First Debate Cold Open - SNL

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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

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Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) moderates the first presidential debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (Jim Carrey).
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Black Panther
Black Panther Pred 4 urami
SNL hasn’t been funny for the last two decades.
FrEsH 915
FrEsH 915 Pred 4 urami
This was absolutely hilarious great acting
Jake Howard
Jake Howard Pred 4 urami
Trump 2020
Jakob Boulton
Jakob Boulton Pred 4 urami
SNL been making the same joke for 5 years😐
Matthew Calderon
Matthew Calderon Pred 5 urami
Better than the real one .. ... fact .
HAPPY GIRL Pred 5 urami
Awesome skit and great actors, and yes, our country needs a female President!!! All of you who protest, please get busy and eat your cheese sticks and drink your juice boxes and step aside so we can once again sleep at night❤️
Tom Hibbert
Tom Hibbert Pred 5 urami
Boost Junkie
Boost Junkie Pred 5 urami
27 Million view's.....Far more then the real debate.....That tells you how disconnected the population is from what's really going on. You all deserve the demise.
Drummer boy
Drummer boy Pred 5 urami
SNL is not funny anymore. Best was back in the 70's
Nico Cooper
Nico Cooper Pred 5 urami
If there is anyone who doesnt know what happened or what it means when you list, barisma, hunter biden, mayor of moscow... then you dont know shit about the corruption going on and you are probably voting for biden.
wh0re4paris Pred 5 urami
orange sus
Fast Mail
Fast Mail Pred 5 urami
SNL... used to be relevant in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Only Boomers, and libtards watch now. Jim Carrey is a horrible human being. Carrey encouraged his ex to kill herself... then she did.
Kolchian Pred 5 urami
Jim went Adam Sandler Click on him
The Earls Renegade
The Earls Renegade Pred 5 urami
This wasn't as funny as the actual debate.
XxGet2DaMoneyxX Pred 5 urami
Trump 2020
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
wow good argument
Scott Kopka
Scott Kopka Pred 6 urami
We need jim. To start making movies again
Tony Evans
Tony Evans Pred 6 urami
Trump Train is coming
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
it crashed a few weeks ago mann
No idea What's my name is
No idea What's my name is Pred 6 urami
What’s Alec gonna do when trump isn’t president anymore after 8 years? Be irrelevant again washed up loser piece
glober 00
glober 00 Pred 6 urami
Carrey needs to replace sloppy joe for all future debates. Whoops too late.
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
Patricia Fm
Patricia Fm Pred 6 urami
I never laugh so much 😂😂😂😂
Nicholis Edwards
Nicholis Edwards Pred 6 urami
Remember when snl was good?
Rex Nike
Rex Nike Pred 6 urami
Didn’t even crack a smile. Snl is garbage now. Baldwin was good innnnnnnnnn what again?
Eric Germano
Eric Germano Pred 6 urami
I can not believe these are our choices. The whole planet is laughing at us.
Im cc
Im cc Pred 6 urami
Trump 2020
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
good argument wow
Liberty and Love
Liberty and Love Pred 6 urami
Pause both sides
Liberty and Love
Liberty and Love Pred 6 urami
Fox News was bias. Proof...
Steve Pred 7 urami
Jim Carrey has energy. The real Joe is slow and old. Pathetic.
Brianna Sardenga
Brianna Sardenga Pred 7 urami
i swear we playing an amung us game and biden is sus
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
orange sus, vote him out
Gennadiy Leyfman
Gennadiy Leyfman Pred 7 urami
Unfortunately, Jim is Canadian-born, otherwise he would have made a great President!
Dick Grayson
Dick Grayson Pred 7 urami
Not a Biden fan but Jim Carrey was great!
Marty Jordan
Marty Jordan Pred 7 urami
Wow....I guess we see who the Democrats are
Slatter301 Pred 7 urami
Haha😐 i laughed 😐
GenevaPilgrim Pred 7 urami
I remember when I use to watch SNL when I was younger. It was a lot funnier then.
Devon Duchins
Devon Duchins Pred 7 urami
Is that Jim Carrey who acted as Joe Biden?
