Understanding 5G

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Ryan Reynolds

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Owning a wireless company is a bit more technical than I imagined. #MintMobile

KISS LOVE X.X.X Pred 40 minutami
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Indian Girl
Indian Girl Pred uro
Love you.
Night Love
Night Love Pred 3 urami
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
Revali Master
Revali Master Pred 3 urami
Hi Ryan u r my favourite celebrity 😋
MichaelSouthShore Pred 4 urami
What I will never understand is why wildly successful actors lower themselves to do things like this when they have more money then they can possibly spend in their lifetimes. Take what you have, do a movie now and then, and dont bother shilling yourself.
Love Night
Love Night Pred 4 urami
0:11 xx
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 5 urami
Ryan just stands still Me: 😂😂😂😂this guy is hilarious.
Hasan Zaman
Hasan Zaman Pred 5 urami
that website does have good deals
Taqi Uddin
Taqi Uddin Pred 6 urami
I'm not gonna believe everything what Deadpool says
FlamingGorilla Pred 6 urami
Me watching this at 144pixel sad pp noise*
Pavlo Smith
Pavlo Smith Pred 7 urami
i dont care ryan.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 5 urami
This showed in my SLshow recommendations, I am glad it did. Thank you 5G... I think?
Unplug your life
Unplug your life Pred 7 urami
5G, so powerful, that it can be heard all the way to China.
Please wake up
Please wake up Pred 9 urami
You wouldn't happen to be a Freemason by chance would you!!
Aris Kerameas
Aris Kerameas Pred 9 urami
when you have no talent at all neither at comedy nor at acting, nor at succeeding in keeping Sandra Bullock, you make awkward youtube videos. way to go Ryan!
ShrOniCek Pred 10 urami
Is it possible to hurt me? Or something against my will?
Roubenj Estrada
Roubenj Estrada Pred 10 urami
This guy should play deadpool
Groot lover
Groot lover Pred 10 urami
No god no😊
sami sami
sami sami Pred 12 urami
DeadPool 3 with karl urban how the enemy .
Bysket Pred 12 urami
don’t get me wrong i love ryan reynolds commercials but what rizwan said was pretty simple i thought
Jigme Gyatso
Jigme Gyatso Pred 15 urami
We dont need more radiation already covid 19 is too much ....#ryan#say no to 5g!
Ninja Seal
Ninja Seal Pred 15 urami
I just watched an ad voluntarily...
R V Pred 15 urami
I have Mint Mobile and it’s actually pretty okay compared to the over-priced at&t service i had. i’m saving like 900 bucks a year! no joke!
David Smitherman
David Smitherman Pred 16 urami
One, I love mint mobile. Two, its the only commercials I go to see... thanks Ryan!
Risward Tyler Duarte
Risward Tyler Duarte Pred 18 urami
Ryan Reynolds is starting to turn a little old, like just a little bit.
Joe Richardson
Joe Richardson Pred 19 urami
This showed in my SLshow recommendations, I am glad it did. Thank you 5G... I think?
chaserfour Pred 19 urami
Rizwam kazim sounds like a freakin magic spell
Rolo Tomasi
Rolo Tomasi Pred 20 urami
Made sure they cleared all the trees for that.... Mint field.
Nathan Maggard
Nathan Maggard Pred 21 uro
Sell your soul much?
kinda new
kinda new Pred 22 urami
Stiggs Masta
Stiggs Masta Pred 23 urami
5G is just a surveillance grid. we already give up our private information for free to tech companies. the Gulags are digital.
KonekkoKitten the 3rd
KonekkoKitten the 3rd Pred 22 urami
The 5g makes your internet faster so 3 year olds like you can watch more kids nursery rhymes
Studio Franky
Studio Franky Pred 23 urami
if the yt algorithm brought you here after an SNL sketch, and they need Ryan Reynolds to talk you into something...then you should worry. :-D
El Turco
El Turco Pred dnevom
shutup deadpool !!!
