Why Gravity is NOT a Force

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The General Theory of Relativity tells us gravity is not a force, gravitational fields don't exist. Objects tend to move on straight paths through curved spacetime. Thanks to Caséta by Lutron for sponsoring this video. Find out more at: www.lutron.com/veritasium
Huge thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis for hours of consulting on this video so I could get these ideas straight in my own brain. Check out his SLshow channel: ve42.co/gfl or his books: ve42.co/GFLbooks
Amazing VFX, compositing, and editing by Jonny Hyman
2D animations by Ivàn Tello
Filmed by Steven Warren and Raquel Nuno
Special thanks to Petr Lebedev for reviews and script consultation
Music by Jonny Hyman and from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com
Rocket made by Goodnight and Co.
Screen images in rocket by Geoff Barrett
Slow motion rocket exhaust footage from Joe Barnard at BPS.Space

Veritasium Pred 9 dnevi
Here's a question I've seen a lot in comments: OK, I'm accelerating up but then shouldn't someone on the other side of the globe fall off? No, here's why: Either watch again from 8:28 or read what I've written below... Spacetime is curved - it curves the opposite direction on the other side of the Earth. Neither us on this side of the Earth nor they on the other side are changing our spacial coordinates - we're not moving up, they're not moving down - Earth isn't flying into one of us. BUT we both ARE accelerating. In curved spacetime you have to accelerate just to remain stationary. The traditional definition of acceleration is something changing its velocity. In general relativity you have to embrace a new definition of acceleration: it means deviating from a geodesic - not going on a straight line path through spacetime. Near the Earth a geodesic is a parabola so unless you're moving in a parabolic arc (like on a zero-g plane) you are accelerating. This definition is the same as the old one so if you're accelerating in deep space then your velocity is changing. *BUT*... if you are near a large mass you are in curved spacetime, now acceleration your velocity is changing. You can stay stationary relative to Earth's surface and still be accelerating. This is because your acceleration should be measured not relative to the Earth's surface but relative to free-falling objects - they are inertial observers. Imagine this - I'm in deep space and I make horizontal rows and rows of stationary golf balls. Then I hop in my rocket and accelerate up through them. Just think about what that looks like. Now my rocket is back on Earth just sitting there. I freeze time for a sec and make horizontal rows and rows of golf balls up into the atmosphere. Now unfreeze time. What do you see? If you just look at the golf balls and the rocket ship it looks the same as the situation in space where the golf balls were stationary and the rocket was accelerating. Einstein's point was the golf balls have the better claim as the "stationary" thing since their experience is just like the golf balls in deep space - no forces experienced. The rocket on Earth is just like the rocket in space. It feels a force and hence an acceleration.
adorable Pred 15 urami
adorable Pred 15 urami
adorable Pred 15 urami
adorable Pred 15 urami
adorable Pred 15 urami
MaximDerPanda Pred 23 minutami
Tristin Vandamme
Tristin Vandamme Pred 25 minutami
Can you explain the force in a black hole?
SDL Pred 31 minuto
Ok I get it. Everything in space moves uniformly in a straight line. When you get near a big object, say the earth, the curvature of spacetime makes the line bend towards it. Now suppose for a second you wouldn't crash into the earth's surface at that velocity, but instead just get stuck against it. Relative to your normal inertial path which would take you through earth, you are now being accelerated upwards. Stuck against the earth's surface like you're stuck against a magnet. Only a sufficient amount of thrust can get you out of that inertial path and into a new one.
TrolleyMouse Pred 55 minutami
I suppose this explains gravitational potential energy, too, then.
Bruce Pred 58 minutami
It is 2020 and we still have grown adults believing in space. LOLZ
Sukritya Athwal
Sukritya Athwal Pred 58 minutami
Absolutely Amazing Man!! I just started loving physics as a high school student as I saw your video!!
Cazial Pred uro
So why do giant masses bend spacetime?
cherry nuka cola
cherry nuka cola Pred 30 minutami
what is happening if you move really fast ?
Gaurav Deshmukh
Gaurav Deshmukh Pred uro
Who else is more confused after watching this video?
Edward Reid
Edward Reid Pred uro
Anyone who's ever done a Bungy jump will tell you the sensation is not weightlessness but stunning acceleration.