Diligence Auto
Diligence Auto Pred 7 urami
Oh yeah this is totally not biased
Ghostie Ghostie
Ghostie Ghostie Pred 7 urami
This would have been so much better if it was actually funny instead of a political ad for the Biden campaign.
ilpacca Pred 7 urami
Good impersonations, piss-poor script
John Doe
John Doe Pred 7 urami
Do t let this distract you from the fact, that Donald Trump has openly condemned Racism, White supremacy and White Nationalists MULTIPLE TIMES on air and yet, the media still lies to you, because, they know you’re too stupid to do the research yourself... Don’t let this distract you from the fact, that the President has spent the last 4 years fighting Russian collusion hoaxes and a bogus attempt at impeachment AND STILL managed to accomplish more than any other president that has came before him in the last 30-40yrs... He built the greatest economy our country has ever seen... Built a border wall along the Mexico border (the same wall that Biden and every other politician wanted to build... that is, before Trump wanted to build it and was actually successful in doing so)... Led the way in criminal justice reform (while Democrat leaders and presidents spent the last 50 yrs creating racist crime bills) Supported HBCU’s and provided long term funding for them... Created opportunity zones, which, directly benefited minority/ethnic communities... Initiated the process to shutdown and remove Obamacare... Pulled us out of the financial burden that is the Paris climate deal... The list goes on... And he did it all FOR FREE! The first president to refuse a paycheck, since, JFK... a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!! S.N. I just can’t wait to watch the montage of all of the liberals crying/having meltdowns, when Biden loses the election... 😂🤣😂
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia Pred 7 urami
Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin!! Love these guys!!
TampaTec Pred 8 urami
I'm confused was this the debate parody or the other one? 🤔
Haywire 800
Haywire 800 Pred 4 urami
@Spiderman 2099 biden told more lies trump said one thin that is being investigated
Spiderman 2099
Spiderman 2099 Pred 4 urami
@Haywire 800 How did he destroy Biden didn’t trump make lies?
Haywire 800
Haywire 800 Pred 6 urami
donald destroyed biden in the 2nd so the first
Susan P Cruz
Susan P Cruz Pred 8 urami
Trump better win
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
not likely
Monster Dad
Monster Dad Pred 8 urami
Tora Lewis
Tora Lewis Pred 8 urami
Here’s the deal
Liberty and Love
Liberty and Love Pred 6 urami
"Come on man!"
sylvia. hhaa
sylvia. hhaa Pred 8 urami
How old people fight these days 🤣🤣
kristin brisbin
kristin brisbin Pred 8 urami
He is no longer the vice president. Call him Senator. Or former VP.
alison webster
alison webster Pred 8 urami
just listening to trump is enough to push any sane person over the edge...
Thelight50 Pred 8 urami
Good job SNL you’ve managed to unite America briefly with this skit. I haven’t read one comment regarding division in the comment section yet.
Sooopaaapoopa DibblyDop
Sooopaaapoopa DibblyDop Pred 8 urami
Lame!!! SNL sucks!!!!
luis peralta
luis peralta Pred 8 urami
luis peralta
luis peralta Pred 8 urami
55 ft 555t5555
luis peralta
luis peralta Pred 8 urami
MONICA V. Pred 8 urami
I don't care what people say Trump#2020
Daniel Arizmendi
Daniel Arizmendi Pred 9 urami
TRUMP 2020 😜🍻💪😎
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Pred 9 urami
Should off changed the "Fox News" tag to "Faux News" to really sell it
Toesheo Pred 9 urami
Why did they post the debate twice?
Ray Best
Ray Best Pred 9 urami
Alec is a fool😭😭😭
Timothy Tomlin
Timothy Tomlin Pred 9 urami
This is clearly supporting Biden this is a disgrace....Trump is a great president and vote Biden if you want this country to be ruined....p.s. are we simply going to ignore the fact Biden said trump would drop a nuclear ☢️ bomb 💣 on a hurricane....makes no sense whatsoever and it was a blatant lie which for me discredits anything this man has to say ever. He is saying these things bc he is desperate and if you disagree that’s ok.....but if that’s the case my friend your FAKE NEWS. TRUMP 2020 “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
sup bot
Littlebingo4 Pred 9 urami
I mean... this isn’t how it wen.. yeah this is exactly how it went
BrickOven Farm and Fare
BrickOven Farm and Fare Pred 9 urami
Jim Carrey will be my personal project. I love immitation.
Vektor Cardenas
Vektor Cardenas Pred 9 urami
Whether you vote for Biden or Trump this is hilarious
Jorge Pred 9 urami
Biden 2020
twoweeled soto
twoweeled soto Pred 9 urami
LMAO!! This is too freakin funny. Alec Baldwin is so talented as a comedian. I thought Kamala was going to ask for her, Willie Brown.
James James
James James Pred 9 urami
Trump my President one more time
cara mia
cara mia Pred 9 urami
Carrey was great but really, the "debate" wasn't.
John T Hay jr
John T Hay jr Pred 9 urami
This bet really sucks
Flibitty Flobitty
Flibitty Flobitty Pred 10 urami
He forgot about malarkey
Mecha_Frieza xSKA_GhosTx
Mecha_Frieza xSKA_GhosTx Pred 10 urami
this is like a peak into the mind of a sufferer of tds... reminds me of the educational psa on schitzophrenia.
