Apple iPhone 12 Lineup Reactions!

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Marques Brownlee

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iPhone 12 Reactions. iPhone 12 Mini thoughts. And iPhone 12 Pro facts. MagSafe is back!
That shirt!
5G Explained:
On the iPhone with no Charger:
0:00 Intro
0:47 HomePod Mini
2:36 iPhone 12
10:10 iPhone 12 Mini
10:56 iPhone 12 Pros
17:02 ExpressVPN
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Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta
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ImGabeBtwYT Pred 10 minutami
0:00 abbys love
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface Pred 28 minutami
No they have Verizon 5G that's it Verizon sucks
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface Pred 29 minutami
All of the whole iPhone lineup is trash I mean I'm glad they have Tech for really dumb people who don't understand tack but that's it
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface Pred 30 minutami
Siri sucks
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface Pred 31 minuto
A $20 speaker they're selling for a 100 bucks G what a mark up sounds like Apple
Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt Pred uro
rename it Crapple!!!!
Swapnil Gohil
Swapnil Gohil Pred 3 urami
What's with the background noise
Jeremy Chone
Jeremy Chone Pred 7 urami
Cool start
KILAY QUEEN Pred 9 urami
Give away plzz from Philippines 😐😐😐 plZ notice me and help me
Johnny Felder
Johnny Felder Pred 17 urami
So you're telling me my iphone 12 is going to be a cool refrigerator magnet
punkfruit Pred 18 urami
mega disappointed there's still a notch, i would really much rather have just a thicker top bezel
Addison Tharpe
Addison Tharpe Pred 19 urami
It looks like a iPhone 4s stretched out
Andrew Z.
Andrew Z. Pred 22 urami
I can't wait to put my hand's on 12 ProMax 100% APPLE FAN !!!! I'M LOVIN' IT !!!
Eddie C
Eddie C Pred dnevom
Thank you for clarifying wireless is really not wireless. Also no charger to save the environment. But now I have to buy a charger that comes in a box too. Where's the gain in saving the environment Apple?
BIGMOO Pred dnevom
I just want an iphone that can actually last the whole day on a single charge. Is that too much to ask for?
Peter Anh Tien Pham
Peter Anh Tien Pham Pred dnevom
When life was more simple at 720p 3g days
hen ko
hen ko Pred 20 urami
Apple: 4x drop protection Ibis: remember its 2020
Suicide to Recovery
Suicide to Recovery Pred dnevom
I just pre-ordered the I-Phone 12 pro 512gb. I'm very excited!
hen ko
hen ko Pred 20 urami
I wished they add the 3rd camera in the iPhone 12 mini
king__harry Pred dnevom
Pure trash.
asia simone
asia simone Pred dnevom
They need to stop releasing phones every year
Chris Burrow
Chris Burrow Pred dnevom
To me that is too many versions, I was confused just listening to the summary. They want ot see which is the most popular size and then stick to that. No way they will do that many versions in future
Chris Burrow
Chris Burrow Pred dnevom
So how many keys are going to stick to the back of your phone now?
nycion x
nycion x Pred dnevom
News: Apple discovered magnets
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Pred dnevom
3:20 It causes coronavirus /s
Ethereal Jewels
Ethereal Jewels Pred dnevom
humans will be sooo dumbed down this will seem soo cool ...I guess !! forget birthdays when is my next upgrade. scary
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy Pred dnevom
in my view people should not be complaining about someone or a company trying to be a bit more eco friendly, ask yourself what are you doing? you want a charger in the box that you probably won't use anyway just because you don't like a little bit of change in your life... get over it, people are a joke!
Sai Pavan
Sai Pavan Pred dnevom
Idiot. Chinese paid viewer
Felicia Höglund
Felicia Höglund Pred dnevom
In Sweden the Iphone 12 64GB costs 1139$
Aidan Evans
Aidan Evans Pred dnevom
Ross Pred dnevom
Oh, another apple product to provide me with bugs, and half rate features? Sorry fanboys but factory resetting my phone 15 times isnt going to fix these bugs.
Sjoerd van Loon
Sjoerd van Loon Pred 2 dnevi
I'm waiting to switch from A to iPhone. But all I can see from the Rebel, the Changemaker, is- "no usb c, no high refresh rate, no ditching of notch". If this was an Android phone no one would buy it. How did Apple changed from 'thinking different' in a "one step ahead" way towards 'thinking different' in a "one step behind" way.
Ashok Rahi
Ashok Rahi Pred 2 dnevi
I wished they add the 3rd camera in the iPhone 12 mini
Thomas Harborg
Thomas Harborg Pred 2 dnevi
Apple: 4x drop protection Ibis: remember its 2020
Pravar Gupta
Pravar Gupta Pred 2 dnevi
So basically nothing new?
1964 Co.
1964 Co. Pred 2 dnevi
Cash Austin is the new you. He's going to be huge in tech, on SLshow.
