Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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Elements Pred 30 minutami
Nice shirt Halsey! #45 Trump 2020!!
Immary Mendoza Chua
Immary Mendoza Chua Pred 44 minutami
You have to admit this is the best song of all 🥺🥺🥺
arc angelz
arc angelz Pred 58 minutami
lol,lol,lol,lol the Ramones are rolling in there graves.
Jes Lozano
Jes Lozano Pred uro
Lowkey want them two together 😍
Vincenzo Mingione
Vincenzo Mingione Pred uro
Oh men...i love this band!!!😍😍😍
Aj Baker
Aj Baker Pred uro
Yes bitches
태태V Pred uro
i fucking love this song
Lee Knight
Lee Knight Pred 2 urami
This HAS to be one of Travis' creations; neither MGK or Halsey are capable of a pop punk banger like this by themselves.
Lee Knight
Lee Knight Pred 2 urami
Why the F@%! do I like this? I hate MGK...
J.D. Piland
J.D. Piland Pred 2 urami
Taking nothing away from the song (it's much better than I expected), but, damn, Em really did a number on him, huh?
J.D. Piland
J.D. Piland Pred uro
@Jonah Valdovinos Fair enough. I can't say I'm terribly familiar with him, but just noting the genre switch and timing.
Jonah Valdovinos
Jonah Valdovinos Pred uro
J.D. Piland I prefer this mgk
Miranda Billings
Miranda Billings Pred 2 urami
The pink and black guitar for his daughter
Brandon Harrelson
Brandon Harrelson Pred 2 urami
Go to the time 1.25 me when my cousin leaves
Karl_Drogo55 Pred 4 urami
2:18 her back up vocals sound so good
Valerie Pred 4 urami
Halsey comes in with a Bratz walk
Orias X
Orias X Pred 4 urami
This album slaps harder than Vasiliy Khamotiskiy
Samuele Pred 5 urami
Pop punk is back.
MoreDanFilms Pred 5 urami
Halsey just completes this song!!!!
Maxime Vermeulen
Maxime Vermeulen Pred 5 urami
What is she throwing away?
Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith Pred 5 urami
people are actually surprised that halsey sounds good???? she always sounds good
Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith Pred 5 urami
it's weird watching this knowing my brother in law has met Travis barker and had a kick back with him lmao
Isabella Papalia
Isabella Papalia Pred 5 urami
Halsey gives me Paramore vibes here. Anyone else get that?
Christos Spirou
Christos Spirou Pred 6 urami
Anyone remember when he dissed Eminem and then he turned into this
Ruan Kirsten
Ruan Kirsten Pred 6 urami
This is literally the Emo of 2020.
K. Sajak
K. Sajak Pred 6 urami
LCF Motion
LCF Motion Pred 7 urami
Is MGK having a seizure 1:27
funkadiktou Pred 7 urami
What is Travis doing here? Drums on this track are fake and sound like ass... if you're going to sell rock, record a fucking real drumset for fuck sake.
Laiba Imran
Laiba Imran Pred 7 urami
can we talk about how much angry chemistry these two have?
charles torres
charles torres Pred 8 urami
I think its awesome that they used to date
IMPERIO ML&F Pred 8 urami
Buenardo Travis Barker en la batería
Cold Thoughts
Cold Thoughts Pred 8 urami
Did I come from a paralel universe or weren’t they exes
Bethany Harrington
Bethany Harrington Pred 8 urami
For a short period of time
Joseph Toohey
Joseph Toohey Pred 8 urami
This is my favorite song ever I feel happy
Karik permeh
Karik permeh Pred 9 urami
Big fan bro mgk ❣️
Kyouko Wonderland
Kyouko Wonderland Pred 9 urami
omg i like MGK sing this more than he rap, he looks like an pop rock star. well im gonna start remember BMTH
Андрей Рогачев
Андрей Рогачев Pred 9 urami
Не,ну это жиза пацаны )
JC WARRIOR Pred 10 urami
Dude go back to rap man..heck is this stuff..
vin griz
vin griz Pred 10 urami
from rapping to pop rock, hey hey not bad
Jess Raspberry
Jess Raspberry Pred 10 urami
This song makes me wanna dye my hair black and bring back the thick black eyeliner....
flyingfish Pred 10 urami
this is so good you just don't her songs like this simple but so complicated at the same time.
Eddie C
Eddie C Pred 10 urami
Gotta love the sound of her voice
velli payne
velli payne Pred 11 urami
Came in winning off black culture, now he's pure rock N roll. Get a name through using blacks, then take the money and success fill in the rest.
せっしー Pred 11 urami
802聴いて知ったけどめっちゃかっこいい! 流れる度にめっちゃリズム刻んでしまう👏
Mo Moghaddasi
Mo Moghaddasi Pred 12 urami
Hahahahah eminem hit him so hard he changed genres
ScumbagDan Pred 13 urami
What happened after rap devil?
odvedokikrema Pred 10 urami
Sarah Wheatley
Sarah Wheatley Pred 15 urami
Just had a flash back of Green Day times!🤷‍♀️ I love Hasley just not this one
Miss Hayley
Miss Hayley Pred 15 urami
Best collaboration of 2020
Benno Kreher
Benno Kreher Pred 16 urami
Spotify said this my favorite Song 2020 and i must say this is true
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński Pred 16 urami
Every fan of MGK and Halsey must comment this video:
fiki rudin
fiki rudin Pred 16 urami
kazu bem
kazu bem Pred 16 urami
Слава Никакая
Слава Никакая Pred 16 urami
Corti Beats
Corti Beats Pred 17 urami
I love Halsey so much on this one, she fits this rock-punk shit so good.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Pred 19 urami
This sound he's got is everything
Артем Базарный
Артем Базарный Pred 19 urami
Boom Pred 20 urami
Wow this is garbage. Lmao
Loser Pred 20 urami
Not sure if you know but, even negative comments/dislikes only help the video trend. We get it, you have shitty music taste. Thanks for getting Kells an extra 1000 views, virgin
Im Bored
Im Bored Pred 21 uro
Hiphop rappers be like: 👁👄👁 no no no they soung better and it's not even their job.
riplys Pred 21 uro
the old pop post punk rock we know from 90's .... damn nostalgia !
