The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 24

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We have failed!!! A few of our inspections have not gone as we wanted them to. However we are quickly learning the ins and outs of this game. Remodeling a house is something we were not quite expecting to do on our own, but we took it upon ourselves to get the job done ASAP. We have learned so much and we cant wait to get it all done! Thanks For Watching!!!
-Instagram: goonzquad
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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Gs Squad
Gs Squad Pred 4 urami
They got a new bottle of sriracha sauce :)) and that made me happy :))
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson Pred 5 urami
Great Job!! Thank You... :-)
Terry Alexander
Terry Alexander Pred 10 urami
the window , where there was no window , the header is not supported , it is just sitting on the window
Z J Pred 13 urami
bro hoodies finish i need at least 3 pieces and i am your follower from KSA can you send international shipment
Random_beast hi
Random_beast hi Pred 17 urami
Plant apple trees deer love apples
Matt Krause
Matt Krause Pred 19 urami
Plant clover for deer
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 21 uro
The inspector wants you to fireblock because he found out your merch was Suuper Firrree
POLLO Pred dnevom
Kiko Nikolov
Kiko Nikolov Pred dnevom
The Shish Kebap is Bulgarian meal too like the meat in leafs that you ate some videos ago. I am amazed seeing you guys eating Bulgarian meals. I am from Bulgarian and we do this things very usually.
A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉
A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉ Pred dnevom
Not to be a knit picker but there is no such thing as fire proof materials... Its classified as flame retardant..... It will burn but burns very very slowly it will smolder but not burst into flame... Also that inspector may not signoff on the framing quite yet..... For it to be properly fire blocked, a board has to be set in perpendicular between each stud on all bottom floor walls to keep flames from traveling to the second floor.... A small suggestion, I would contact your architect or engineer to see how much it would cost to add a central fireplace in the house you have easily a decade worth of wood to heat the place.... Loving the HQ build!!!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 21 uro
If they need two by four they can use the trees 🌲
JOE DIRT Pred dnevom
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred dnevom
From past construction experience, grass doesn’t like to grow thru the mulch. I would definitely try to remove it from the slopes.
Pan Kminek
Pan Kminek Pred dnevom
Syte szaszłyki! :D
وهيب الربايعه
وهيب الربايعه Pred dnevom
مافي عرب 🤩
deb fisher
deb fisher Pred 2 dnevi
I'd be stacking that wood for fire pit or sale a lot of it
Jazz Mc
Jazz Mc Pred 2 dnevi
Are these two a couple? Also, why are they complaining at the cost of 5k for spray insulation when they sell loads of merchandise that is always 'limited stock so get it quickly' bull. And, they have several cars they can sell. They also get revenue from SLshow and a lot of stuff is sponsored and sent free. Sell 4 or 5 of your cars, and you will be mortgage free on your house, and build your new house.
David Regan
David Regan Pred 2 dnevi
Put out Saltlicks DEER LOVE THEM!!!
Jack Mill
Jack Mill Pred 2 dnevi
they've got such big land they could make a swimming pool would a vibe
Cody Mullins
Cody Mullins Pred 2 dnevi
Love the place but can you please explain to me how you in the city limits when your on top of a mountain
WaZ Gaming
WaZ Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Ta kkliki billy 1 batment si t pa ena taa ggt pilon langetrma. Trler m bour t ser la
Jonathan Box
Jonathan Box Pred 2 dnevi
I keep wondering when those 2 jack studs are going to magically appear under that window header.
Arun S
Arun S Pred 2 dnevi
Good work dude.... Make some garden with herbs and fruit trees 👍
Steven Atwater
Steven Atwater Pred 2 dnevi
"Let's throw on the mulcher head", plays super chill music as they violently grind everything in their path to bits! Why aren't you camped out in the Apocalypse Rig for late nights?
Cooper Blevins
Cooper Blevins Pred 2 dnevi
Speaking of fire that merch is fire🔥🔥🔥
Joe joe Mckenziesmith
Joe joe Mckenziesmith Pred 2 dnevi
If they need two by four they can use the trees 🌲
Arjen van Ark van Nieuwburg
Arjen van Ark van Nieuwburg Pred 2 dnevi
Still no safety-gear while working with a chainsaw.........????
Maverick Pred 2 dnevi
Daang, super limited, super fire shirts, better get yours quick before they run out!
dylannhs78 Pred 2 dnevi
aleksandar delov
aleksandar delov Pred 2 dnevi
You guys should upgrade the old style pot lights to the new style slim pot lights. So much easier to install and they look sooo much better
Ruslan Alikhamov
Ruslan Alikhamov Pred 2 dnevi
The last time I checked out this channel it was about car repair...
Tomas Vikman
Tomas Vikman Pred 2 dnevi
The music played to your Kubolta weedeater. What is the name of that music? Love it.
Florita Pintes
Florita Pintes Pred 2 dnevi
Were here for the car build. youre videos are getting bored everyday. Its getting sicker. I mis you guys building cars. I'll unsubscribe to this channel this time. I'll be back when youre building cars again.