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis Pred uro
After watching both this video and Vsauce’s video I think I understand everything except why massive objects like planets curve space time.
Ashley Law
Ashley Law Pred uro
Funny stuff...desperate stuff. 'Gravity' ....just none. No 'Gravity' at all. No 'Gravitational Wavs' either.
Gumba Masta
Gumba Masta Pred 2 urami
But doesn't time not exist either?
Mihir Agashe
Mihir Agashe Pred 2 urami
We lost VSauce, but God's grace got us here
McPhazer Pred 2 urami
If some how we ejected 1% of the earths mass into space we would only be accelerating up at 9.702 mps2
shreyas reddy
shreyas reddy Pred 2 urami
if you are in rest in earth's frame of reference then the then the freely falling proton creates magnetic field. if you are freely falling on earth then a stationary(according to earth) proton will create magnetic field. proton or a current carrying wire creating magnetic field is the example of general relative theory
A friend with two wings
A friend with two wings Pred 3 urami
then why the heck the teacher gives example of force as *Gravitational force*
giggleherz Pred 3 urami
Every time someone makes a comment about the beginning of the universe, They always start by saying "in the beginning there was a gravity field which attracted something else and then we had a big bang". I always wonder what existed before the gravity field? If you can imagine a gravity field then you should be able to imagine where it came from. I can easily imagine nothing but space, just empty space no time no gravity no mass nothing. How can so many come along and say we had mass and gravity when they cant explain where they came from?.
n.a. z.a
n.a. z.a Pred 3 urami
mn i give u a like jst for the FKING preety good sound quality, like, just fking kidding me? outside d spaceshipt, inside it, IN earth... i mean,... im just very high now but u deserve it
Michael Franklin
Michael Franklin Pred 3 urami
So, if we remove gravity from the equation. You could effectivley walk on the surface of a black hole if you were an inertial observer. It would not be gravity that would crush you, but spacetime shrinking to an infinatley small point?
cherry nuka cola
cherry nuka cola Pred 24 minutami
black holes have no surface
Diky Sahertian
Diky Sahertian Pred 4 urami
Bruh....... When we fall, the world that's comes to us to make us at the rest position
The End
The End Pred 4 urami
10:05 "Shouldn't the Earth by expanding?" "No" "Why? Because 'math'..."
The End
The End Pred 4 urami
Honestly, if GR didn't have other independent predictions that have been proven correct, I think it'd just be a bunch of clever math. That Einstein took that one equivalence principle/thought experiment and just went nuts with it, but that it didn't actually apply to reality. However, its independent predictions have indeed been proven correct.
Jeff Kissinger
Jeff Kissinger Pred 4 urami
I’ve seen this claimed so many times, but it’s not true. All objects on Earth do not fall at the same rate. Your formula is missing m2. Objects fall at a rate of the ratio of each mass compared to Earth. While the ratios are a very small difference the principle that all objects fall at the same rate is false. If 2 objects the size of bowling balls were dropped at the same time but one had the mass of the moon they would not impact the Earth at the same time.
Darragh Finnan
Darragh Finnan Pred 4 urami
Why are they looking for the graviton particle? If its not a force then there shouldn't be a force giving particle?
Brod Feet
Brod Feet Pred 4 urami
If massive objects creates space time curvature. I believe that every objects has their own curve spacetime too, it defends on the mass. What if the massive object like Earth is not accelerating but smaller mass objects and the Earth is pushing each other. The more massive objects, the more stronger push against bigger mass ( like Earth which is the center of mass of our world itself). Human has lesser mass than elephant so that it would feel heavier than us. All smaller objects around Earth including humans are pushing against Earth while Earth push upward everything around smaller mass object. In that case, no need acceleration just to feel our weight.
Lee Andrew
Lee Andrew Pred 5 urami
this video is like those scientists talking about blackholes. they know 0 about them but pretend to know something hahahahahahaha
Iro Pred 5 urami
The flat earthers are going to clip the hell out of this and then call it proof
Paul Routledge
Paul Routledge Pred 5 urami
Yes it is.
Cindy Dahl
Cindy Dahl Pred 5 urami
....... um what o.0
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter Pred 5 urami
I can't connect gravity waves and gravitons to this idea. Any advice on reconciling these things?
