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Jacob Minster
Jacob Minster Pred minuto
It’s woorrkkiingggggg!!!
Shawana Warren
Shawana Warren Pred 3 minutami
When your locked outside your house-
Satanic green demon
Satanic green demon Pred 4 minutami
I cant wait for the guys to make a solid energy blade BTW, I do not mean to cause them any pressure, I'm just fanboying. Take as long as you need
Necu rrence
Necu rrence Pred 5 minutami
Look up Isaac Asimov's "force blade" from Lucky Starr published in the 50s. Most probably George Lucas only changed the name to "Lightsaber". Anyway it shouldn't be burning gas from a cylinder but rather a retractable superhot metal rod. But don't take fiction too serious.
Oliver Brasø
Oliver Brasø Pred 6 minutami
What would happen if you werte to use acetylene instead?
Rogue _light
Rogue _light Pred 7 minutami
Me waiting when will he drop the lightsaber
Bin Laden
Bin Laden Pred 7 minutami
These men need their own TV show
Kane Culberson
Kane Culberson Pred 7 minutami
I'd like to see their original saber vs this new one, anyone else?
That Medieval Guy
That Medieval Guy Pred 7 minutami
Imagine hearing your windows breaking at night. You go downstairs to check it, and there’s a dude breaking your windows with a real life lightsaber
Běta Pánková
Běta Pánková Pred 8 minutami
Try to rob a bank with it.
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas Pred 9 minutami
How do we get this in a solid state...
Ash K
Ash K Pred 12 minutami
the electricity bill breh
Steven Seagull
Steven Seagull Pred 12 minutami
It will Keal!!
hanneswl Pred 14 minutami
I am hyped for in 20 years, when u can buy these everywhere and they really act like “real” lightsaber
Maad Baller05
Maad Baller05 Pred 14 minutami
You should calab with Mark rober
Glen Comstock
Glen Comstock Pred 17 minutami
I just realized that the Hacksmith industries logo in the bottom left of all their videos is the stark industries logo. I’m so stupid
Ibrahim Abunadi
Ibrahim Abunadi Pred 18 minutami
Hi hacksmith guys so I have a idea you could use in a video. I don’t know if you already did this but I wanted to tell you anyways The electric whips in Iron Man 2
Buster Hedeblom
Buster Hedeblom Pred 24 minutami
This is my childhood and will always be my dream
Aryan Shejal
Aryan Shejal Pred 25 minutami
This is the best thing I have seen this year
Pedro Duran
Pedro Duran Pred 25 minutami
Hacksmith invents lightsaber. friend what should we burn? Hacksmith: yes
Alberto Castañer
Alberto Castañer Pred 26 minutami
It looks more steampunk rather than futuristic.
Lunch - Brawl Stars
Lunch - Brawl Stars Pred 27 minutami
2:21 just imagine hiding from Darth Vader and seeing this coming from the door.. 😳
musicx xa
musicx xa Pred 28 minutami
10 million in 4 days wtf ?
The Warlock
The Warlock Pred 31 minuto
Ameer Bacchus
Ameer Bacchus Pred 33 minutami
Make kai's blade from kung fu panda3
Pan Psyren
Pan Psyren Pred 34 minutami
MY CAR!!!!!
Londo Mollari
Londo Mollari Pred 34 minutami
So it's just a kind of small flamethrower?
Creatures point
Creatures point Pred 34 minutami
Will it work on cockroach 🙄
Sachwin Kohli
Sachwin Kohli Pred 35 minutami
Bro, you gotta try Bhallaldeva’s Mace from an Indian movie called Bahubali! That was awesome!!
SEFER VOLKAN ASLAN Pred 35 minutami
Star wars ''The Rise Of The Hacksmith''
Billy Almond
Billy Almond Pred 38 minutami
Either keep it or sell it to the military for like 400000 gran
BCB Family
BCB Family Pred 38 minutami
Has space force called you yet?
BlackQuest Pred 43 minutami
I thought The hacksmith looked kinda like Ivan Vanko from iron man 2 when I first saw him
Max Smiddy
Max Smiddy Pred 44 minutami
How just HOW
Lehel Hardy
Lehel Hardy Pred 47 minutami
Thats impossible
Aditya Wicaksono
Aditya Wicaksono Pred 48 minutami
how to cook with lightsaber
Tofu Meatloaf
Tofu Meatloaf Pred 49 minutami
That was the weakest sledgehammer blow in the history of melee combat
Andrew Rae
Andrew Rae Pred 49 minutami
Your training is complete.
