iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?

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Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs. and cameras, vs Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei. Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: slshow.info/watch/1HvrmDxSFnk/video.html
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 10 dnevi
Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: slshow.info/watch/1HvrmDxSFnk/video.html
Alojado, Jon Mark D.
Alojado, Jon Mark D. Pred 3 dnevi
Can i get phone? I needed it for online class cause my phone cant keep up with low ram and processor thank you im you number 1 fan i did watched every video you uploaded😁
suma prakash
suma prakash Pred 5 dnevi
Yes really good
Swapna Mattevada
Swapna Mattevada Pred 8 dnevi
arun pls tell that we shoud ban 5G becuse it ma kill us or birdsss
Binita Karna
Binita Karna Pred 9 dnevi
Can I please get a iPhone 12 or 11
Srinivas Prasad
Srinivas Prasad Pred 9 dnevi
Mi 10t pro review/apple isnt running a charity to give us a charger in box
Shizuku Pred 7 minutami
I'm sorry but not including the charger and then putting in cables for USB C was the killer for me and using envionmentalism as a marketing strategy is absurd, though I guess it works for the gullible. If they don't change their mind next gen, I'm moving to Samsung.
Chief3916 Pred 54 minutami
Disagree 👎
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq Pred 56 minutami
The people who bought non max love their kidneys
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq Pred uro
2:48 repeat 5:04 ? Memes
princess adora
princess adora Pred uro
I can buy 2 MacBook airs for the price of their latest iPhones and they don’t even give a charger ($2500 in my country)
princess adora
princess adora Pred uro
I’m not buying a max this time cos it’s too heavy on my wrists
Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb
Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb Pred uro
Imagine a world where... Apple removes the notch.
April 2089
April 2089 Pred 3 urami
So everybody missed the subtle wink @0:29 when he said about Apple ripping people off
M2M ...
M2M ... Pred 3 urami
Apple is not miss leading their customers !!! But they rip them off 🤔 how can this make sense
Cassie Pred 3 urami
Rudra Naik
Rudra Naik Pred 5 urami
Only dumb people can buy Iphone at $1099 with out any charger and earphone . Its like Buying a Bugatti without any wheels and steering wheel .
Rudra Naik
Rudra Naik Pred 19 minutami
@Cassie At this point Apple is just a luxury brand nothing else.
Cassie Pred 3 urami
what was*** apple thinking?💀💀
Amp Pred 5 urami
that intro music makes me feel like I'm watching a John Carpenter movie!
zack campbell
zack campbell Pred 7 urami
Is it just me or is this new iPhone very similar to the Essential phone? The cameras are not alike but from the front, it looks almost identical to my Essential. The square, boxiness look, the notch... I've moved on to Oneplus devices, but I still have my old Essential phone, too bad they closed their doors, wasn't an awesome product but dependable for me.
The holy plank
The holy plank Pred 8 urami
They're evolving, just backwards
Andreas Holzer
Andreas Holzer Pred 8 urami
This "Apple Advertising Video" (thats how I call it) was extremely cleverly presented with really thoughtful wording. You have to hire this guy if you want to sell shit as gold. Apple iPhone12 "the same crap as always", but the "loyal" Apple fan (the cash cow that you can cup at will) still has to have it :)
Kabsuss_ Pred 8 urami
can it still have a charger port??? pls
robert_ c
robert_ c Pred 9 urami
Damn dude I've never seen such a kiss as person jajajaja you're ducking apples eggs jajaja
Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw
Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw Pred 9 urami
What was apple thinking
Rukia 300
Rukia 300 Pred 10 urami
I have a iPad 8th gen and it has that usb cable and it was cheaper haha this calls for a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
L Ortiz Lebron
L Ortiz Lebron Pred 10 urami
"Entry" "Done" I never use apple! Let's try it! Size 6" up!
Diego Yevenes Roullett
Diego Yevenes Roullett Pred 11 urami
So biased
Ftrctyvreycertcewtcwrgcwefvetrvery Pred 11 urami
He uses an android phone and prefers it. But either it's a sneaky sponsor or it's to avoid losing subs from apple fanboys, which is a big part of his fanbase.
