the Kardashians, but Kylie is an awesome mom and her daughter is adorable and so polite.
Mariya Hussein
Mariya Hussein Pred 3 urami
Lol spilling the vanilla is gonna be a tradition i see....
Lucia Rausell
Lucia Rausell Pred 4 urami
Aqui os españoles porfa dime que no soy la unica jaja
Watermellen .
Watermellen . Pred 4 urami
Quinnie Marguex
Quinnie Marguex Pred 5 urami
"Patient, patient, patient" ugh so cuteeee!
Rajkishore Singh
Rajkishore Singh Pred 5 urami
I just want to appreciate Kylie and Stormi's hair . 🤩
happyxluv Pred 5 urami
I wish she was my mom... she’s so nice, honestly.
Abstract Pred 5 urami
Mother and her offspring in their natural habitat
CHAN B. Pred 5 urami
storm is so adorable
Jeakary Carrillo
Jeakary Carrillo Pred 6 urami
Lo puedes poner en españok
Christina Kuehn
Christina Kuehn Pred 6 urami
i think i have a new favorite kardashian!
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd Pred 6 urami
Stormi is learning to talk like Kylie, with those exaggerated voice changes and range: way up and down instead of just a normal tone of voice. Why is Kylie doing that? Stormi seems like such a sweet, intelligent and obedient child, but having to squirm away from her mother's exaggerated movements and voice tone changes constantly getting in her way. And those dagger nails: Mom, that is dangerous for any child. Let the child be a child!
MOMENTOS TEEN Pred 6 urami
hi guys, can you subscribe to my channel please?❤🇧🇷
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd Pred 6 urami
Give that child a tiny teaspoon for the sprinkles instead of that big tablespoon!
May Stork Vlogs
May Stork Vlogs Pred 6 urami
Did anyone else realize how in the Christmas one Stormi spilled the vanilla and then Kylie spilled it in this one
milly yt
milly yt Pred 7 urami
the cutest.
Trinity Thompson
Trinity Thompson Pred 7 urami
You to are to cute for comments and she was so excited it was so cute 😥😊
Charisma Zambrano
Charisma Zambrano Pred 7 urami
But marshmellow's subscriber is more than kylie
babygirlzari Pred 7 urami
She so cute nice sweet and every thing you raised a precious lil daughter
Charisma Zambrano
Charisma Zambrano Pred 7 urami
Stormi is so cute
EnAyAh AsIm
EnAyAh AsIm Pred 7 urami
What's with them spilling vanilla extract 😂😂 They're so cute tho ❤️❤️
e•r•e•n Pred 7 urami
*Please adopt me* 🥺
Julie Mills
Julie Mills Pred 8 urami
Roxy Bonnell
Roxy Bonnell Pred 8 urami
OMG SHES SO CUTE!! Kylie you are raising a beautiful little girl!!
Damien Wayne
Damien Wayne Pred 8 urami
Kylie is such a great mom-
Lindsay Ramirez
Lindsay Ramirez Pred 8 urami
Stormi is so so so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Mayra H
Mayra H Pred 8 urami
“I don’t want eggs mommy” like saying...🤔 I thought we were making cookies 😂
Chy Gold
Chy Gold Pred 8 urami
Aww y’all are so pretty
Aaliyah_nicegirl Faye
Aaliyah_nicegirl Faye Pred 9 urami
Awwww I love you guys and Kim
Ballet Terminology
Ballet Terminology Pred 9 urami
kelani pelzer
kelani pelzer Pred 9 urami
i really got tears bc she so cute and look at the smile
Asma Saidd
Asma Saidd Pred 9 urami
Awww so cute
Simply Serenity
Simply Serenity Pred 9 urami
Cutest mommy daughter duo 😤🥺🥺
BBRAINZギリシャ語 Pred 9 urami
Stormi looks like a young grandma 😭
Sanaa Brown
Sanaa Brown Pred 9 urami
When the extract spilled I had a heart attack 😂🙈
saishan Shan
saishan Shan Pred 9 urami
TAMMY CARTER Pred 10 urami
She’s such an angel she’s adorable
Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood Pred 10 urami
Wow she speaks good English even at this age🔥🔥💯😻
Maja Dragić
Maja Dragić Pred 10 urami
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tashia and ila
tashia and ila Pred 10 urami
Go subscribe
Riley DeSoto
Riley DeSoto Pred 10 urami
mari pertuz
mari pertuz Pred 10 urami
Ruby Tagyam
Ruby Tagyam Pred 11 urami
I love watching you guys
Mari Baires
Mari Baires Pred 11 urami
Hartati Utami
Hartati Utami Pred 11 urami
She is so cute.. ❤️❤️
rii kaur
rii kaur Pred 11 urami
Kylie is a good mom, and stormie is the sweetest ❤️
josey nunya
josey nunya Pred 11 urami
Stormi is so lucky to have a mother like you she so precious
Good Noodle
Good Noodle Pred 11 urami
I love how calm Kylie be she don’t yell at her or anything
Morgan Tayyy
Morgan Tayyy Pred 12 urami
I love this video aw🥰🥳
Series Mojo
Series Mojo Pred 12 urami
My heart is melting 😻😭
barby gacha
barby gacha Pred 12 urami
so cute 🥺
Arianna Hehar
Arianna Hehar Pred 12 urami
She’s so cute and know such proper english
cammy anime n games
cammy anime n games Pred 12 urami
Eduar Estiven Avendaño Bravo
Eduar Estiven Avendaño Bravo Pred 13 urami
hermosas las amo
mathusan Pred 13 urami
For a 2 years old, she is pretty smart and articulate.
