Joe Biden and Donald Trump's fiery first debate-Here are the highlights

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden got heated during their first chance to challenge each other face to face during the first presidential debate. Hardly a minute went by without one of the candidates interrupting the other, whether on the coronavirus, the Supreme Court or the economy. Even the moderator, Fox News' Chris Wallace, couldn't always stay above the fray. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had their first chance to challenge each other face to face. They did - a lot.
Hardly a minute went by in the 90-minute brawl without one of the candidates angrily interrupting the other, whether on the coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court, the economy or anything else, including each other’s families.
“Will you shut up, man?” Biden snapped at Trump at one point. “You’re the worst president America has ever had,” he said later.
“China ate your lunch,” Trump shot back at Biden during questions on the economy.
Even the moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, couldn’t always stay above the fray.
“I hate to raise my voice, but why shouldn’t I be different than the two of you?” the exasperated host said at one point.
Here are the highlights.

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Tony Montana
Tony Montana Pred 49 minutami
Spaghetti Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce Pred uro
Im not american, not legal enough to vote and not into politics, so this feels like two 1st grade students throwing insults at each other but its still intresting
Jen Joh
Jen Joh Pred 7 urami
Jenna johns for president!
Miles Brigham
Miles Brigham Pred 7 urami
This video is so annoying stop putting it on MUTE
Vybhav K
Vybhav K Pred 7 urami
Trump = like Mk Stalin = comment 😂😂😂
Don Ehab
Don Ehab Pred 11 urami
i am from egypt and yes non of these 2 clowns will make america great again
Toa Sully
Toa Sully Pred 12 urami
The real victim is Chris Wallace who has to spend the presidential debate listening to Trump and Biden arguing
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Pred 14 urami
“Mr trump let him finish” Biden: he doesn’t know how to do that
Antispam Pred 16 urami
At 1.26.03 Was there a reset or a bug in the Matrix?
Victor Chan
Victor Chan Pred 17 urami
Shame on Biden to talk so insultingly to a sitting Pressident, you don't say SHUT UP to the most powerful man in the world, learn some manners Sleepy Joe!
Ed Dijk
Ed Dijk Pred 17 urami
I am dutch but hope for you that Trump wins. I can't take Biden seriously.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Pred 14 urami
president in order to realize his ideals. He only guarded the interests of the United States and nothing else.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Pred 18 urami
Will it help if they note down point by point all the initiatives taken my a president during it's tenure with corresponding columns as efficiency points, backlash point etc and then during this debate justify their results. Thoughts on this?
Lucia Corona
Lucia Corona Pred 19 urami
Please rise your hand
Lucilia Du rand
Lucilia Du rand Pred 19 urami
Well damn. I thought south africa was a joke with parliament attacking one another. But yall americans getting clos
NightOwL News&Videos.
NightOwL News&Videos. Pred 19 urami
He thinks it was 750 dollars to pre pair his taxes. He must think everyone is stupid. If he was hooked up to a liar dector it would of burned the building down. He can sure tell some whoppers. All he knows is to insult people. Never has a real answer to anything. If it wasnt for the millions in kickbacks he would leave that job today.
Mexx Black
Mexx Black Pred 19 urami
NightOwL News&Videos.
NightOwL News&Videos. Pred 20 urami
trump is loseing the elderly voters as they are catching on that hes trying to snuff them out and get his hands on ssi money.
Creamer Pred 20 urami
“I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I” - Biden
Rio Runner
Rio Runner Pred 20 urami
Trump won this debate no doubt.
United states of America
United states of America Pred 20 urami
Lion Of Jah
Lion Of Jah Pred 21 uro
Biden is a lying and now demented rich man with a sick weakness for left-fascist organizations and activities! "CORONA" is an fascistic clou of evil elites to fight out their economical war. Untill today(!) there is NO ISOLATE of allegedly "novel" Coronavirus "SARS-CoV-2"!
Prakasit's Island
Prakasit's Island Pred 21 uro
I support Trump. Greetings from Thailand.
Kyoroth Pred 21 uro
Why are the US elections of late always about choosing the lesser evil rather than an actual good president.