MeldrickCz Pred 49 minutami
Why I think this is cool...your older lightsabers, were more on the saber sides than this one. I mean this one is more destructive, but it is basicly big stylish and welding machine with cool gimmics. Nothing you want to swordplay with for sure. Oh well still need these kyber crystals I guess. Kudos for the turkies.
CT Ryan
CT Ryan Pred 50 minutami
Can you make pathfinders grapple arm from apex legends
Lex The Legend
Lex The Legend Pred 51 minuto
Make a second one and make them clash then they are a lightsaber
Lex The Legend
Lex The Legend Pred 51 minuto
The ones that clashed were rods and these are retractable
BlackQuest Pred 51 minuto
Imagine its a burglar and you just watching from the other side of the door whats your reaction? 2:21
Bella D. The StarWars lover
Bella D. The StarWars lover Pred 51 minuto
Where can I bye one
Bella D. The StarWars lover
Bella D. The StarWars lover Pred 45 minutami
I want one so bad
Brytol Pred 52 minutami
Please, can you start making it commercially
Samuel Marlow
Samuel Marlow Pred 54 minutami
shut up and take my money!!!!!
Elliot Sprinkx
Elliot Sprinkx Pred 56 minutami
I wanna see this in a flex tape commercial
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee Pred 59 minutami
Can you show the nozzle aperture youre using? I think some straightforward adjustments could pretty easily produce a true peaked blade. Probably cant manage a two angle peak, but a tapered blade should be doable with that 4 axis setup you have. Technically what im proposing would focus the plasma thrust as well so over-attenuation could cause the saber to become a handheld plasma rpg, so wear some goggles or something
The Jhem 23
The Jhem 23 Pred uro
Can you make call of duty black ops specialist
Nyethal Off
Nyethal Off Pred uro
This. My people, we are watching a man starting a new universe of unlimited possibilities. We are watching a legend begins!
Captain Silvers
Captain Silvers Pred uro
Have to build some space ships. Seems reasonable there should be some dense energetic crystal or otherwise source out there yonder in the blackness. Must be something out there..
AJ Pred uro
"What would you destroy with a lightsaber?" My crippling depression and my boredom, and that's with it not even being turned it on.
kris cornett
kris cornett Pred uro
Where's the Kyber Crystals?
Joey fuse
Joey fuse Pred uro
You should make cyclops glasses seance you have been making a lot of later projects
Joey fuse
Joey fuse Pred uro
Vanieder Knight
Vanieder Knight Pred uro
Very weak Saber!
Dean Hardy
Dean Hardy Pred uro
awesome design, but blade is super short. It's still the most awesome thing I've ever seen.
Christopher Freedman
Christopher Freedman Pred uro
James is just a letting. His inner child go wild with this
Total Being Yoga
Total Being Yoga Pred uro
I want to send you a build that I’ve built but I don’t know how to do that I just wanna see if you guys want to upgrade it or make something new out of it that would be cool. You hack Smith are the best you built everything that I kind of wanted to build keep building to your limits
Emilio Rodriguez
Emilio Rodriguez Pred uro
We’re almost there bro 🙏
Fierce The Dragon
Fierce The Dragon Pred uro
Finally, another human being who sees that the best usage of cars is to unleash our wrath and anger upon them instead of each other! Actually no, I still wanted the rock to go through the guy’s windshield and smash his skull, no one should laugh about almost hitting a dog, (on purpose too, in the suburbs, driving about 5-ten miles an hour or so multiple yards with the dog running straight towards the vehicle.) a grown bald-a** man, laughing and slapping his hand on the wheel... I think of that dog as my brother, I swear if a see your face or your vehicle... I make either look like they’ve been in a wreck. Lucky for him we moved, and that was a long time ago. His vehicle was already too far before I even chose the perfect sized rock that I thought would have busted through the window. At least his girlfriend didn’t look pleased with him.
Douglas J
Douglas J Pred uro
I hope all fuel was drained from that car before play time! After all that glass testing, I was waiting to see the scene where Palpatine glances his office window with his lightsaber and it shatters! One more thing: If this thing is legit, you guys should wear more protective gear! Be safe.