Jazzy malfoy
Jazzy malfoy Pred 13 urami
Their bond together is so precious 🥺💖
Sienna Bean
Sienna Bean Pred 13 urami
Sade Lewis
Sade Lewis Pred 13 urami
Spilt the vanilla essence second year in a row lol love these two baking so cute
Madison Silva
Madison Silva Pred 13 urami
I love the woahs 🙃
DemonBebula Pred 13 urami
something about this says plastic... cant tell which part tho
ariana be vibin
ariana be vibin Pred 13 urami
stormi is so polite and mature for her age aww :))
꧁g̸a̸c̸h̸a̸ M̸i̸a̸꧂
꧁g̸a̸c̸h̸a̸ M̸i̸a̸꧂ Pred 13 urami
She’s to innocent for this world 🥺💕
Angelic _soul
Angelic _soul Pred 13 urami
she may be a lil spoiled but not a brat.Like Stormi is so polite and her mom is great!Stormi seems to be really kind!
Eddley plays
Eddley plays Pred 13 urami
Aww so cute!!🧁
Eddley plays
Eddley plays Pred 13 urami
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie Pred 13 urami
"What happened Mom" oh my Goodness, she is so so cute!
Danae Michelle Jimenez Perez
Danae Michelle Jimenez Perez Pred 14 urami
Holly love
Marta Ledesma
Marta Ledesma Pred 14 urami
Soy de Argentina tengo 10 años y no se inglés pero temiro igual porque me gusta tu contenido solo una cosa te quería decir , que tu heres bella sin maquillaje y con maquillaje mucho más linda eres . Tu hija es muy bella igual que tú
MrKnowledge Pred 14 urami
the way she said ,,sure‘‘ when kylie asked her which cookie she should eat 😍😍
Hannah Pred 14 urami
Tão galera, quem puder dar uma conferida nesse som braboo do BM, vai fortalecer demais, tá fodaaaa!! 🤞🥇
Humera Moughal
Humera Moughal Pred 14 urami
Stormi is so cute and polite Remember when they made Christmas cookies stormi dropped the vanilla extract this time kylie did it Lol Love you kylie
Harpreet Sanghera
Harpreet Sanghera Pred 14 urami
Wow Stormi is so grown up and has such cute manners 💕
Yani Zhimomi
Yani Zhimomi Pred 14 urami
You are always favorite 😍😍
Bianca Melina Millán
Bianca Melina Millán Pred 14 urami
Stormi is so cute, i love her
Aranza _3726
Aranza _3726 Pred 14 urami
Kylie you have educated you’re little baby so much 🥺🧡💙 I love her, so sweet 🥺🥺
What’sThePoint ?
What’sThePoint ? Pred 14 urami
Stormy is such a Vegan
Peachybby Pred 14 urami
Did anyone try making these cookies ??? I want to make them but I want reviews first lol
Banana Art
Banana Art Pred 14 urami
Sooooo cute!
Melody Prevoteau
Melody Prevoteau Pred 14 urami
aqeiilabebe Pred 15 urami
kylie raised her so well
Luna Rodriguez
Luna Rodriguez Pred 15 urami
It’s always the vanilla extract lol, btw Stormi is soo freaking cute!!!
ayesha Pred 15 urami
She’s so cute!
zreversepain Pred 15 urami
Next time with Travis please😂
Dino addii
Dino addii Pred 15 urami
You can tell Kylie is an AMAZING parent, her daughter already has AMAZING manners!
Nas Nas
Nas Nas Pred 15 urami
GIRL falamingo
GIRL falamingo Pred 15 urami
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