Kardashian Sisters Aren't Picking Sides After Kendall & Kylie's Fight | KUWTK | E!

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Tension at dinner and skipping the drag show, so what really happened between Kendall and Kylie Jenner in Palm Springs? Khloé, Kourtney & Kim discuss on "KUWTK."
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Kardashian Sisters Aren't Picking Sides After Kendall & Kylie's Fight | KUWTK | E!

NelRon 80
NelRon 80 Pred 9 urami
Adrenochrome withdrawals
Jimin’s Pinky long Finger
Jimin’s Pinky long Finger Pred dnevom
Kendall is legit the only one I like in kardashians -.-
Lucy Pollard
Lucy Pollard Pred dnevom
Look close..Khloe looks just like Ojay ...it may some truth to him being her fsther..but they dont talk about that..and R.K.probably divorced Kris...
Farah Siddique
Farah Siddique Pred dnevom
:P Pred dnevom
Kendall through a fit over an outfit. And ruined the entire night OVER AN OUTFIT shes rich she could just buy something else or idk...not make a big deal out of it🙄 she shouldn't have acted that way over something so unimportant. She really let that ruin the entire night and then slapped her sister.
Random potato
Random potato Pred 2 dnevi
I think Kourtney realizes how as time keeps going by, the show just isn't helping the family anymore. The fights are becoming so much more violent, more arguments, more tensions.
Lady Scorpio
Lady Scorpio Pred 2 dnevi
It is funny how Kendall wanted "Corey" to apologize but not Kylie? 😠😠😠😠😠
Saph Yauieb
Saph Yauieb Pred 2 dnevi
Me watching and trying to understand what they’re saying 💀
Kirsty Wilkes
Kirsty Wilkes Pred 2 dnevi
So glad are looking up to Kendall then Kylie . I don’t like her tbf I like her makeup put not she is towards others. To much money think she is better then the rest.
Ino Asf
Ino Asf Pred 2 dnevi
I feel like Kourtney was thinking "Oh so NOW you all don't want to pick a side and can understand people's mental health can affect their attitude" the whole conversation. That's why she was so quiet. I swear, family never really have empathy for the oldest sibling.
BereniceCDC Pred 2 dnevi
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Pred 3 dnevi
kourtney sitting there like “look who’s talking”
Skinny FREAKING Legend
Skinny FREAKING Legend Pred 3 dnevi
D'Anna Bittner
D'Anna Bittner Pred 3 dnevi
Mom isn't in the middle. Mom should be behind her child, not her mans
Claude Policano
Claude Policano Pred 3 dnevi
Kendall is a spoiled person it’s so obvious
Madeline Lopez
Madeline Lopez Pred 3 dnevi
Kendall was not drinking.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Pred 3 dnevi
mention Corey being with Kylie instead of Kris 💀💀
Kevin Hunt
Kevin Hunt Pred 3 dnevi
Kourtney sitting there so still she became invisible like drax the destroyer 😂also how funny would it have been if she has a different hat 🎩 every time it cut her lol
Astro Pin-Up
Astro Pin-Up Pred 4 dnevi
This is a classic narcissistic family. There’s always a scapegoat. It was Kourtney, now it’s Kendall. Biggest narcs are Kim and Kylie. Pretty clear to see what’s happening here.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 4 dnevi
No Corey didn’t happen to be there, he literally followed Kylie like a bad smell the whole time and chose to take her side! How do they not find that weird?!
Hilton_Rockstar Pred 4 dnevi
Still sad the show is ending 😢 2020 really out here taking everything and everyone
Elizabeth Michael
Elizabeth Michael Pred 4 dnevi
Kourtney is like.... I'm outta here
Oh She Thrifts
Oh She Thrifts Pred 4 dnevi
it seems like Kendall already didn’t like Corey and she resents Kylie for not being around so that’s probably why it got out of hand... or they all just needed some drama for the show 🤷‍♀️
salvadoroars Pred 4 dnevi
Mhm i see what they're doing. It's a passing of baton i tell you. Kuwtk is ending but I'm telling you it won't be long they have a new show centered on the 2 Jenners instead. They'll take the center, and the Kardashians is gonna take the less "work"
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 4 dnevi
I like your braids Kloe.
CAKES & ART Pred 4 dnevi
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Kara Fritz
Kara Fritz Pred 4 dnevi
Kourtney smart. Stay in the background, thinking to herself been there, done that! Don't say anything or she'll some how, gets misunderstood, dragged in and another all out brawl starts, 'girl fight 2'!😬💩👎👊
Tyra Pred 5 dnevi
i mean it’s very obvious they’re choosing a certain side since it’s the only side they keep talking about 😂
Jl pacheco
Jl pacheco Pred 5 dnevi
Kourtney is a mood🤣
Mayelin Hernandez
Mayelin Hernandez Pred 5 dnevi
Maybe someone should step up and tell Kylie to stop her ruthless mouthing and ruthless acts towards her sister so they can actually make up it’s not ok to just think someone can get over it...