Cal S
Cal S Pred dnevom
This guy has his fingers in so many pies it makes me weep.
Arsheen Pred dnevom
Can I sign up to work with him now?
Vedran Banic
Vedran Banic Pred dnevom
5g who needs its,its enough like this
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Pred dnevom
Let's not forget destroying the human body one day at a time. Bonus, maybe the mind as well. So we can have faster internet. SMH
KonekkoKitten the 3rd
KonekkoKitten the 3rd Pred 22 urami
5g isn't hurting you, it's your own stupidity..
Matt Diamond
Matt Diamond Pred dnevom
How about you come out of the closet you disgusting man.
Jacob IAm
Jacob IAm Pred dnevom
*5G or EMF in any form in general is not safe and there is peer-reviewed scientific evidence that proves it :* - bioinitiative.org/ - a website containing a ton of scientific papers (and their summaries) on the dangerous effects of EMF (here are the abstracts covering the scientific literature of peer-reviewed papers: bioinitiative.org/research-summaries/ - Compiled research (90 pages) on general safety issues already existing in terms of electromagnetic field exposure by Dr. Martin Pall : peaceinspace.blogs.com/files/5g-emf-hazards--dr-martin-l.-pall--eu-emf2018-6-11us3.pdf - www.5gappeal.eu -petition signed by innumerable scientists [MD, PhD in related fields] for a moratorium on 5G. The linked website, besides housing the petition, also discusses the chronic lack of research related to the safety of 5G and the problems it poses - www.5gspaceappeal.org/ -another petition this time related to both 5G on Earth and satellite "5G" based in space, signed by a variety of scientists and organizations ; in this case regular individuals can sign as well) Not to mentiom that 5G can be used to ramp up the surveillance state by a thousand fold - but that's another story altogether...
Ferris Matthias
Ferris Matthias Pred dnevom
Why do we need faster internet while driving or whatever we do while out of the house, cause nothing is faster then fiberoptics for the net. And I mean what can you do practically on 5G that you can't do on 4G or "5G evolution" (which is almost as fast as 5g but at 4G frequencies). Considering no one has tested the effects of this frequency that is used as a weapon by the military(Millimeter ray weapons) What's the rush???. And we are going to put this outside our homes with our kids inside, these towers would need to be everywhere?? Not sure I understand why we need this at all. I'll go with 5G Evolution if I need faster internet than I have while out.
Ferris Matthias
Ferris Matthias Pred 19 urami
@Charming nowhere to hide I agree, he should really do movies or something.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Pred dnevom
Acting is excellent
memerguynoonewants Pred dnevom
Why does Ryan Reynolds looks so innocent in his videos LOL !
andrew ramirez
andrew ramirez Pred dnevom
5G is just to make your phone fast
MuSlim_Allah-Is-The _GreAteSt_
MuSlim_Allah-Is-The _GreAteSt_ Pred dnevom
Nah 5G is very dangerous they will destroy as one by one and i know who is.. SAY NO TO 5G
What the 15$ a month for then 😒😒🙄
The Odd Job Do'er
The Odd Job Do'er Pred dnevom
But where is it? i can't seem to see 5G in my town??
Anonii Mous
Anonii Mous Pred dnevom
The first time I saw Ryan Reynolds on camera without swearing
Love Night
Love Night Pred dnevom
I need boy friend
Robert Korvin
Robert Korvin Pred dnevom
Starlink has a latency of between 15ms to 25ms and will offer speeds of up to a gigabit per second anywhere on the earth for $80 per month. Good Earth-bound broadband gives you latency of about 8ms to 20ms.
s b
s b Pred dnevom
He looks like Ryan Reynolds
Jun Hamamura
Jun Hamamura Pred dnevom
Well, 5G is substantially more wut?