Simon Wu
Simon Wu Pred 6 urami
Awesome ending thought experiment, it was very profound and instructive.
Dev Rifter
Dev Rifter Pred 6 urami
its not, you hitting the earth. its was the earth that hit you!, BAD earth, bad earth!
Harsh Anvekar
Harsh Anvekar Pred 6 urami
@veritasium If gravity is illusion then what is the theory behind blackholes
pavan sughosh
pavan sughosh Pred 6 urami
How is that rocket goes faster and faster 3:30 and inside he feels as constant velocity ?
pavan sughosh
pavan sughosh Pred 6 urami
To follow up : 4:25 he fees he is moving on constant velocity
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Pred 6 urami
That's my first thought too when I see someone falling from a building....."Oh look, someone inertly observing my acceleration through spacetime."
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Pred 6 urami
This episode makes me think of an episode of Futurama, where the professor was talking about the ships new cutting edge engines. He stated that the engines don't push the ship through space, but the ship remains stationary, and the engines push space away from the ship, thus "propelling" the ship to its destination.
Shashwat Joshi
Shashwat Joshi Pred 6 urami
This guy makes so much efforts to make the videos that he went to space. We should support him👍
GLobDeli Pred 6 urami
There is no science in this video.
Kalanos Pred 6 urami
So really all you've proven is that gravity is not a force TO AN INERTIAL OBSERVER. Which doesn't seem too profound to me. I mean, that's kind of the whole point of gravity, man. It's all relative. Reality is subjective, not objective. You confuse symbols for their meanings.
Civilised Zombie
Civilised Zombie Pred 7 urami
17:00 another thing is you can manually turn off the light and still use the hub to turn it on
sam clemens
sam clemens Pred 7 urami
Anyone remember the Buzzard with Bugs Bunny. This guy is the Buzzard slshow.info/watch/-UG2xVExfu8/video.html Yup Looney Tunes
damonlandsdown Pred 7 urami
Saying this, how did early space navigation circumvent this issue? How did the inertial guidance track properly? Interesting.
zebratangozebra Pred 7 urami
My kids will love this silly video.
Goobassy Pred 7 urami
My understanding is that they proved "gravity" waves are real which is the ripples in space time of which you speak of
Ying Yang
Ying Yang Pred 6 urami
You believe that nonsense?
Jgparadox Pred 7 urami
Ok... whoa... this different perspective might just be blowing my mind. You're telling me I don't fall onto the Earth. The force of the Earth is pulling me back to the planet, because of "speed force"? Hmmm?
Doopliss77 Pred 4 urami
Let us say you were inside an elevator and it is going up. You decide to jump while it is moving up. After you jump you do not fall down to the elevator, the elevator accelerated into your feet.
Jgparadox Pred 7 urami
If I start falling I think I'm going to feel a "force". Minutes into this video... I still don't grasp gravity. I feel like this one theory is something that's explained to us and we say, "OH that's how it works", but we have no clue from our own understanding. Well in this moment my own understanding.
stfutruck68 Pred 7 urami
Ok so gravity does not exist. I can see the point but in slshow.info/watch/iphcyNWFD10/video.html why are there gravitational waves if there is no such thing? We need to stop calling this gravity as we say this doesn't exit but say it does by calling it "gravitational". Maybe we need to just stop using the word gravity and start calling it something else entirely.
Chalmers517 Pred 7 urami
Could anyone further explain what happens at terminal velocity?
Jerry Crow
Jerry Crow Pred 7 urami
Up is not down except for the upside down people.
ebagig white
ebagig white Pred 7 urami
if you were accelerating while standing still you would be gaining energy, because that is what acceleration is, it is adding net energy to an object.....after accelerating in place as you put it, you would gain mass according to relativity, which is why you can not accelerate to the speed of light because you would aquire infinite mass before you reached C. Your arquement is symantic in nature and not based in fact.
ebagig white
ebagig white Pred 7 urami
7:38 you debunked your own arguement, because gravity obviously exists, that is why you stay on the ground when just standing there, you arent travelling, thus space isnt curving you into the ground. gravity is holding you to it. an object in motions stays in motion unless acted on by a net force, thus gravity is undeniably a force, when you jump you dont keep going because the force of gravity is acting on you.