Mayelin Hernandez
Mayelin Hernandez Pred 5 dnevi
Kendal gets anxiety from the pointless drama she puts up with, I mean cmonnn she expects to be understood when she speaks but gets a heel to her neck instead, that’d make anyone paranoid and upset
Sam Pred 5 dnevi
I’m sorry but this fight is so funny 🤣 like her sticking a heel in her neck what the hell lmao and the fact that Kylie left her at a gas station I- idk it’s so hilarious HAHHAHA not to mention Corey being with Kylie instead of Kris 💀💀
slutwrld Pred 5 dnevi
kourtney's like ☕i just sit back and observe☕
Igor Matos
Igor Matos Pred 5 dnevi
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Daphney Nerette
Daphney Nerette Pred 5 dnevi
I'm sorry but I think they blew up the fight more then it needs to me . Kendall was annoyed to begin with and kylie was acting selfish and like she didnt care they will get over it , not a big deal 🤷‍♀️
Bardi Gang
Bardi Gang Pred 5 dnevi
I hope Rob makes his own show😂😂 no drama!!! Just him living his life💅🏽
Danielle Jean
Danielle Jean Pred 5 dnevi
So are they differentiating Kendall and Kyle as sisters because they are their half siblings?
Latrice Love Bouldin
Latrice Love Bouldin Pred 5 dnevi
I like your braids Kloe.
Shining Pred 5 dnevi
what is kim wearing 😞
Manuella Bass
Manuella Bass Pred 5 dnevi
Kourt sitting in the back looking at her bratt sisters 'bratting' with a Blue Ivy face all along! DIVA!
Inglês da Gabs
Inglês da Gabs Pred 5 dnevi
Kourtney is me at a fight lol I love heeer
tina ballerina
tina ballerina Pred 6 dnevi
Kourtney is like an english gardener
Yashahime Update
Yashahime Update Pred 6 dnevi
It feels like the 3 older sisters are on Kendall's side, it's just that they can't like vocally express it because Kylie is their other sister and it will surely hurt her if they sided with Kendall, so they letting these siblings to fix it by themselves.
Kimberly Chu
Kimberly Chu Pred 6 dnevi
Kourtney: 👁️👄👁️
Marie estrada
Marie estrada Pred 6 dnevi
Can someone tell khole them braids are a no go
P N Pred 6 dnevi
Wth is Kourtney wearing on her head?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 6 dnevi
Kourtney giving them adeath stare... "Umm...hmm...where was all of this maturity while y'all ganged up against me??" Lmao 😂
Phoebe Pred 6 dnevi
All these people acting like Kourtney says out of drama not knowing it was her who started the fight in the first place 😂
Lou Mutlu
Lou Mutlu Pred 6 dnevi
Ppl need to stop acting like kendall isn't grownnnnn. She was in a bad mood the whole night and should've left instead of napping in her car and then requiring them to drive her to her own house when she could just have her own driver. Kylie was drunk and probably just wanted to go straight home...it makes no sense to drag 2 other people along for the ride with you when you can have your own driver take you home
Franky Pred 6 dnevi
I wonder why we never see Kim and Kendall moments or or Kylie and Kourtney moments
Franky Pred 6 dnevi
@vbddfy euuyt what
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 6 dnevi
Armenia fired missiles on civilians in Azerbaijan gance
Mirnesa Pjanic
Mirnesa Pjanic Pred 6 dnevi
Kim is beutyfool whitaut makeup😇🤗
eiliyaa Pred 6 dnevi
it’s the cow shirt kendall could have worn
Shauna Kennedy
Shauna Kennedy Pred 6 dnevi
Kendall just asked to move away she should go back and live in New York
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez Pred 6 dnevi
Gracie Ambrósio
Gracie Ambrósio Pred 6 dnevi
But the fight was never recorded?
Bethany Carr
Bethany Carr Pred 6 dnevi
Isit me or does anyone think Kendall totally just over exaggerated everything cuz she didn’t get her way😂 kourtneys just like 🥱
John, James Leahy
John, James Leahy Pred 6 dnevi
How did the sisters finally resolve the fight? What episode please?
Oliver Liew
Oliver Liew Pred 6 dnevi
Team Kylie 100%. Kendall just always seems so rude and moody. And entitled.
Just here for a laugh Xoxo
Just here for a laugh Xoxo Pred 6 dnevi
Divina Banling
Divina Banling Pred 6 dnevi
I think the war between Kendall and Kylie became an eye- opener to them because they are now realizing that their Mom is the most affected about their issues as Family.
Bella Pred 6 dnevi
Kylie was in the wrong.
John Breath
John Breath Pred 6 dnevi
Kourt is so funny 😂😂😂
Zafriq Tuah
Zafriq Tuah Pred 7 dnevi
Imagine if the whole family tested positive COV and there would be many people would care about them.
running inheels
running inheels Pred 7 dnevi
Who did Khloes’ brow makeup though
Ufuk Gumussoy
Ufuk Gumussoy Pred 7 dnevi
Armenia fired missiles on civilians in Azerbaijan gance
N T Pred 7 dnevi
What would Dad Kaitlyn say. He is protective with Kendall.