Alok Bijlwan
Alok Bijlwan Pred 21 uro
yesss this a new song yet it sends me back to my childhoods days
tvtime2122 Pred 22 urami
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you
August Bishop
August Bishop Pred 22 urami
this song is from this year??? god i got scared and thought i accidentally time travelled and woke up in the early 2000s
Sai Spandan Panigrahi
Sai Spandan Panigrahi Pred 17 urami
@August Bishop Not sure if you know but, even negative comments/dislikes only help the video trend. We get it, you have shitty music taste. Thanks for getting Kells an extra 1000 views, virgin
August Bishop
August Bishop Pred 22 urami
seriously this shit is so bad
mille pach
mille pach Pred 23 urami
feels like i'm in 00's
Nick Pred 23 urami
I need more motivational music and videos like this one in my life 😂💀🍻👍
Past & Present Cards
Past & Present Cards Pred 23 urami
MGK punk > MGK rapper
sirenio ramirez
sirenio ramirez Pred dnevom
JT Lowry
JT Lowry Pred dnevom
stay together for the drummer
KHoward 95
KHoward 95 Pred dnevom
Did they start filming this before lockdowns happened, because MGK’s hair is significantly shorter in the water scenes vs. the rest of the video?
Reed Limoges
Reed Limoges Pred dnevom
How does this only have 14 million views
Eric Moore
Eric Moore Pred dnevom
damn eminem really did kill you
Lex_ Breezy
Lex_ Breezy Pred dnevom
Um yes🖤
Brandi Kullenberg-Hayden
Brandi Kullenberg-Hayden Pred dnevom
Where were u when i was in my 20s. Punk rock is so hot.
Eléa Bv
Eléa Bv Pred dnevom
Chris Antoon
Chris Antoon Pred dnevom
Terry Hooke
Terry Hooke Pred dnevom
Halsey is a natural. She belongs in the punk rock scene. Currently In love
Clips 3rd Round
Clips 3rd Round Pred dnevom
This song is fire, def gonna be in a movie soon
Shawn Naquin
Shawn Naquin Pred dnevom
Evanescence looks different here 👀
Shawn Naquin
Shawn Naquin Pred dnevom
This is horrible in a way I can’t even understand
саша шаршкнов
саша шаршкнов Pred dnevom
GDR HeadShot
GDR HeadShot Pred dnevom
never followed MGK, i listened to a couple of his rap songs they were ok but this whole punk vide with the pop rock is so good
cjcirca88 Pred dnevom
Oh fuck, the 8ball reference made me seriously go wtfffff
Kathy Wollschlager
Kathy Wollschlager Pred dnevom
hate the video but love the sing for life
Kathy Wollschlager
Kathy Wollschlager Pred dnevom
Its_Jelyo Pred dnevom
a friend recommended it.. Glad he did
Thalia Ryan
Thalia Ryan Pred dnevom
Dekab naeb
Dekab naeb Pred dnevom
Eminem straight kicked this douche out of rap 😄
Sai Spandan Panigrahi
Sai Spandan Panigrahi Pred 17 urami
Not sure if you know but, even negative comments/dislikes only help the video trend. We get it, you have shitty music taste. Thanks for getting Kells an extra 1000 views, virgin
R K Pred dnevom
Halsey is like a new aged Avril Lavigne here.
Gen-Z Hippie
Gen-Z Hippie Pred dnevom
This music video is incredible
nathan bartholomew
nathan bartholomew Pred dnevom
Alexandre Guerreiro
Alexandre Guerreiro Pred dnevom
I love her voice
Lincoln Garcia
Lincoln Garcia Pred dnevom
Hadley looks like Amy Lee from Evanescence there I said it
Gabriel Robinson
Gabriel Robinson Pred dnevom
Awesome fucking song!!!!
Skylar Yee
Skylar Yee Pred dnevom
I'm obsessed with this song!
Skylar Yee
Skylar Yee Pred dnevom
This song is the best jam
june barker
june barker Pred dnevom
You wanna know what i hate? Well i am telling you any ways i hate how he ages so well like damn i am only a couple years older then his daughter but like i would let him be my baby daddy.
Giannis Xatzinikitas
Giannis Xatzinikitas Pred dnevom
The best
CHITO Pred dnevom
Fuc*** love this song 🌎💪🏽🔥
Ryan Byrne
Ryan Byrne Pred dnevom
How's the attitude on Halsey at the start, I was in love with her but now even more lol
Humberto Perez
Humberto Perez Pred dnevom
Bando Surfer fpv
Bando Surfer fpv Pred dnevom
A H Pred dnevom
I'm surprised to heard this kind of stuff in 2020
Prepubescent Chuck Norris
Prepubescent Chuck Norris Pred dnevom
Gives me a very 2000’s vibe and I love it
Tobias Eliot
Tobias Eliot Pred dnevom
bro you guys gotta check out this sick acoustic cover I found:
Sai Spandan Panigrahi
Sai Spandan Panigrahi Pred 17 urami
John Keslick
John Keslick Pred dnevom
That sucked
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