TevTalks x Tevin
TevTalks x Tevin Pred 2 dnevi
I I loveeee marquis brownlee.. u so awesome dude
hen ko
hen ko Pred 2 dnevi
Nick Sparks
Nick Sparks Pred 2 dnevi
What caps are you using on that keyboard in the back? Link?
hen ko
hen ko Pred 2 dnevi
Great video, ? 11pro Max vs 12 pro max which has a larger screen?
Shermon tucker
Shermon tucker Pred 2 dnevi
Love the way u and mrwhosetheboss do your videos no over reactions and u hit some very important points and details.
Scott Suiter
Scott Suiter Pred 2 dnevi
Can you make a shirt and do the ✌🏽symbol on it? You always end your videos with it anyways!
D Legend
D Legend Pred 2 dnevi
So, I have the XS for two years, and I’m really thinking about getting the 12 pro max. Will I be downgrading if I decided to get the 12 pro?
Damian Brown
Damian Brown Pred 2 dnevi
It's all good until the Amazon Prime driver throws it on my porch floor instead of ringing the bell and handing it over
August Virgo
August Virgo Pred 2 dnevi
I feel like if they did want a more environmental approach, why make a new iphone? Make one after every 2 or 3 years
Carl Lamb
Carl Lamb Pred 2 dnevi
Great in-depth video mate thank you
Gino de Palm
Gino de Palm Pred 2 dnevi
No charger 🤣. Thats like the dumbest thing ever. I'm gonna start a webshop now. Selling only iPhone chargers mwhahahaha
cessedy nolan
cessedy nolan Pred 2 dnevi
@wylsacom смотришь? с:
Rudy M
Rudy M Pred 2 dnevi
Who cares about the environment!! Give us the chargers!
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 2 dnevi
Biggest improvement this year: The older iPhones gets cheaper
Tech Analysis 2020
Tech Analysis 2020 Pred 2 dnevi
Iphone 12 is a must for youtuber, celebgram and influencer.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Pred 2 dnevi
Twisting yourself into a pretzel 🥨 to try and make the iPhone 12 cool when it’s not.
Mr. Jeff Padilla
Mr. Jeff Padilla Pred 2 dnevi
Great video, ? 11pro Max vs 12 pro max which has a larger screen?
Max Flight
Max Flight Pred 2 dnevi
The camera is still shit. Portrait mode is a fucking joke. I don’t mind them making incremental changes each year... what I do mind are the massive lies and false marketing claims.
Homulity Pred 2 dnevi
I remember the intro song from corridor
Paul Gal
Paul Gal Pred 2 dnevi
I am an Android user and always have been , however my GF has a 11pro max I was going to change to 12 pro max but fuck that if u don't even get a charger .
Ilmee Mintz
Ilmee Mintz Pred 2 dnevi
Upgrade for the phone every year?! Eco friendly? But the problem is I want it.
Mohamed Jumah Al-Dhanhani
Mohamed Jumah Al-Dhanhani Pred 2 dnevi
not glass, tempered glass :) hahaha
NativeBrownboy Pred 2 dnevi
The VPN promo was worth this video watch, thank you.
Jasmine Augustin
Jasmine Augustin Pred 2 dnevi
Dang idk but I have the iPhone 8 plus for 4 years and a half but now its not working anymore and I need a upgrade, I was thinking of getting the 12 pro or wait for 13 or maybe just get the 1 1 Pro and use it until it can't take it anymore. Which one should I choose ?
LostDutchman Pred 2 dnevi
My life is split between USB-C and USB-A. I guess my car will be the last thing i upgrade that came with USB-A. I need to replace all my USB-A outlet covers. So all my USB-A power bricks are going in the trash.
Urey Deliz
Urey Deliz Pred 2 dnevi
all this spec you mentioned aren’t even worth upgrading.. ima wait 10 years until Apple really got an update
My name Jeff
My name Jeff Pred 2 dnevi
Woow apple you really flopped again! And no charge brick huh ? Ooo but you included 5G that no1 can use 🥳 thanks 👍🏻🤣🤣🤣
L e g e n d
L e g e n d Pred 2 dnevi
Hai i am tamilnadu review super your fans
Orson's Pred 2 dnevi
Not fan of flat shape...... going old school!!!!!!!!
World Wide Music
World Wide Music Pred 2 dnevi
New Galaxy Fold: what for? iPhone without a charger: Magnificent! Brilliant!
Coco Pred 2 dnevi
It hilarious how the show the smaller box but all these iPhone fanboys have been delivered an iPhone, a wireless cord, the wallet, the MagSafe case, the charging brick. Thats 5 boxes. The best way for Apple to save the environment is to put MORE into the box, not less.
Ray Somo
Ray Somo Pred 2 dnevi
Apple’s new eco friendly approach is nothing more then Apple being cheap and causing the consumer to pay more, now when I buy a new iPhone, I have to buy a new charger block as well. Wake up you millenials, Apple’s new eco friendly approach is nothing more then making a profit and using the junk science to get you to buy into this foolish "Apple’s new eco friendly approach".
Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright Pred 2 dnevi
Apple completely and totally lost me when you said "no high refresh rate". That feature is now standard for a quality phone and really for any high-end tech at this point.
Cameron is here today
Cameron is here today Pred 2 dnevi
Can't wait for iPhone 30
Frog 00
Frog 00 Pred 2 dnevi
Sames Phone
Frog 00
Frog 00 Pred 2 dnevi
iPhone sucks
leo16sea now
leo16sea now Pred 2 dnevi
I love how apple cameras are made so we'll... ... By Sony.
Steven Pred 2 dnevi
5 years.... 😂😂😂😂 That's funny... Election, meteor, global climate change, more pandemics,... MAINSTREAM MEDIA FEAR MONGERING.. NOT REALLY UP FOR ANYTHING NEW.... sorry.. Not sorry. Especially Apple 💩! Almost forgot.... 5g ANTENNAGATE!!
t i
t i Pred 2 dnevi
Bassquake Pred 2 dnevi
Design looks like its reverted to iPhone 4 design. No high refresh rate. Still using lightning port, and still has a feckin massive notch. Apple can go f themselves.
Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud
Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud Pred 2 dnevi
Im here to laugh.
Hilo Cron
Hilo Cron Pred 2 dnevi
while I’m not surprised with Apple removing the brick for more money I actually really like the design
Miguel Quarrie
Miguel Quarrie Pred 2 dnevi
So I don't have an iPhone or a phone with wireless charging I have a j3 But can u wireless charge a phone and use the cable at the same time
KK89 Pred 3 dnevi
Hand up if your looking to upgrade from The Original SE to the New Iphone 12 Mini!
De Luffy
De Luffy Pred 3 dnevi
What is noise on a background of your sounds!?
xmetrix xmetrix
xmetrix xmetrix Pred 3 dnevi
wtf ? is he serious? people dont keep their iphones for 3, 4, 5 years. the majority buys the latest model as soon as it hits... at least where i live anyways
Ajay Dattatray
Ajay Dattatray Pred 3 dnevi
Ig 120hz would have been made more sense as the experience is a lot better
F0RMiD Z Pred 3 dnevi
When your trying to make your mom see you as an Adult
Eric Chau
Eric Chau Pred 3 dnevi
Saving environment: Also me: buys 1 box of EarPods and one box of with charger. Totally environment friendlly.
QuakeHD Pred 3 dnevi
not sure whether or not to get the iphone 12 pro or 12 pro max... pocketability vs. battery
Keba Jobe
Keba Jobe Pred 3 dnevi
Oh hell no!
SuperJohnnyuk Pred 3 dnevi
one of the best unboxing video - love the attention to details and in-depth coverage
chrishewittpiano Pred 3 dnevi
Amazing video, Marques! Love it.
keith jenny Brooks
keith jenny Brooks Pred 3 dnevi
All thanks go to *wereytoolz* for hèlping me unlocked my iPhone 11 pro max pérmãnëntly, He's thê bēst *100%* ❤
Krishoth Srithar
Krishoth Srithar Pred 3 dnevi
I love l Phone 12 pro course of my financial issues still i am using I phone 6 😭😭😭
Jessie Wald Photo
Jessie Wald Photo Pred 3 dnevi
You forgot about sensor size of pro max
David Miller
David Miller Pred 3 dnevi
Good information on the iPhone 12.
Santiago perez cuervo
Santiago perez cuervo Pred 3 dnevi
when are u talking about the iphone 12 not havong a charger?? i tought you said ut was ridiculous
Ravanan 47
Ravanan 47 Pred 3 dnevi
pOWder.40 Pred 3 dnevi
iphone 13 : buy your screen separately ... we are so green ...
MR Tech Tutorial
MR Tech Tutorial Pred 3 dnevi
বন্ধু ভাল ভিডিও করলা! I like it. Thanks!!
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Pred 3 dnevi
I was having a hard time choosing between the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. I guess the extra features on the Pro I can live without. I just wished that Apple would make 128GB the base model and 512GB the top teir for the iPhone 12 like they have done with the Pro models.
Venom707 Pred 3 dnevi
Baisicly your paying for the NAME. The actual phone is Garbage, compare half the price phones out there that do More then what apple offers.
Zadean Robinson
Zadean Robinson Pred 3 dnevi
This is why the company can afford to keep these phones within the $1000.00 price mark. Ditch the chargers and earphones.
Filipe Frade
Filipe Frade Pred 3 dnevi
Thank you for formatting this video extra wide. Wide enough so I don’t see the notch on my iPhone XS. I’m curious, what ratio did you end up with? Honestly I’m looking towards the Mini and the Pro Max. I’m torn!
SunBurnt Pred 3 dnevi
Thanks for the quick update! Needed some Tech Specs
Jake Hicock
Jake Hicock Pred 3 dnevi
Bruh I thought apple was about innovation but it’s the same phone but with a new screen and magnet
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