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Pred dnevom
Decode it 😂 Substantially more speculate efficiency with lower latency.. so it's an order of magnitude improvement over 4g
ss12girl the amazing
ss12girl the amazing Pred dnevom
Oh Ryan you need to collab with your old buddy Se-an aka jack
fiole666 Pred dnevom
Moni Toni
Moni Toni Pred dnevom
But i don't need 5G! Wrong or bad for my health, i don't use it. And i don't want other to use my body to transmit their TikTok videos. I really really really don't need it. If you need 8K tiktoks on your HD phone screen, don't use my body. Use your own body! Would you test muscle pills for bodybuilders for side effects? No, thanks! I am not a bodybuilder. I am not going to test your medication for side effects. You need it, you test it.
Typical Mallu Things
Typical Mallu Things Pred dnevom
Acting is excellent
BLAZE Adventure
BLAZE Adventure Pred dnevom
Don't lie... You guy's replaying this vid more than 10 times.
Jiayan Zhang
Jiayan Zhang Pred dnevom
Dead Pool!
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar Pred dnevom
5G for free. . 1 second later . . 13 $/ month
deadwing Pred dnevom
this is my first time I enjoyed a Marketing
Love Night
Love Night Pred dnevom
I need boy friend
Moksh Verma
Moksh Verma Pred dnevom
#need deadpool 3 # justice for deadpool A amazing character not seen since 2016 Disey should think of deadpool We love him
Nema Pred dnevom
This Ryan fella looks awfully familiar but I just cant put my finger on it, he's a really handsome man I do gotta say a face that should be seen on the big screen not some phone, to bad he's just the owner of mint mobile who's giving 5g data plans at a affordable price for all
Soham Naik
Soham Naik Pred dnevom
Gangleshmorp 1
Gangleshmorp 1 Pred dnevom
Is mint mobile real cause I'm confused
Maria Christina
Maria Christina Pred dnevom
5 G causes cancer.
James R.
James R. Pred dnevom
Any proof?
Joshua Clay Williams 61
Joshua Clay Williams 61 Pred dnevom
It’d be so awesome if Ryan Reynolds just flew on to UAB campus in a helicopter and offered me an internship at Mint Mobile. I’d feel like such a bad a**
tumeta Pred dnevom
ryan renolds, hottest thing that came out of canada since reagan
quantumgirl Pred dnevom
Hey. Everyone is doing it. So should you. 🙄
Dirk Dykstra
Dirk Dykstra Pred dnevom
I forgot he had a mobile company
shikilaki Pred dnevom
4g is good enough... 3g was aswell...
Indian Girl
Indian Girl Pred dnevom
Richard Abbott
Richard Abbott Pred dnevom
5G is a GENOCIDAL WEAPON or a CURE FOR almost all DEADLY DISEASES ... Depending on what frequencies they use for and the power level of the Electromagntic field, they can make you sick or repair/fix the damage done by high frequency low power microwave radiation ☢ Ryan you either don't understand or you don't care !! I'm very sure you care so look into the use of microwaves affect on human biology, viruses and bacteria🧐 🚫5G ☢+☣=☠ 🧐
a question indeed
a question indeed Pred dnevom
Deadpool has his own company
Ahmadx1x1 the best nickname
Ahmadx1x1 the best nickname Pred dnevom
Sound like a sprint ad
Konrad Pred dnevom
They forgot cancer
Hardcore United
Hardcore United Pred dnevom
You just know he's wore the deadpool outfit in the bedroom for his misses for shits and giggles and hopefully got more
BluntZephyr Pred dnevom
LMFAO@ the auto translate into English!
Astto Pred dnevom
Hey look, it's another Indian explaining tech to us again...
Rad Gamer Rach
Rad Gamer Rach Pred dnevom
How to sell an ad Hire Ryan Reynolds
Slobbo Pred dnevom
The blue screen is quite noticeable. Bad compositing work right there, giving me a bad first impression of the product.
Carter's World
Carter's World Pred dnevom
NOOO CHINA BOUGHT @ryan reynolds!!! Don’t bite the proverbial carrot peeps! Stay away from that dark voodoo masked as 5G! THEY SAY FREE BUT IT COSTS YOU, YOUR SOUL!! #NoOpinion
Blaize Price
Blaize Price Pred dnevom
Any religious people here who can tell me the truth. Is 5G evil or the mark of the beast?