2BMOTO Pred 2 dnevi
You can plant clover
Mitch Savini
Mitch Savini Pred 2 dnevi
plant some persimmon trees for the's like crack for them
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson Pred 2 dnevi
Pops is in valuable....I miss my dad....enjoy every moment together fellas....keep truckin
Milan Dičér
Milan Dičér Pred 2 dnevi
Hey question...why dont you use the MONSTER FORKLIFT? did you sell it?
Kelvin Colon
Kelvin Colon Pred 2 dnevi
Who else miss the car videos give a like if y’all miss the car videos 💔
Bernardus Jones
Bernardus Jones Pred 2 dnevi
I love the stone front, it's a crying shame you're gonna take an expensive maintenance free facia and create a headache for yourselves by painting it. The front door frame needs to be black. Many good tips and comments about your windows and running wire. Hopefully you guys read them, sound advice.
Andre Bateman
Andre Bateman Pred 2 dnevi
Looks good fellas! Paint that front door black or burnt orange.
Cole Sneed
Cole Sneed Pred 2 dnevi
plant clover for the teer, it looks nice too
FUNKYMAN Pred 2 dnevi
Since the Ford is the daily at least hook it up with some new shoes and some tint lmao
Richard Chromiak
Richard Chromiak Pred 2 dnevi
Wear Gloves & Watch Out For Spiders & Scorpions In The Wood/Brush ! Good Luck & God Bless !!!
fearLESS Pred 2 dnevi
why y'all just wasting all the wood?!
-JerryG- Pred 2 dnevi
They already have giant pile of wood stocked up. This was excess and they burned it to get rid of it
Aileen Trasmonte
Aileen Trasmonte Pred 2 dnevi
The Goonzquad HQ is the longest part of their project
Lingred006 Pred 2 dnevi
So did Justin Beiber copy this song or did the music creator for it copy him?
w21. ra
w21. ra Pred 2 dnevi
You support concrete on the driveway that way you don't get stuck
Joe Guilfoyle
Joe Guilfoyle Pred 2 dnevi
So you goons have a problem with RATS .
thomas mcinnis
thomas mcinnis Pred 2 dnevi
Dang son, look at pops form while chainsawing, what a homie🔥🔥🔥
Hideki Komine
Hideki Komine Pred 2 dnevi
Are you guys planning on going off-grid solar? With that much space you can have a hefty sized solar farm with off-grid batteries.
Nance b
Nance b Pred 2 dnevi
i want to buy it please ,can we talk , to buy apocalypse truck . for real please
Miller Pred 2 dnevi
You should build a track or trails around your house so you can use the utv ( or dirt bikes and quads cause I remember you guys used to rebuild them
David Osben
David Osben Pred 2 dnevi
If you give me your email I will send you some SLshow designs that I have embedded onto a lambo. The designs are high res, in PNG format, have transparent background, and I created them using Adobe Creative Suite. Oh, the designs are freebies.
s dot remo
s dot remo Pred 2 dnevi
Tommy Nichols
Tommy Nichols Pred 2 dnevi
What does Superfire mean? All your items seen to have it.
pewterngold Pred 2 dnevi
I don’t see how that little strip of OSB can serve as a fire block? The whole house is wood frame. If there’s a fire inside the walls, it’s going to burn through regardless. Kind of a meaningless building code. It should call for another type of fireproofing material if that’s the intention.
pewterngold Pred 8 urami
@A Pet....I get it. But the code would be better served if it required material that stopped the fire from spreading further and actually contained it. Minimizes damage to the structure and provides the extra time for people to get out.
A Pet
A Pet Pred dnevom
its not supposed to stop it, its supposed to delay it long enough for someone inside to maybe have time to get out, or fire fighters to maybe get there to save some of the house.
plumber802 Pred 2 dnevi
Thumbs WAY up for your mom and pops!!!
Corbin Matter
Corbin Matter Pred 2 dnevi
Was that brick building you pasted going to the lumber yard , did it catch on fire before I think I remember it
Michael l
Michael l Pred 2 dnevi
Rattle Snakes dont lay eggs
Michael l
Michael l Pred 2 dnevi
But with the closed cell foam you just have no idea the money you would save over time.....
Jeep 3377
Jeep 3377 Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah, you guys made that good alright 😂😂
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper Pred 2 dnevi
Those window headers you installed on no jack studs passed..!?
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens Pred 2 dnevi
Me and Roseann said cook more food at home!
Samuel Carroll
Samuel Carroll Pred 2 dnevi
Block the fire with more wood yep makes perfect sense 🤔
B6jfkmx Pred 2 dnevi
I love how pops is in more & more videos! Could we see him in more car vids??
Wolfie Games
Wolfie Games Pred 3 dnevi
Sprayfoam is more cost efficient in the long run
Cindi Hinrichs
Cindi Hinrichs Pred 3 dnevi
Please PLEASE don't plant bamboo...anywhere. You will be so sorry. It takes over everything and is impossible to take out!! It also attracts bees
Kenny Weston
Kenny Weston Pred 3 dnevi
i’m a new subscriber. anyone know why the other guy is never on camera but always behind it talking?