Dylan Adrian
Dylan Adrian Pred 13 urami
4x stronger is not 400% stronger. It’s 300%
D Santi
D Santi Pred 13 urami
Apple : " Sorry no charger, need to save the environment" ....at the same time introduces a brand new Mag safe accessory that will hurt the environment 10X .
LeicaM11 Pred 13 urami
SE is NOT an entry model! It is for men‘s pockets! An innovative idea would be a long power model, three times the thickness, but allday accu cell integrated.
Riad Badrane
Riad Badrane Pred 14 urami
No I like having good features, my hands are just tiny.
Daniel Pred 15 urami
what was*** apple thinking?💀💀
Ftrctyvreycertcewtcwrgcwefvetrvery Pred 11 urami
It depends on the context. It really depends on if you refer to it as a company or a group.
Swagermuffin92 Pred 15 urami
Finally they are going back to the 4 and 5 design I still use my SE and its amazing, ive been waiting for this for so long
Rey Banz
Rey Banz Pred 15 urami
I really cannot stand your reviews of Apple...
PootisDispenserHere Pred 15 urami
in thumbnail why does apple have among us in that
1859ddd Pred 15 urami
Eh Ill still be picking up a Note 20 Ultra at the end of the month.
ItzDogo YT
ItzDogo YT Pred 16 urami
the only difference from an iPhone to the next is the side, it changed from circular to a box phone. seriously, Apple? your phones are so expensive and they’re worthless compared to the previous model, slap a case on the iPhone 11 and call it a 12. Everyone will believe you. Seriously Apple? Seriously?
Vishesh Medade
Vishesh Medade Pred 17 urami
Apple is so crucial in earning money! They think we probably got a [Idiot] tattoo on our face. Like seriously apple? You haven’t even changed the Iphone design yet! In a world full of fast chargers you think we are fools?? Ultimate Disappointed.
Pierre Ashton
Pierre Ashton Pred 17 urami
You gonna get a bunch of iPhone users with wiped out credit cards cuz their phones messed them up🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
infinity Bullion
infinity Bullion Pred 17 urami
I hate iphones i allways have they are way overpriced I dont see the point in carrying around a phone that cost over $1000 just be worthless in couple of years time
Fat man on campus
Fat man on campus Pred 17 urami
nice video
Iridium Pred 18 urami
"Apple is doing everything they can to take people away from Android" Apple: removes headphone jack, removes removable battery, removes charger, charges more than a decent desktop computer costs Also Apple: attacks independent repair shops, glues their phones to prevent users from DIY fixing Yeah, everything they can... can't think of a single reason why I still use Android. Nope, not a single one
Willie Turner
Willie Turner Pred 18 urami
Gogu Gogu
Gogu Gogu Pred 18 urami
2815 battery in the iphone...no charger (fast or basic 5A) but you praise them..good stuff! what an youtuber will do just to get a free something..shameless
crema depruta
crema depruta Pred 18 urami
the notch killed this phone
ISURU THIWANKA Pred 19 urami
Apple thinking traditionally..So outcome nothing but traditional phone like previously has..
Dalton Broderson
Dalton Broderson Pred 19 urami
Environmently Friendly = More money for Apple; Don't buy the iPhone 12 and don't support this greedy business tactic. Apple doesn't care about the environment.
Moses Supposes
Moses Supposes Pred 19 urami
Apple used the ecological aspect of no usbc charge bricks in an unsuccessful attempt to disguise their plan to sell them a la carte. Very cheesy, Apple.
hmmm Pred 19 urami
"Design overhaul" is this really what it has come to? apple defining design overhauls by making a minor change to the shape of the phone
Dalton Broderson
Dalton Broderson Pred 19 urami
So why is the notch still there? They have fingerprint sensors again...
andré b
andré b Pred 19 urami
Thank you for your brutally honest praise for this new Apple product; it's so rare to find a brutally honest review of an Apple launch where the new Apple product is praised in glowing terms. I takes a lot of courage to be so brutally honest, so I just wanted to thank you for your brutal honesty.
Marvin S.
Marvin S. Pred 21 uro
Great content, new subscriber!
