Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

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I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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Davie504 Pred 11 dnevi
M&M next??? Slap like if you're spittin fax too
Raina Bark
Raina Bark Pred 9 dnevi
Daniel Trasher told somethig to you in his 'nonsense music to vibe'
Heath Lockwood
Heath Lockwood Pred 11 dnevi
jop Pred 11 dnevi
Dr dre!!!!!!!!
jop Pred 11 dnevi
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls Pred 11 dnevi
wroblewski.p.k Pred 6 minutami
Melorecitation... I don't like it :/
Zo Pred uro
the cat guy was definitely the best for my opinion, still can't believe this came to my recommendations just now, wish i got it earlier, this rap compilation was completely FIRE!
Rishi M
Rishi M Pred uro
Blanja Hape
Blanja Hape Pred uro
davie the best video.......
Zak Gasparian
Zak Gasparian Pred 2 urami
Cool channel! Very cool having snoop dog on here!
Tad Kamimura
Tad Kamimura Pred 2 urami
What about combining some of those vids into a full track. I think it could be pretty sweet
Amund Bisgaard
Amund Bisgaard Pred 2 urami
I think Snoop fell short.
Vulturius76 Pred 2 urami
Trumpet and bass ;-)
Dan Lo Fat
Dan Lo Fat Pred 5 urami
Ya, liked first one too.
Dan Lo Fat
Dan Lo Fat Pred 5 urami
Okay the piano reminded me too much of the horizon wireless music on hold
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 5 urami
Read this as "Snoop Dogg Raped with me and my ass"
OnXyReaper15 Pred 6 urami
now i challenge one of yall to combine all the videos that did another instruments together and see what it sounds like
Kabuto23 Pred 6 urami
First submission was best for me.. cat second, drummer third, snoop worst
Akshai Babu
Akshai Babu Pred 6 urami
Arjun G
Arjun G Pred 7 urami
The cat dude was amazing!!
Àrpád Papp
Àrpád Papp Pred 7 urami
Every other rap was better than Snoop.. probably he was already too high..🤪😂
Uatemydoodle Pred 7 urami
Why is davie so popular? People make im sound like he's the best bass player in the world, but I've never heard of him. Isnt he just a normal bass youtuber?
Jessie Dosejo
Jessie Dosejo Pred 8 urami
Who's waiting for harry mack to rap Davie's slap? Mmm 🤔
Meshari Al-Harbi
Meshari Al-Harbi Pred 8 urami
Davie Davie 🎵snoop dog is broadcasting from 5th dimentional world, please come back to the planet Earth 😂💤
Valka Solidor
Valka Solidor Pred 8 urami
That's the most rap that this old man has listened to for a long time, and I loved every one of them!
jrTill Lindemann
jrTill Lindemann Pred 8 urami
Could be rape
Jesse Pred 9 urami
Snoop's a pos. Sure Calvin Broadus is the guy who got this white guy to listen to rap way back but he's poo poo when it comes to politics.
Nickson PIAKAL
Nickson PIAKAL Pred 10 urami
“This is a Christian channel” killed me! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
ÆDarkESt Secrets Yt
ÆDarkESt Secrets Yt Pred 10 urami
Davie504 slap your base play demon slayer opening
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 11 urami
Local people are better than “famous rap” i’ve noticed. Coming from a strictly metalhead. Maybe it’s just cause the power of bass tho.
Tim Corkern
Tim Corkern Pred 12 urami
504?? U from New Orleans?? 🤣
justbellaforshort Pred 12 urami
Snoop Dogg part at 7:16
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 11 urami
e3uphoric Pred 13 urami
7:07 mgs1 ! Sound
nfc14g Pred 13 urami
Snoop is a legend
ÏŞHTĀÄŘ Pred 14 urami
Snoop is trash
Stuff with Sinor
Stuff with Sinor Pred 14 urami
Am i the only one that found snoopdog the worst of all? (No hate to snoop)
Gustavo Cortes
Gustavo Cortes Pred 15 urami
Piano wins
Max the Fish
Max the Fish Pred 15 urami
First was the crack
Rod Kozikowski
Rod Kozikowski Pred 15 urami
Im dying :D
Deathbrewer Pred 16 urami
0:14 You should have a side project band called "Rappers and Slappers" lol.
gscheebs119 Pred 16 urami
Mike Choe 👌🏼🔥
Ononiwu Sam
Ononiwu Sam Pred 16 urami
Who noticed that the first Guy starting in 1:14 sounded like Eminem
Kiki Kaka
Kiki Kaka Pred 17 urami
Я один из России
ghostwriter killah
ghostwriter killah Pred 17 urami
Snopooooooopy doggggggg
Miguel sherreard
Miguel sherreard Pred 17 urami
yes please
Dracoon Beats
Dracoon Beats Pred 18 urami
davie504 Rap guy 1:04 piano guy 9:28 trumpet guy 10:04 mix these 4 people in 1 song
Hololive Virus
Hololive Virus Pred 18 urami
*O M G*
Amerigo Salemme
Amerigo Salemme Pred 19 urami
Manca Will Smith ... ;) Grande Davie
mark espada
mark espada Pred 19 urami
Snoop was so Snoop with that freestyle lmao. i love it
Riccardo Bignami
Riccardo Bignami Pred 19 urami
I really like the cat version!!!