Noé Wiciak
Noé Wiciak Pred 21 uro
I’m really ashamed of this comment section your all kicking
Northern Creatives
Northern Creatives Pred 22 urami
I'm not American, but Trump does make a lot of sense.
chung w
chung w Pred 22 urami
Biden ran for president to make money. The CCP gave Biden ten million times the president's salary. Of course, Biden will take care of China's interests first. Trump ran for president in order to realize his ideals. He only guarded the interests of the United States and nothing else.
Brad K
Brad K Pred 22 urami
Biden makes up everything he says. He doesn't have a clue and I don't mean just a clue where he is. Biden is mentally unstable
Mccauley Ronniger
Mccauley Ronniger Pred 23 urami
They should box
benedicte lewin
benedicte lewin Pred 23 urami
Trump was using doping during debate
St1cky GreeN
St1cky GreeN Pred 23 urami
"we have elected an internet troll as out president" -Dave Chappelle
hengheng Pred dnevom
Tony Bobulinski held presser claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter's business deals with China
Bill Fred
Bill Fred Pred dnevom
Kristen Welker was awesome!!! Once in a lifetime for NBC.
maryspring channel
maryspring channel Pred dnevom
The interpretation & way of thinking of President Trump is still superior to Mr. Biden. Trump 👍
wanderer1955 Pred dnevom
Whats worse than Covid 19? Biden 20(20)
Wendell McGee
Wendell McGee Pred dnevom
All tlk no Action-Joe
Karl Hans
Karl Hans Pred dnevom
What the hell does white supremacists have to do with current events? Im not even white but that guy is a moron!
Aleksandar Blagoevski
Aleksandar Blagoevski Pred dnevom
Here after another Debate
Rock Star
Rock Star Pred dnevom
And still neither of them addressed increasing xenophobia and racism against Asian Americans.
Rock Star
Rock Star Pred dnevom
It’s not the Chinese flu when covid strains were found in sewer water samples pre pandemic in Barcelona in March 2019 and then from post mortem samples in Paris in December 2019. Stop being racist. Covid was a direct collective effort and result of human degeneracy. With growing number of population worldwide and growing degeneracy and greed and selfishness this was a well deserved correction by nature. Also Spanish flu was called that because it was first reported in Spain but many experts think ground zero was in Kansas us. This was during WW2 so diseases were rampant from war consequences.
Rock Star
Rock Star Pred dnevom
u just made it very clear that all this blame on China is because of hate. Racism. No matter what they do they will be blamed. Even when they tried to help countries by sending medical professionals and ppe to help with recovery efforts.. instead of acknowledging it as a kind gesture people tried to turn it into a negative thing. If any other country did that they would be praised. We should all be condemning this kind of hate. Not right.
Rock Star
Rock Star Pred dnevom
everyone knows that blaming China or Communism is the best way to solve any problems, even fighting against virus✌️✌️✌️
Martin Herrera
Martin Herrera Pred dnevom
Tonight Donald Trump won the election by knockout
Mister Privacy
Mister Privacy Pred dnevom
Trump is Right
maryspring channel
maryspring channel Pred dnevom
Don't understand how Mr. Biden can claim to be a good and faithful Catholic as he denies so much of Church teaching especially on the absolute child abuse and human rights violations of the most innocent, the not yet born.
LEONA BUNDY Pred dnevom
I’m sorry but there is no way Biden can do a worse job than Trump has! I’ve NEVER seen America in such a state of division since he came to power! Biden 2020
Newaz IBA-JU
Newaz IBA-JU Pred dnevom
I listen the whole debate just to learn englisg. How many of you had this intention? I Need english language partners. Is there anyone pls?
Lo Presti
Lo Presti Pred dnevom
Trump is a better talker, but Biden is a better human being.
Ev Gim
Ev Gim Pred dnevom
JB, the "big guy"!