Belle V
Belle V Pred 7 dnevi
Lol first world problems
flower fluff
flower fluff Pred 7 dnevi
Sister fight is normal.. why isit a big deal anws..
Blem Foreal
Blem Foreal Pred 7 dnevi
Who is corey? 😂 but omg bruh this is so lame
ShineS Pred 7 dnevi
Chloe's hairstyle is dope.
Friendly Zombie
Friendly Zombie Pred 7 dnevi
People. Stop watching this "show." These robotic, vapid and dead eyed freaks will disappear. Stop making them millionaires.
Favorite melodies
Favorite melodies Pred 7 dnevi
Kloe please trim your nails!!!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 7 dnevi
Only people that aren’t first can like 💛
ManOfHemi Pred 7 dnevi
kourtney is a whole mood
bronwynalexandria Pred 7 dnevi
It’s always interesting to see which one decides to stay quiet when these three speak about their family. I think it shows the dynamic a lot.
Ann Arbor Skinny Barbie
Ann Arbor Skinny Barbie Pred 7 dnevi
Kourtney is so real💯
safa houssein
safa houssein Pred 7 dnevi
Kourtney sitting there like I cba 😂 Plus where was this clam convo when Kim and kourtney fought???😒
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 7 dnevi
Yesss child pooshing
Ruth Estep
Ruth Estep Pred 7 dnevi
Kim deadass looks like Octo mom.
LL LL Pred 7 dnevi
Kim looks so pretty without makeup!
Hestia Demeter
Hestia Demeter Pred 7 dnevi
They look like drags themselves. They look and act like clowns
Luna Moon
Luna Moon Pred 7 dnevi
Omg they need to get over it
emjay morris TV
emjay morris TV Pred 7 dnevi
All of a sudden they don't wanna take side but when Kourtney and kim fight they were ok to side against Kourtney
Khaya Pred 7 dnevi
Cathlyn must be involved now a.a. Kris and the Kadashian's sisters don't evn no what to do now. Let alone Kourt she took her chill meds these days, Jst waiting for the show to end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amber Maxine
Amber Maxine Pred 7 dnevi
Kim looks so pretty with no / minimal makeup
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson Pred 7 dnevi
Tbh the outfit wasn’t worth a fight 😒
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar Pred 7 dnevi
when it comes to kuwtk...Kourtney is the most savage😂💓💪
Abdul Al-Shaikh
Abdul Al-Shaikh Pred 7 dnevi
Where was that mindset when kourtney and kim were fighting Khloe?
jaybee Pred 7 dnevi
They decided they needed to let the younger girls scrap this season cuz Kim doesn’t want to catch that Kourtney action again😂
Kaykay Pred 7 dnevi
I wanna know what Kourtney was thinking 😂😂😂😂
Jennie Smythe
Jennie Smythe Pred 7 dnevi
But neither of them cared about kourts anxiety and depression right? I feel bad for kourtney having to listen to that bs
Injoh K
Injoh K Pred 6 dnevi
Bullshxt acting coming from the 2 fake sisters on the bed
Tashica Jones
Tashica Jones Pred 7 dnevi
Yesss child pooshing
Annekia Stewart
Annekia Stewart Pred 7 dnevi
Khloe: sisters can get over it James Charles when someone unsubs: bye sisters
Kelsang Dolma
Kelsang Dolma Pred 7 dnevi
Kylie and Kim are too spoiled I think and Kendall made herself and who she is right now a super model
Amina Mohamud
Amina Mohamud Pred 7 dnevi
😁 Do you all remember when Kourtney and Kim were fighting, and Kendall was just sitting there and do nothing now is payback, Kourtney just listening the drama and not getting involved
Keanon Gee
Keanon Gee Pred 7 dnevi
Kim looking like priyanka Kendall eat, will feel better
heyni picado
heyni picado Pred 7 dnevi
Corey needs to go !!! That “affection” w Kylie seems weird. I think he likes her
Kate Holcomb
Kate Holcomb Pred 7 dnevi
Kylie and Kendall are both grown adults they don’t need 20 people getting involved. If you weren’t in the car you don’t know what happened
Bionett Arroyo
Bionett Arroyo Pred 7 dnevi
My sister and I never had put hands on each other,
A Cameron
A Cameron Pred 8 dnevi
Kourtney is a mood lol.
niharika thakur
niharika thakur Pred 8 dnevi
wait but didn’t kylie and kendall post abt each other showing love on their story, i thought they reconciled🤨
420 Pineapple
420 Pineapple Pred 8 dnevi
It’s crazy how much confidence some face and lip filler can give a girl 🤣 Kylie needs to be knocked down a bit she’s too obnoxious and up herself now. That ego is way to big now
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