Uni Versus
Uni Versus Pred 20 urami
Ultimatum Pred 20 urami
Am I too late to jump on this?...this Bass soooo me
Brix Broox
Brix Broox Pred 20 urami
Damn you're annoying af.
Patrick Pred 21 uro
Cat rap!
1AmGroot Pred 21 uro
The first guy was the best IMO And by "the first guy" I mean Davie.
Venner ErBedst
Venner ErBedst Pred 21 uro
Why does everyone got the same flow
John Ryan Parman
John Ryan Parman Pred 21 uro
came for Snoop, stayed for all these awesome talented YT rappers.
Omar Carmona
Omar Carmona Pred 21 uro
It's hard to pick only one, but my favorites were the second and the fourth ones. The cat one and the trumpet guy also deserve a vote.
محمد. Pred 21 uro
Can you play smooth criminal bass
Captain paw-man
Captain paw-man Pred 21 uro
Shots everytime Davie says OMG
WORLD WIDE Pred 22 urami
Checkout my channel guys I need help plz subscribe me
The Eyesight Dim
The Eyesight Dim Pred 22 urami
Snoop's was so lazy
Timothy Roy
Timothy Roy Pred 23 urami
No curse words, but plenty of blasphemy.
Ben Lenderman
Ben Lenderman Pred 23 urami
Did you use cameo to get snoop? You pay his $900 fee? I can’t see Snoop doing this outta the kindness of his heart. Lol
o00osimbasmateo00o Pred 23 urami
I vote Mike Choe. Love that rubber ducky getting funky.
Chickennugman Pred dnevom
Approved it’s just so WHOLESOME, I could kick a kid and that approved would make me feel ok, (I AM NOT STATING THAT DAVIE WOULD APPROVE CHILD KICKING)
SonSauvage Pred dnevom
Dude damn last time I checked your channel you didn't even have a million subs. Well done sir. Also snoop sent you some trash but hey it's still cool
MoeSlislack Pred dnevom
the guy rapping about his cat wins.
Danish Ashadie
Danish Ashadie Pred dnevom
Hej I'm a engineer it means I slap bass
Raven Trax
Raven Trax Pred dnevom
Cat guy is the best
Tobias Keeklang
Tobias Keeklang Pred dnevom
I liked the cat guy best
David Jimenez
David Jimenez Pred dnevom
Epic as always! super cool!
Asilearnguitar Pred dnevom
He's having a hard time not laughing at the kid 🕺 dancing lol
Amen_ Ra
Amen_ Ra Pred dnevom
And to think when rap was in its infancy back in the late 70s, some thought it wouldn't last.
Eazy One
Eazy One Pred dnevom
I slap like on all videos
Aryan Mathur
Aryan Mathur Pred dnevom
Like and sub very VeRy BiG WoRdS
lucifer shadow
lucifer shadow Pred dnevom
Davies mind in the first clip:he didnt zlap bass
mbeezles Pred dnevom
No Zzzzwear words
Benny Boyas
Benny Boyas Pred dnevom
Bruh if you don’t think that memeing trumpet player won then you don’t recognize real. That fool went all 💀 AND THEE LICC?!? 🔥🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
John Mason
John Mason Pred dnevom
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pred dnevom
Nelson Q
Nelson Q Pred dnevom
Davie is the only person I never want to see smile
TheAsianMan Pred dnevom
cat rap wins
SoundByte DJ
SoundByte DJ Pred dnevom
I liked the rapper at 5:04 ;)
Lane Gibson
Lane Gibson Pred dnevom
You’re getting too old Snoop That rap was weak mane
Sultan Mehmed
Sultan Mehmed Pred dnevom
All other cat hate her a lot😂😂😂😂
Stream_Dude12 Pred dnevom
bad words is a BIG no no
CoderBrow Pred dnevom
No way dude, I just will say "EPICO"
Tyson Bittle
Tyson Bittle Pred dnevom
Anna Lijesnic
Anna Lijesnic Pred dnevom
Snoop was great
aemluck Pred dnevom
Vídeo em português faça AGORA
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago Pred dnevom
I think he paid Snoop with his own homegrown sativa, is that what "dont give me no bamer weed" means?
Slayrron Hunter
Slayrron Hunter Pred dnevom
The guy who rapped Sasha Banks's theme
Cam Good
Cam Good Pred dnevom
He high as Hell. Hell yes.
joao Sousa
joao Sousa Pred dnevom
how does this not have more fucking views?
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell Pred dnevom
They were all epic
Djoxy 88
Djoxy 88 Pred dnevom
Mike Choe mind-blowing.
John Satyajeet
John Satyajeet Pred dnevom
winner is daniel_delrio the bassist
Devin spampathy
Devin spampathy Pred dnevom
Davie : SlaPe dAT LOikE BuTon
up to learn
up to learn Pred dnevom
Dan Rodelo
Dan Rodelo Pred dnevom
First dude sounds like Weird Al when he covers a rap song
KK Icons
KK Icons Pred 22 urami
"Just a little bit too white and nerdy" for ex. A friend pointed out to me how Al pushed the limits with awkward phrasing and rhythm but still made it work somehow.
Valdemar Junio Barbosa
Valdemar Junio Barbosa Pred dnevom
First time here... This guy is awesome, but can anyone explain he look like a stallone deepfake vfx?
Hugo Fuchs
Hugo Fuchs Pred dnevom
I'd have to say Laurier Lachance was the best, though there was a lot of tough competition there.
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