Janis RcDronePilot
Janis RcDronePilot Pred 21 uro
Listened you first time and have to assume you where good. Well done! 👍 I really dont care on 5G this is really the last what I care. And I am really happy they came back to this block design. 👍
E Dan
E Dan Pred 21 uro
These sheep reviewers... LMAO... that boxy square design, "I agree with apple, they are heading in the right direction" There's a good reason you'll struggle to find another smartphone opting for this angular design. Handsets with flat sides and angular edges feel thicker in the hand, and are usually less comfortable to hold over extended periods. This design is yesteryear, Please. not only they shortchange you on charger, they even shaved their design team. "hei, lets load iphone 4 casing design and put it in production, they will say this is the best phone anyway"
Leong Li Yang
Leong Li Yang Pred 21 uro
Apple iPhone offer wireless charger Samsung galaxy note offer S pen wireless charger or S pen which one is futuristic which one is expensive - i prefer S pen for phone and i love to draw
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Jp tyrannosaurus 29 Pred 22 urami
It looks like the old iphone 5 i don’t understand why they cant just move forward to a new design
ITILII Pred 22 urami
The way Apple business model works is: Designed in America....built in CHINA...you know the home of pandemics, piracy, no concern for the environment, human or labor rights, and mass murder (over 100 MILLION since 1949) BOYCOTT CHINA !!!!!!!!!!
Baby Boy
Baby Boy Pred 22 urami
Apple paid this hippity a handsome note.
titzmageex Pred 22 urami
When you wanna have a video taken seriously but the video title is grammatically incorrect.
missing Nose
missing Nose Pred 22 urami
Please, phones shouldn't have bezzles, I think we can all agree that the iPhone 12 is pure shut (also apple is satanic and wants to steal our soul)
missing Nose
missing Nose Pred 22 urami
I got an extremely cheap 5g deal just before the new iPhone came out so I am very proud of myself for asking my mum to be a Karen to the guy on the phone
Nathan Cragg
Nathan Cragg Pred 23 urami
EVERYONE wants a better camera, very few people want a phablet in their pocket 😑
HUGHgamingHD GAMES Pred dnevom
My name is Hugo
Haywood Jablowme
Haywood Jablowme Pred dnevom
The notch has looked outdated for 2/3 years. Why are they still using it?
Eugen Berzani
Eugen Berzani Pred dnevom
Thinking? Hahahahs
Rochelle Bown
Rochelle Bown Pred dnevom
yousaf hussain
yousaf hussain Pred dnevom
Please give me a iPhone
мιѕѕ Valadéz
мιѕѕ Valadéz Pred dnevom
Lmao so, if you’re switching to apple the first time, you don’t get a charger with the billion dollar phone you’re buying. I honestly am starting to really dislike them lmao 🤦🏽‍♀️
Shamjad P T
Shamjad P T Pred dnevom
Apple were thinking to fool their fans ! Period 😑
dr.chaos Pred dnevom
It look likes an iPhone 4 rip off
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred dnevom
Mina V.
Mina V. Pred dnevom
Such a great video, greatly appreciated! ☺️
Shamil Saidh
Shamil Saidh Pred dnevom
Pls add subtitles
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred dnevom
The fact that Among Us was pre-installed
Lokesh Gamot
Lokesh Gamot Pred dnevom
This is the most stupid phone review ever
WolF BaD
WolF BaD Pred dnevom
i feel like they removed the charger just to keep it at the same price as last year and say oh look it doesnt cost more
personAMedia Pred dnevom
I wish they'd make a phone that looked like the one in the thumbnail
Anna Charlene
Anna Charlene Pred dnevom
No charge :) what the fuck they did? We are not rich like developed countries, with taxes, it become even worse to our wallet.
Guess What
Guess What Pred dnevom
Apple always puts puns in their keynote titels like hi speed what a pun good job apple. Pun team
Akash Soni
Akash Soni Pred dnevom
U r charming ❤️
FrankenBMW Pred dnevom
Apple included wifi calling on the 12. nuff for me. I need it and the new androids are dropping it.