Waseem Amin
Waseem Amin Pred dnevom
He said it perfectly. im not here to call out hes lies the people know he lies
Tammie Hamdan
Tammie Hamdan Pred dnevom
Joe Biden is a complete liar. He has said he’d ban fracking multiple times. 🤦‍♀️
Sandra Ward
Sandra Ward Pred dnevom
Joe Biden is a joke
Linda Blair
Linda Blair Pred dnevom
How many times does Trump have to deny the white supremacy ???? So what if Trump had a business account in China, he had that before he entered politics !!! He did business with the Chinese...what a bunch of idiots.
Linda Blair
Linda Blair Pred dnevom
They treated Trump horribly !!!
Crony Capitaleesm
Crony Capitaleesm Pred dnevom
Biden is argumentative but no substance. He said trump destroyed the economy. It's covid. America is appallingly bankrupt of talented presidents. Shame on you Uncle Sam!
E LM Pred dnevom
This could equally be called ‘the low-lights’....
Super Pred dnevom
Its a joke that this is what our presidential debate looks like.
Trump - Village Idiot. AKA The Sad November Loser!
Trump - Village Idiot. AKA The Sad November Loser! Pred dnevom
TanTrump's worse than a child, pathetic!
Honeydew Melon
Honeydew Melon Pred dnevom
Biden is going to win this one with a full sweep. People are tired of this clown.
Honeydew Melon
Honeydew Melon Pred dnevom
They should just zoom meeting and mute each other
K-Math Pred dnevom
Politicians Lie, Businessmen get the Job done
J D B Pred dnevom
China ate your lunch Joe 😂
Bronson Burke
Bronson Burke Pred dnevom
can you guys vote trump so that biden looses, just wanna see that reaction
hen ko
hen ko Pred dnevom
Bernie Sanders would have dealt with this way better
TurboTV Pred dnevom
Biden saying ANTIFA is an idea not an organisation.... wow
小狗 Pred dnevom
Obama is better then both of them
Zekzer Ze
Zekzer Ze Pred dnevom
how dumb is biden like for his negative iq dislike for negative iq as well
Anneli Pred dnevom
On behalf of all my American friends I have this is just pure embarrassing.
Anneli Pred dnevom
@hen ko What do you mean? I’m just speaking for all the American friends I have who tell me it is.
hen ko
hen ko Pred dnevom
shut up Joe Biden
Jessica Grande
Jessica Grande Pred dnevom
🌎🏝🏙🏖🌠🌊🌈🏞🌧🌍with Biden orrrrr 🌕🏜🌆⛱☄🔥🌪🏜☀️🌕with Trump
•Just Some Cool Thoughts•
•Just Some Cool Thoughts• Pred dnevom
looks like me telling my brother that we put cereal before milk.
Nafi D
Nafi D Pred dnevom
Well...Guess it's time to say Bye bye USA.
Zatanna Zatara
Zatanna Zatara Pred dnevom
Donald Trump will win the election. Mark my words.
BOOGEY BOOGEY Pred 10 urami
jelenaikishima what hope is Biden gonna have for us then?😂
jelenaikishima Pred 17 urami
Hopefully not or there's no hope for America anymore :D
Andrah Johnson
Andrah Johnson Pred dnevom
I vote jo Biden!
jordan belfort
jordan belfort Pred dnevom
Lol you guys forget all the racist things biden says about the black and latino community
Tytus Pred dnevom
we know obama is better
Ghs Badger
Ghs Badger Pred dnevom
Trump has a plan and this is how he's going to win 👉
5ANA Pred dnevom
These two should really get a divorce...
marcel wallace
marcel wallace Pred dnevom
These guys are definitely not people who should represent your country. Either way mickey mouse would be a better president than donald trump.