Hbomb Pred 8 urami
7:53 Little does he know I'm watching this part of the video whilst skydiving!
J Ray
J Ray Pred 8 urami
My wife said that in the example of the two people walking north in the same direction parallel to each other, the reason they bumped into each other is because they were headed to the same single point north. If they were headed east or west, which have no single point like the north or south poles, then they wouldn’t have bumped into each other. Can you debunk or explain where she is incorrect?
nicasa78 Pred 8 urami
Man, I do many questions. If gravity is an illusion, why is there different gravity on different planets? Are different masses accelerating at different speeds or is there a constant? Why are the planets all on a single plane? I'm rethinking everything and I barely passed calculus.
Ying Yang
Ying Yang Pred 6 urami
Planets, lol
Garrick Santos
Garrick Santos Pred 8 urami
I disagree with Derek. I believe Derek was more convincing.
Finnian Wolf
Finnian Wolf Pred 8 urami
Fantastic video 🤩
Reginald Herd
Reginald Herd Pred 8 urami
So, did we actually measure gravitational waves?
Ying Yang
Ying Yang Pred 6 urami
nope, just another desperate attempt to save the current insane model
Stoney Lonsome
Stoney Lonsome Pred 8 urami
So much of relativity has been proven to be absolutely correct that I've learned to simply swallow the seemingly odd or weird predictions it makes. I'm not saying we shouldn't test it further, we absolutely should but- at this point it's a bit perverse to not believe in the theory completely. It's like evolution- it's stood up to every test so far- even when we tested predictions that seemed crazy to us- like the notion of time being relative. Quantum mechanics is much the same- makes predictions that just seem impossible but- who can deny the results we get from experiments like the double slit? Or the fact that their cell phone works for that matter- proves quantum mechanics is at least partially correct- even if we misinterpret what it ultimately means in the wider context of our perception of realty.
Ying Yang
Ying Yang Pred 6 urami
It's all total nonsense
Stoney Lonsome
Stoney Lonsome Pred 8 urami
@Narf Whals Imo this is a problem with how we interpret the theories and what they're saying about reality because obviously the short term, observable predictions they make always pan out- thus our confusion, as you noted. One day we will understand how to reconcile these theories and see them as the same thing viewed from massively different points of view- somehow all those quantum effects have to add up to relativity.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals Pred 8 urami
The problem with the fact that both these theries work so well is... that they work too well. Because they don't agree with each other. With every test we do on them we _want them to be wrong_ . To give us some hint as to where we can do research to get a theory that gets it all right. Dark matter was so promising. General Relativity was wrong! But now it just looks like GR was right all along and there actually just is dark matter... And we've made no progress in that regard for 100 years.
Heaven&Hell Pred 8 urami
ohhhhhh, so (analogous) its like we're all photons moving through a lens, ? An object in space is like a convex lens that can cause refraction and converge other smaller objects?... And a black hole is a concave lens? lol
Miltos Belas
Miltos Belas Pred 8 urami
ask darth vader
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 8 urami
I remember when I first read this as a young student and was annoyed that everything taught at school was incorrect. Hated it.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 8 urami
im sorry but. gravity is not an illusion it is stated by nasa that gravity is a self made force from the core of earth, mars, moon, and other planets in our solar system. gravity is fe
Josef Lindholm
Josef Lindholm Pred 9 urami
i can say one thing, Einstein was a genius and we need more like him
Melissa Richardson
Melissa Richardson Pred 9 urami
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Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Pred 9 urami
Okay, now we need you to do time dilation. Does this unify gravitational and kinetic? Watched this video after yours and need more: slshow.info/watch/F5PfjsPdBzg/video.html
viktorija d.
viktorija d. Pred 10 urami
Will a freely falling charge radiate electromagnetic radiation is only but dependant on the point of view. Whether it be observer, a point/moment in spacetime (while observing), or whatever else, you name it. It is just an undeniable truth that when we have a given living conditions/experience, we have to use language/formulas in whatever way to live our reality and to know it. Apart from that, everything is relative to the point of insanity.