Not FederalBureauofInvestigation
Not FederalBureauofInvestigation Pred dnevom
I has clicketh thus vid
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred dnevom
I guess we’ll never know who this guy is.
Shinji Holocron
Shinji Holocron Pred dnevom
Ryan man you are too friggin adorable! Your voice is so gentle I think you should put an album out of just you talking to he a sort or lullaby for adults.
Wayne Goddard
Wayne Goddard Pred dnevom
Christ and little baby Jesus at the same time. I’m watching a film and Hugh Jackman sings? Dude can run like a cun.......... too. WTF?
iRena Dubrovna
iRena Dubrovna Pred dnevom
5G is basically where shorter wavelengths , like those composing visible light - visible light, like from a light bulb - is used , to transmit information, in conjunction with or in place of the usual longer wavelengths in relation to, radio waves (4, 3, 2, and 1 G). Think of the hills and valleys composing radio/light waves as 1s and 0s. A drawback of 5G is that the information will not travel as far as if 4G tech was used - so more transmission "towers" (blocks, nodes, routers, whatever label you wish to use) are needed. Because 5G wavelengths are near or in the visible light portion of the EM spectrum - think, a thousand points of light - a line of sight connection between 5G phones and 5G transmitters is required. But you get to download movies in seconds compared to minutes - so, bonus ! Advice : Get a 5G phone that is backwards compatible with 4G. Because those invisible, longer wavelength, radio waves can travel through walls. But maybe not lead, Lois.
iRena Dubrovna
iRena Dubrovna Pred dnevom
1G meant towers could be placed far away - usually in a honeycomb pattern to maximize area coverage. However, when placing a phone call, your voice had to be converted into enough radio energy to reach those 1G towers. Remember Gordon Gecko's phone in the movie, Wall Street ? Going to jail may have saved Gecko from developing brain cancer.
Sir Lance Nicholls
Sir Lance Nicholls Pred dnevom
5G is useless. It will not be faster or more efficient. In fact it's a worldwide way of tracking humans in real time. Imagine for a second you have a mobile phone. With 5G the Government will be able to track more citizens in real time. This is a monitoring system and it's called 5G. From your phone to your car to anything that uses wifi. the Government's introducing this technology are the only ones looking forward to 5G. You won't get cheaper services. You won't get better content. In fact the opposite is true. You will be constantly watched and the data will be sold. Sold to the highest bidder. 5G is a tool. Not a service.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred dnevom
Ryan Reynolds is always funny 😂
ARythemB Pred 2 dnevi
5g is old... Now its just public and mostly useless
Svchin Pred 2 dnevi
I am actually switching to Mint because of the ads.
Quit_Ayoub565 /Griefer MC
Quit_Ayoub565 /Griefer MC Pred 2 dnevi
Can you make a Video with the Deadpool costum
RL Pred 2 dnevi
Ryan Gosling is better than you
LOVE X.X.X Pred 2 dnevi
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
imev6lli Pred 2 dnevi
Azis has changed.
drghaam hussain
drghaam hussain Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah I heard what the guy said but I really didn't get it... Its like my brain goes blank listening to his part of the ad. Anyway I might never know what 5G is.
Hamza Mustafa
Hamza Mustafa Pred 2 dnevi
Am understanding
NORO NEON Pred 2 dnevi
5G = new upcoming weapon nice!
Harshit Sharma
Harshit Sharma Pred 2 dnevi
Easy it causes the rona virus 🦠😂😂
CASPER METAL DETECTING - Don DeForre' Pred 2 dnevi
YOU NEED TO REMAKE "PAINT YOUR WAGON" - with Hugh Jackman - mentioned on his page and he loves the ideas - Keanu Reeves likes it too - its type of movie we need
hopeman returns
hopeman returns Pred 2 dnevi
5G cause cancer
TaRgEt0ZeRo Pred 2 dnevi
so, is digital identity and china credit system coming here with that?
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