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Pred 2 dnevi
They divided up jobs a long time ago and besides, whoever is working the camera is following a plan which, if done correctly, makes life much easier for whoever is doing the editing.
Ti no
Ti no Pred 3 dnevi
You guys will become a music recommend channel 🎶😂
back space
back space Pred 3 dnevi
Apple Tress attract deer
Michael Spranger
Michael Spranger Pred 3 dnevi
Got a lot of commercial fire protection equipment if interested
Yenjay Pred 3 dnevi
great job but when u start building real housel? USA 6x8 is very temporary solution :) Al the best guys!l
gucci momo
gucci momo Pred 3 dnevi
help out kevin van!!!
Owen Weber
Owen Weber Pred 3 dnevi
You guys should try putting out a salt block! I know moose like it and I’m nearly positive it attracts deer as well.
Selena Hurtado
Selena Hurtado Pred 3 dnevi
Yo when u guys called the one place on time mark 16:06 she said Thursday October 14 2020 Thursday was the 15 im only saying it cuz friday the 16 was my birthday day so that threw me off lol
Truie 1977
Truie 1977 Pred 3 dnevi
View is all cool
Truie 1977
Truie 1977 Pred 3 dnevi
I like dad has merce on cool
James Halfhorse
James Halfhorse Pred 3 dnevi
I have got to get one of those mulchers.
Isaac Bruder
Isaac Bruder Pred 3 dnevi
Bought one of your sweaters to support the boys but damn step up the quality. $54 for a $15 sweater.
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan Pred 3 dnevi
The sweater/ long sleeve at 16 minutes in is lit. Y’all should make more of those. (Sorry I don’t hear y’all’s names enough to know who is who)
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan Pred 3 dnevi
Reading through the comments a lot of people want to buy merch, if you could get somebody to keep it stocked I think you could make a lot more money off of it, and grow the brand
Jerry E
Jerry E Pred 3 dnevi
Dang son u sold out on ur hoodies already please let me know when the camo ones are back in stock. Thank u very much. Love the videos
Edward Parker
Edward Parker Pred 3 dnevi
Awesome view from that upstairs window
Vincent Delao
Vincent Delao Pred 3 dnevi
Good job guys I’m Vince D. loyal fan send me out a shout out on your next episode so my girl can hear , thanks guys you are very talented individuals your parents are very proud look forward to all your upcoming episodes.
Chaz Ferrell
Chaz Ferrell Pred 3 dnevi
Have they ever said where their parents are from?
Custom Reviews
Custom Reviews Pred 3 dnevi
pops hits different with the bandana
Perry Ford
Perry Ford Pred 3 dnevi
Yes block fire with flammable material makes sense. I'm so glad my codes are not this ridiculous.
Edna Pinedo
Edna Pinedo Pred 3 dnevi
I actually stopped watching your videos since you stopped doing cars
kamaksi24 Pred 3 dnevi
I wish I had a mom like yours!!
Johnny_Pro 523
Johnny_Pro 523 Pred 3 dnevi
I just love how your videos is just not about cars it about other thing which made me start watching more
lilman227 Pred 3 dnevi
Anybody hit y’all up about that Demon that was hit by a drunk driver?
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez Pred 3 dnevi
Hey guys! This guy named Kevin Van Voris recently got his Dodge Challenger Demon totaled by a drunk driver, the rear quarter panel and the driver door are the only visual damage that I saw, it looks nice, I was wondering if you guys could make a rebuild on it? He posted a vid about the car in his channel Kevin Van Voris
TheViolicous Pred 3 dnevi
What is the update on the helicopter? And will you guys make a helipad here?
Luke Currey
Luke Currey Pred 3 dnevi
Hey I would look at the bathroom downstairs with the air ducks you need10in I don’t think that’s 10in
Master Pred 3 dnevi
When the helicopter coming back
Lewis Anderson
Lewis Anderson Pred 3 dnevi
Why aren’t you camping out there in the truck🤔
2H80vids Pred 2 dnevi
Scared of pitbull guy.😁
vladimir zashev
vladimir zashev Pred 3 dnevi
I have one question. I'm a big fan of Goonzquad and I really like the hoodies that you make, but I'm from Bulgaria and I don't know how I can buy one of them.
Trent Halabicky
Trent Halabicky Pred 3 dnevi
Try planting hostas to attract deer
Chris Halvachs
Chris Halvachs Pred 3 dnevi
I really like your content but you sell out of your merch so fast! I've tried 4 time to purchase a hoodie but everytime you drop more they sell out in minutes. 😞
Brian A
Brian A Pred 3 dnevi
2020 Goonzquad Chardonnay, floral with subtle notes of Kobata grease
andrew garcia
andrew garcia Pred 3 dnevi
nice amazing job you guys you should become the next mike Holmes lol Holmes on Holmes you guys ever watched that show HGTV
Alex Wolford
Alex Wolford Pred 3 dnevi
Pull off a chunk of the fire block in a can and light it with a lighter. You will be surprised with how not fire sesistant that stuff is. I have seen fire marshals fail people for using it.
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