Ray Marshall
Ray Marshall Pred 10 urami
Thank you for the great video! However, this brings up two questions for me: All of the explanations require that in order for gravity (acceleration) to occur, it requires that rocket man is moving through the field of the planet. That is, rocket man needs to be moving in order to follow the path of the geodesic. Thusly, it would seem (at least to me) that if he were not moving (through the field), there wouldn’t be a force that would attract him to the planet. Of course, we experience gravity because the earth is spinning and we’re moving along with it so we do follow the path of the geodesic. However, if the earth wasn’t spinning and we were standing on the planet, we wouldn’t be following any path and thus there wouldn’t be a “force” to draw us closer. To use your example of the people walking north from the equator, if they stopped walking, they would stop getting closer to each other. Secondly, I’m curious to know why the speed (or mass) of an object changes how an object follows (or not) the path of the geodesic. If the mass of a large object causes space/time to bend to where a “straight line” is bent towards the planet, why does the speed (or mass) of the object change the “straightness” of the line? For example, if rocket man is passing at a slower speed at an angle towards the planet, he will follow the path of the geodesic and will crash into the planet. However, if he were traveling at a much higher speed, his path towards the planet would be less pronounced. Why would the path of the geodesic be less “straight” just because he’s going faster? One would even think that light would want to follow the straightest path through space and if space is bent (even just a little), light would bend along with it. Thanks again for the great video and any further explanation you could provide would be greatly appreciated. It’s keeping me up at night:)
Bernadette Okoli
Bernadette Okoli Pred 10 urami
9:57 reasonable and valid question, then Veritasium giving us this 10:11 "totally straightforward proof 🙄 When will he ever learn how to teach?
Rilmi Situ
Rilmi Situ Pred 10 urami
isnt they found out that gravity is a wave?
emad shahrabi
emad shahrabi Pred 10 urami
by this theory that you have to accelerate just to remain stationary means the universe must gets bigger and bigger with insane rate so we could observe everything orderly fashioned in their places like planets and galaxies and such ., is it possible? means our galaxy and even us are getting bigger but also the scale, therefore in our eyes nothing changes ,another illusion ?
「アンドリュ」 Pred 11 urami
The happiest moments in my life is imagining a person getting slapped in the face because not only would the force of the slap be affecting the face, but according to Newton's third Law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction would also mean that the slap's force would affect the hand that slapped the face in the first place... and also because of schadenfreude.
Dirt Flyer
Dirt Flyer Pred 11 urami
A man falling would only be experiencing weightlessness for a very short period of time. The drag of the air around him would reduce his acceleration until he reached terminal velocity, at which point he would not be accelerating at all. At that point, if he were able to block the wind, he could make a stack of blocks and it would react just as it would if he were standing on the ground.
Dirt Flyer
Dirt Flyer Pred 10 urami
If you have ever been skydiving, this is the reason why there are only a few seconds that you get the stomach-in-your-throat feeling of falling. Then the air starts to reduce your acceleration and you gradually feel more and more of the familiar pull of gravity, until you reach a terminal velocity of about 120 mph and gravity has returned to it's full effect.
Robert Night
Robert Night Pred 11 urami
It's video is very interesting 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
aleonardoartz Pred 11 urami
bruh as a currently struggling physics student, this has just thrown away everything ive learned so far
Bruno Banho
Bruno Banho Pred 11 urami
I love the way you get feedback by making those conceptual answers. You should feel more confident about your clarity against your public's technical knowledge.
sosnax1 Pred 11 urami
Sorry for my english if something is not perfectly correct. So i was thinking about that video. And we do know that gravity "bends" time also speed does that. So time is like unit of acceleration in spacetime. And i was thinking if in big bang we had all the mass i wuld say in one place. Can this mass along with speed couse so much disturbence in time, that all of this mass spreding around point of big bang accualy was going verry slow as movement in" x,y axis" but time was going insenly fast. So when we see it now it looks like all of this took just fraction of ms, but in reality, for "someone" inside of that big bang it took a looot longer for his point of view. When mass was spreading, so is time being slower and slower, and slower.
Pedro Zárate
Pedro Zárate Pred 11 urami
hey youtube do ur thingy pls
A Pred 12 urami
How do blackholes work then. If gravitational fields do not exist? Why do our bodies get ripped apart by the gravity of the black holes?