jordan belfort
jordan belfort Pred dnevom
@marcel wallace african american employment was the best its ever been, he squashed beef with north korea (when the media and globalists said he would take us into ww3 if he became president), unemployment claims is at a 49 year all time low, youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in half a century, over 4 million americans have been lifted off food stamps since the start of his election....want me to continue? I have loads more😊
marcel wallace
marcel wallace Pred dnevom
@jordan belfort if you can name some of these records to change my perspective i'm very interested
jordan belfort
jordan belfort Pred dnevom
@marcel wallace trump was running america like a buisness before this virus and look at the records he broke no matter how much you hate him you cant fault what he's done, anyone but politicans can run a country, politicans arent even fit to run a bath
marcel wallace
marcel wallace Pred dnevom
@jordan belfort running a country is very different than running a business
jordan belfort
jordan belfort Pred dnevom
I would much rather a buisnessman run my country than a "politican" any day
ZyanDORITOZ GAMING Pred dnevom
Imagine Biden takes over and turns into hitler
Abdi Rahman
Abdi Rahman Pred 17 urami
That would be a good thing
Sebastian Ferman
Sebastian Ferman Pred dnevom
Guys look the girls are fighting
Gabriel Farkas
Gabriel Farkas Pred dnevom
Even my pet gecko would be a better president than both of them combined
Soucepleis Pred dnevom
I hope Trump wins. Dont want some pedo being president... If you dont know what am i talking about is that biden couple years ago tried to Kiss some little girl and smelled his hair. You can Find a video from it.
Will Chan
Will Chan Pred dnevom
shut up Joe Biden
Emanuel Tawtah
Emanuel Tawtah Pred dnevom
Whatever Trump 2020
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Pred dnevom
The USA is really sad at this point, No matter which president we elect, we are gonna hit rock bottom, both of the candidates running for president have more downfalls than benefits, an example of this is the simple fact that they should properly discuss for the position, trying to convince the public,but they are arguing like 7 year olds, what a damn joke you have become america.
Raj Pred dnevom
America need a Third Options
AsRixx Pred dnevom
People saying "oh this is embarrassing" but not actually listening to what they are saying. Thats saddest part of all :/. Good luck America 🇺🇸
Pc hriata
Pc hriata Pred 2 dnevi
Trump 👍 Biden comment
Pratik Roy
Pratik Roy Pred 2 dnevi
Europe is doomed because of the refugees during their heaven into a shithole. The USA is doomed because of its politics. India is probably doomed because of its huge population. China is enjoying the cream.
Ryan Hawksley
Ryan Hawksley Pred 2 dnevi
Trump: "our country have set records" You talking about florida again?
Moon Rose UwU
Moon Rose UwU Pred 2 dnevi
I saw a comment that said why are y'all voting for people who are supposed to be retired lol and that's true Both of them are expired why y'all be voting for retired experied presidents? . _.
jerry porter
jerry porter Pred 2 dnevi
The greatest rock guitar player will live on forever!!!!...Eddie Van Halen ROCKS!!!....
Andro Santos
Andro Santos Pred 2 dnevi
Senile and seniler
GTA GOD Pred 2 dnevi
Trump 2020
gaster897 Pred 2 dnevi
Donald Trump: a narcissistic and egotistical dictator wannabe who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut Joe Biden: a creepy old burnt out man who frankly doesn't have the strength or mindset to run a country Both are bad and did I leave anything out
ToasterSZN Pred 2 dnevi
Dammmm toooooxicccc
Ninja Cat Attack
Ninja Cat Attack Pred 2 dnevi
Better than a female president
hen ko
hen ko Pred 2 dnevi
Isn’t there a timer usually? Damn, Americans really do be taking “freedom” too seriously
fc 89
fc 89 Pred 2 dnevi
Joe BIDEN 2020
Anonymous sound
Anonymous sound Pred 2 dnevi
It’s like two little school boys at the start
Martin Pena
Martin Pena Pred 2 dnevi
Why can we trust Trump as an American citizen Trump made our home to a joke to others people laugh at us thinking what damn dumb country people see us as a bad place to call home and you know what there right we are a laughing stock everyone hates us that don't live in America so we need to take a stand for our home rights and living because right now anyone but Trump is okay we cannot let ww3 happen so vote Biden 2020-2021 please its our last chance for America
Martin Pena
Martin Pena Pred 2 dnevi
@porgro so is that what we want as a president
porgro Pred 2 dnevi
You're a joke since Bush and Trump is the best president you've got since a long time whereas He's a clown.
hen ko
hen ko Pred 2 dnevi
riding curtails. riding them into the ground.
laxus dreyar
laxus dreyar Pred 2 dnevi
At this point the fight I had over my pencil in kindergarden sounds more mature than this
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