Gijs van de Zande
Gijs van de Zande Pred dnevom
120 Hz extremely drains the battery, that's why its not on by default on a Samsung. So that's why Apple chose to do this. ;-)
JGuero 12
JGuero 12 Pred dnevom
Eh I was more amused from the “hello moto” ringtone from the 2000s
Kenneth Stocks
Kenneth Stocks Pred dnevom
Most informative and easily understandable reviews out there.I actually base many of my purchases of cell phones,tablets computers and gadgets after researching your reviews.Thank you for your fantastic input.Ken Stocks
Kenneth Stocks
Kenneth Stocks Pred dnevom
Best of the best in the review field.Just had to show my appreciation.
Aravind selvaraj
Aravind selvaraj Pred dnevom
Waiting for iPhone 12 mini review.
Real_EZ Pred dnevom
ugg another slab of glass no thanks I will be going with the fold 2 this year since my last phone was a galaxy s8 and my one before that a Iphone 4. basically if your phone is not broken why upgrade and get the same thing every year? that's how I look at it and the fold 2 being pretty durable from most reviews and reddit posts Ive seen and the fact my s8 is on its last legs means its time again for a new phone.
Atif Ali
Atif Ali Pred dnevom
Wow iphone introduces new features i like this phone but price is over because not battery charger and headphones
Jimb Pred dnevom
Has this guy always sounded this posh??
Corn 567
Corn 567 Pred dnevom
The fact that Among Us was pre-installed
Fábio R.
Fábio R. Pred dnevom
I just can't believe how stupid people are anymore.
Craig Boulton
Craig Boulton Pred dnevom
I think they are trying to compete with all the other latest mobile phones.
MntZion Pred dnevom
Not worth it
VulLord666 Pred dnevom
I have to admit I’m fairly happy Apple is releasing the 12 with a lower battery life and no charging brick. Between that and not allowing game streaming services (I have Xbox Gamepass Ultimate) Apple has finally convinced me to upgrade to Android. 😊 Now I can sit back and relax when they release the iPhone 14 with no charging port.
London Shiely23
London Shiely23 Pred dnevom
992 TURBO S Pred dnevom
Apples BS on chargers is just that BS !! It’s just another way to increase sales yes there are millions of the old 5w block chargers but not the C chargers there fairly new to the market , I went from a 6s to 12 pro now the chargers I’ve had don’t work also with the new phone had to buy new cables also don’t work now as the provided cable is useless as in very short , now with my new phone I bought a MagSafe charger ($40) that you need to buy a charger ($20) for , hummm you think ! $60 for a Qi charger that’s a lot “ Charger for the charger “ This is just Apple ripping people off ! as they want people to believe there doing it for the environment NO it’s just for profit. As for environmental Apple is Significantly increase the E-waste Not decreasing as they claim. And that’s part of there con.
Abdi Qarebash
Abdi Qarebash Pred dnevom
all of the iPhone 12's that will be sold in Canada won't have the 5G antenna that's built into the side of the phone, which is some serious bull
Chillify Pred dnevom
i like how among us is on there
Furlock Furli
Furlock Furli Pred dnevom
Last phone they will produce.
the tilledpizza2870 dudes
the tilledpizza2870 dudes Pred dnevom
What where YOU thinking
Ainz Bainz
Ainz Bainz Pred dnevom
Bwoooy jock riding apple a little too hard here... Lower battery, no high refresh rate.. No charging brick, same price?
Blackhellwolf LP
Blackhellwolf LP Pred dnevom
Ich habe mich sofort in das Blaue Modell verliebt. Einfach nur schön.
darth geekboy
darth geekboy Pred dnevom
i’m still using the iphone 4s and 6max. both still work good despite their ages. i’ve only has to replace their batteries once. it’s true that the technology in them weren’t groundbreaking when they first came out, but apple knows how to make that tech robust and durable.
Creepy Creeper
Creepy Creeper Pred dnevom
apple hardware sucks but its software is extremely good
Nace Pred dnevom
Is iphone 12 worth buying say quick
wtbofnc Pred dnevom
Too bad they didnt integrate a gimbal into the camera. NEXT
Shafiq Akmal Ismail
Shafiq Akmal Ismail Pred dnevom
The only reason that I can think of is this is their usual way on making more profits from their current customer base.. But some people r to blind to see the real truth.. 'nuff said
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