Ying Yang
Ying Yang Pred 6 urami
blackholes only exist in your imagination
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Pred 12 urami
Movement in a curved spacetime can be complicated. That's why I tend to reorient myself with respect to the isotropic cosmic microwave background. At the moment, I am speeding at a rate of about 370 km/s towards the Great Attractor. Can't wait to meet him.
Riginex Pred 12 urami
im sorry but. gravity is not an illusion it is stated by nasa that gravity is a self made force from the core of earth, mars, moon, and other planets in our solar system. gravity is felt but expirencing high G forces to your body when falling or going into outer space. Though you cant see it its not an illusion so please remake a vid to tell you explaining to our solar system. And plus you broke our solar system your now stranded in space but going light speed to diffrent stars. 0:45
Ying Yang
Ying Yang Pred 6 urami
JuanG Pred 12 urami
04:08 RIP in peace. Pay your respects.
JuanG Pred 12 urami
RJ D Pred 12 urami
Cute video, gravity is a wave of energy that passes through an object where as light does not pass through an object and the reason you can see it. Gravity has an influence on objects but not in the way you are thinking. Airplanes don't fly the shortest distance from point to point as in your example they the follow the land mass so that if they have a problem they may be able to land saving lives instead of ending up in the middle of the ocean and never being found again killing all on board. For the most part you are correct, did deeper. As for time it does not exist it is always now.
MatheMagics Pred 12 urami
The best explanation of general relativity Ive seen! I love the Eureka moments in his video, in this case at 4:40
Millzie 2021
Millzie 2021 Pred 12 urami
Gravity is the equal and opposite reaction to the electromagnetic force, which is just 2 points having different entropy over a given time length.
james scott
james scott Pred 12 urami
That was a great production. My hat is off to you! I've been a gravity hobbyist for about 40 years. I still don't understand it. Does inertia exist?
Grant Shearer
Grant Shearer Pred 12 urami
Maybe I'm just misunderstanding. But does this mean the earth is accelerating at 9.81m/s/s? Does that mean the earth is moving faster now than it was 100 years ago?
Pred 13 urami
"Einstein tells us one thing: focus on the experience of the observer" He really was a genius Now, all marketing is based on this
Fizz Pop
Fizz Pop Pred 13 urami
Dude, I just understood all the things! The cruel nature of reality is by tomorrow I won't remember. Watch it again you say? Same thing. My brain remembers the most random things, and forgets things I want to remember. And yes, girlfriends hate it.
Grant Shearer
Grant Shearer Pred 13 urami
Could the earth actually be a disc then? And we just perceive it to be round?
Celery Pred 13 urami
vsauce talks about this in his video which way is down, super interesting stuff
No Body
No Body Pred 13 urami
Defendant: "Your Honor--I have photos to prove that was a very steep hill; and according to Einstein I wasn't moving at all! It was your Officers standing next to their patrol cars with the radar guns that were coming towards ME at 200 MPH..."
Livia Octavia Latonia
Livia Octavia Latonia Pred 13 urami
But if we are all accelerating due to the curvature of spacetime realative to the Earth's mass, then even a free falling object on Earth is NOT an inertial observer as it is accelerating weather an Earth is pushing up on it or not . So I think both balls would give off a magnetic field/electric charge....
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Pred 13 urami
So how are gravity waves from distant events detectable?
Tim Bob
Tim Bob Pred 13 urami
so everything is just always catching up to us?😳
Trodden Gaming
Trodden Gaming Pred 13 urami
slshow.info/watch/yaetWMnmm6I/video.html, The history of the universe in 99 seconds!
Liam Vance
Liam Vance Pred 13 urami
6:52 Why do we move through space though? I get it in the case of the globe where the two people are accelerating through walking and then eventually hit each other. But what is that “walking” in the case of the man falling off the roof?
T Brown
T Brown Pred 13 urami
Remember when globies laughed at flat earth society (not really flat earth) about believing they are on a plane rotating upwards through space? Now that's the Heliocentrism belief. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
WakfuGuides Pred 13 urami
So, the earths not flat because space is curved?
Svenne Pred 13 urami
And once again - my mind is blown. Keep such awesome content comming!
oh ok
oh ok Pred 13 urami
0:18 Radiohead - No surprises
Mandira Ghosh
Mandira Ghosh Pred 13 urami
The dislikers are the people who just jumped from top of the roof and hurt themselves.
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