How did they get Biden out of his bunker to do the show?!?!!?!?
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
Biden's been out campaigning for MONTHS but... "bunker," ya know.
M Cotton
M Cotton Pred 10 urami
MasonicAgent344 Pred 10 urami
“Holding my blatter now let’s get out her”!!!😂
John Unclebach
John Unclebach Pred 10 urami
No wonder they have a laugh track...,, NOT FUNNY AT ALL !!!!
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
It's not a laugh track, they film these with a live studio audience.
MasonicAgent344 Pred 10 urami
Oh my god they look just like them!!🤣🤣🤣
Brad van baren
Brad van baren Pred 10 urami
8:33 get your dislike button hand ready
Gianluca Tartaro
Gianluca Tartaro Pred 10 urami
I’m so excited for another one to come out for last night’s debate 😂
Marcia Scott
Marcia Scott Pred 10 urami
Alec and Jim are to Funny 😂😂🙂
lostMind Shoes
lostMind Shoes Pred 10 urami
Love Jim ! He's the man
asadadon Pred 10 urami
Oopsie to the Poopsie
P K Pred 10 urami
This is not the presidential debate. It made way too much sense.
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales Pred 11 urami
@4:41 what bunch of bullshit, Biden could never have constructed a sentence that long
Joe Seibert
Joe Seibert Pred 11 urami
Trump 2020!
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
good argument..
J B Pred 11 urami
So funny.
Monsterjamfan Is the bomb
Monsterjamfan Is the bomb Pred 11 urami
All the dislikes are Trump supporters😈😈😈😈😈
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
@Megan Curi They're snowflakes, anything parodying Trump triggers them.
Megan Curi
Megan Curi Pred 9 urami
it's sad because this is mocking Biden too.
World Through my Eyes
World Through my Eyes Pred 11 urami
That's weird that I find the parody less funny than the reality
Nightman’s Sexy Hands
Nightman’s Sexy Hands Pred 11 urami
“Don’t let your inner Whitey Bulger come out.” Queue the “laughter” of a bunch of millennials who don’t understand the reference.
Loke Man
Loke Man Pred 11 urami
Olgalydia Longoria
Olgalydia Longoria Pred 11 urami
Pretty funny Saturday Night Lib
justus525 Pred 11 urami
So, this show is bias as well. I knew SNL was garbage, no wonder I never watch it!
The Fazbear Crew
The Fazbear Crew Pred 11 urami
Took me a minute to realize that "Joe Biden" wasn't actually Joe Biden. It was Jim Carrey. I mean he looked a lot like it.
Decimate the Soul
Decimate the Soul Pred 11 urami
Who played Kamala?
Megan Curi
Megan Curi Pred 9 urami
Maya Rudolph
Xx_anonymous_xX Pred 12 urami
Delaware isn’t a state... facts
Virgo princess
Virgo princess Pred 12 urami
I love how Jim Carrey is Joe Biden, he's perfect💕👍
dr Piotr Napierała
dr Piotr Napierała Pred 12 urami
pro-harris crap
Christian Pred 12 urami
That Biden entrance 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sector 7 G
Sector 7 G Pred 12 urami
Big Trump fan here but this was pretty funny. They both got ribbed. Not bad.
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
THANK you, man. They're clearly going after everyone like they usually do. I don't get how people think it's all Pro-Biden.
dr Piotr Napierała
dr Piotr Napierała Pred 12 urami
they used to mock both DP and GOP and now..... :(
Alessandra Pred 12 urami
these actors are sooo good
goji gaming
goji gaming Pred 12 urami
Wow, is this how the radical left sees trump? That's retarted. You guys are retarted, trump is the good guy here, bidens trying to bring the country to socialism.
Dalek Bricks
Dalek Bricks Pred 5 urami
Biden defeated the socailist in the primaries. He's one of the most centrist democrats there are..
Tyler Carpenter
Tyler Carpenter Pred 12 urami
I mean what happened to the skits about Bill Clinton or any president no matter their party. This is just slander tactics at this point and nothing satirical about Biden whatsoever, very heavy towards Trump and is intended to influence voters and the American public on politics.
Jalan Thompson
Jalan Thompson Pred 12 urami
I know that trumps is going to be pissed off 😆😆😆😆
I eat feet
I eat feet Pred 12 urami
Missed the part where Biden is touching different kids.
Alexx Baudwhyn
Alexx Baudwhyn Pred 12 urami
Carey doing a spot on Fire Marshall Bill...oh wait
Syndicate801 Pred 12 urami
I love that they understand Kamala is truly in charge
Ze1oSs Pred 12 urami
totally "unbiased" SNL, what a surprise
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