Iggy Sundgren
Iggy Sundgren Pred uro
10:42 people
Edson Pred uro
eso es un soplete hahahah na mms
Argentvs Pred uro
"That's crazy" for cutting an 1/4" mild steel plate... Me metal worker, I do that every day with the same tool, just without the back pack, propane and oxygen, is called oxytorch... That one just is a portable oxytorch with a fancy plasma effect.
Yana Dermendzhieva
Yana Dermendzhieva Pred uro
You need to make it that it absorbs sun light instead of flame
The Philly Railfan
The Philly Railfan Pred uro
They should’ve gotten the mandalorian to sponsor this
Onur Söylemez
Onur Söylemez Pred uro
Why u using sound effects -_-
Shuhister Pred uro
DZIDZIO went nuts.....
Guilherme Augusto Brito
Guilherme Augusto Brito Pred uro
I really love that the first lightsaber has almost the same design as the photosabers
Emerson Harris
Emerson Harris Pred uro
But can it defect a blaster bolt?!
Snæbjörn Rolf Blischke Oddsson
Snæbjörn Rolf Blischke Oddsson Pred uro
Christian Vincent Costanilla
Christian Vincent Costanilla Pred uro
Try a test snow
Просто фикус
Просто фикус Pred uro
Световой меч: *проделывает дыры в двери* Омон: закупаемся!!
The ninja dizzysio8
The ninja dizzysio8 Pred uro
It accurate to the old light sabers because they used to use power packs to fuel the light sabers
KytZu Puw1ng
KytZu Puw1ng Pred uro
Ok ray mak (ik he might be here)
Christian Barajas
Christian Barajas Pred uro
In the glass shattering Sean it looks like he is a evil genius
Christian Barajas
Christian Barajas Pred uro
That is very cool next make iorn man legs
Fire Thief
Fire Thief Pred uro
Freaking epic!
Mr Grantham
Mr Grantham Pred uro
Your not the first to do this so don't claim too. Alex Lab did the same already.
Steve D
Steve D Pred uro
This is all just for a rally short range flamethrower lmao
yogithehamster10 Pred uro
Did you take a plasma cutter thing that exist in work shops and make it portable??? 👁👄👁
RobertoC Pred uro
Destroying the light saber with another real light saber?
Bobb M
Bobb M Pred uro
The Hacksmith builds a "lightsaber"... Welders: Meh.
Marek Biesaga
Marek Biesaga Pred uro
Jaki to miecz świetlny ? To zwykły palnik acetylenowo tlenowy tylko bardziej udoskonalony. Czy zrobi zasłonę przed drugim takim samym aby odbić cios i siebie osłonić ?
Glamador Pred uro
All I wanted was to see them swing it at something. All I saw was a lot of stabbing.
The fat Narwalz
The fat Narwalz Pred uro
imagine someone broke into there work shop ahnd stole that light saber and took it on the streets that would be bad
p t
p t Pred uro
where do i buy one
Lachante Pred uro
wireless propane gas tank charger
Dheeraj Madhwani
Dheeraj Madhwani Pred uro
Can it cut vibranium just wondering
anbrugm Pred uro
Totally awesome!
Markiso Wickstorm
Markiso Wickstorm Pred uro
H LIVE Pred uro
That poor Stormtrooper!
Michał Błachut
Michał Błachut Pred uro
we need technology for like 10.000 degrees of celcius :D
Strayre Pred uro
y'all should make the pilot jumpkit from titan fall 1 and 2 lol
Santiago Cea cereceda
Santiago Cea cereceda Pred uro
ten years later the best light saber °99999 can cook food
merio Pred uro
9:03 so what do you use to cook propane or charcoal? me: lightsaber
Lukáš Trnka
Lukáš Trnka Pred uro
Very nice work of engineering. However somehow it reminds me of an old joke: "I'm offering russian mobile phone. Chassis and tyres included." :-)
WolfStix Pred uro
Imagine if the FBI bought this off his hands, and this is how FBI open up is gonna be 😂😂
Nugget Loves All
Nugget Loves All Pred uro
3:47 why does this remind me of Anakin?
King Jeffy
King Jeffy Pred uro
You should do a double sided one like darth maul
Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy Pred uro
Builds giant hipster lighter. Calls it a light saber. It melts foam and plastic. Plasma starts at ~6000c (depending). This is nowhere close. The build is amazing though. Very cool.
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