Ragnarmon Pred 4 urami
Why do you guys burn that wood you should just sell it there are a lot of companys for thoses things they buy it and make it to something good
Kurt Ghilmore
Kurt Ghilmore Pred 4 urami
use woods for treehouse or something
Irfan Ameer Anwer
Irfan Ameer Anwer Pred 4 urami
YOU LOVE ALLAH ♥️♥️♥️🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋
Eddie Garza
Eddie Garza Pred 4 urami
I keep hearing you talk about up the mountain and down the mountain so how large is the property. How many acres do to have?
Sky Tiger
Sky Tiger Pred 4 urami
Cut paths for fire breaks too.
nikoboy53 Pred 4 urami
you need to put a fence up on all your land so you know what`s yours and what`s the numbers
Saeid Aston
Saeid Aston Pred 4 urami
Viper needs a set of Vossen wheels 🤩
Z Nation
Z Nation Pred 4 urami
goonzquad making me wanna build a whole house
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Pred 4 urami
Bout time they got smart and bought a husqy!!!!! That’s all I run for my lawn and landscaping business!! Last a lot longer and run a lot better then echo or stihl!!!! The only weed eater I’ve had that has lasted better then my husqy stuff is a shindawa!
Sky Tiger
Sky Tiger Pred 4 urami
Cut them trees down or sell them to the highest bidder.
Maurice Fancey
Maurice Fancey Pred 4 urami
Good choise on paint match
Arvid Pred 4 urami
like ya cut g
Stacy TheDeathstar
Stacy TheDeathstar Pred 4 urami
Y’all need one of those remote control tracked lawn mowers so you don’t die on the hills. Also make a pad or circle drive for burnouts!
Raymond L
Raymond L Pred 4 urami
lets build a huge shop by looking at SLshow videos... :)
Ankit Gurung
Ankit Gurung Pred 4 urami
You guys should do A5 car
Dude i have seen a guy go to bmw dealer with a supra but the bmw guy not sell the part for supra
Brett Whitmire
Brett Whitmire Pred 4 urami
Love this build series.
Riley Jennings
Riley Jennings Pred 4 urami
I want to do that vine swing
Cameron Owens
Cameron Owens Pred 4 urami
That’s one experience leaf blower
It’s XRB
It’s XRB Pred 5 urami
1000 foot is 1000 feet I believe... well you’re not wrong. XD
parker grudecki
parker grudecki Pred 5 urami
You guys still should put a binder on the front of the skiddy
Ashton Abel
Ashton Abel Pred 5 urami
bruh yall some fools for using the viper as a leaf blower hahaha I was crying laughing
Amar Ahmad Fauzan
Amar Ahmad Fauzan Pred 5 urami
GR was gazoo racing
lrmacful Pred 5 urami
I would put some flashing tape around the windows now that the siding is gone. And also rewrap the house with new wrap to keep everything updated.
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk Pred 5 urami
Leave the stone alone.
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Pred 5 urami
That’s exactly why I don’t live in the city limits and why I live in the country!!!! I ain’t trying to give any more money to the government then I have to!!!!!! And a freaking pollution license 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣? Give me a damn brake!!!!
Gonzalo A. Daher Rodriguez.
Gonzalo A. Daher Rodriguez. Pred 5 urami
y el toyota Supra???
Simon McEvedy
Simon McEvedy Pred 5 urami
Leave the new bumper as is..... looks good
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk Pred 5 urami
Sell some the Lambo and Ferarri, or whatever you have, and buy the excavator. GO FOR IT!!
Jordan Armstrong
Jordan Armstrong Pred 5 urami
I made that rendering that he was talking about. I was really curious how the stone would look whitewashed so I did a really quick and dirty photoshop mockup and emailed it to them. I photoshop all of my own house projects before i get started on them so i have a baseline visual of what they might look like. I didn't expect them to put it on their IG story or I would have spent more time on it! pretty awesome though.
Christopher Shevlin
Christopher Shevlin Pred 5 urami
Jesus! Fix that Viper windshield....LOL
Aleksis Pred 5 urami
boys get a jdm car for the 30k
Can T
Can T Pred 5 urami
I'm sure it's been mentioned before but you will kill your well pump in no time running it with out a pressure holding tank.
Jack Da Don
Jack Da Don Pred 5 urami
Seeing y’all clear the land is satisfying
Ruben Solis
Ruben Solis Pred 5 urami
any body fucking know where do he buy the plastics to repair it, I need some of them, we rollover too, please somebody that know tell me here, I'll be so much thankfull
Richard Ortiz
Richard Ortiz Pred 5 urami
Hola,Amigos 🤗🤗🤗🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️👌👍👌👍🇵🇷
D Ealy
D Ealy Pred 5 urami
Next shirt idea. "Alrighty guys"
CALON MENANTU Pred 5 urami
Daanngg sonn....hai guys I suggest you to make a collab with April Wilkerson channel to make videos on your homebase renovations..I guess it will gonna be cool and owesome videos content.👍👍👍👍
James Weaver
James Weaver Pred 5 urami
SwagWhiteGuy Pred 6 urami
Viper looks good, but the gaps in the front bumper/fender look a bit large. Is it suppose to be that wide?
Eric Karlsson
Eric Karlsson Pred 6 urami
Just nit picking, but it's not "Huska-warna", it's closer to "Huus-cuarna". A very nice Swedish brand.
robert rwitcher46
robert rwitcher46 Pred 6 urami
Never get rid of that viper
Farm Boy
Farm Boy Pred 6 urami
I’d rather do that than 5th grade
Toni Nation
Toni Nation Pred 6 urami
How manny off-road vehicles do they have
Katieebu Pred 6 urami
Goonsquad cook up - now playing lmao
EIM2307 Pred 6 urami
Dude: "We are looking at a thousand foot one. I wonder how long that is." Dang Son: "Thousand foot I believe is a thousand feet." Died from this! Hahahaha
Jeff doe
Jeff doe Pred 6 urami
He explaines everything well.
Chase Droog
Chase Droog Pred 6 urami
View is gorgeous
Apache APACHE Pred 6 urami
Hey Guys whatever happened to the property that you were building a new garage on ? I don’t think 🤔 you guy’s need that other property now that you guys have this new property. I’m
In money we trust Dollar bill
In money we trust Dollar bill Pred 6 urami
Soon hgtv will be calling
Bobby gallahorn
Bobby gallahorn Pred 6 urami
Ashton Maldonado
Ashton Maldonado Pred 6 urami
Wear a mask in public.
KaneoheFarm3r Pred 6 urami
Mark wilkinson
Mark wilkinson Pred 6 urami
Still loving your vids guys but starting to miss the car builds a heap
Lee Sheppard
Lee Sheppard Pred 6 urami
12 Car basement exit on side of hill more house and shop on house level.
EIM2307 Pred 6 urami
So the boys still didn't replace the Viper's broken windshield?!?
stephen morris
stephen morris Pred 6 urami
I think what I will do from now on is wait until Sunday to watch all the week's content in one session, like a movie. I'm enjoying the series so much but the 20 mins per episode isn't enough!
Feike Hagendoorn
Feike Hagendoorn Pred 6 urami
David Attenborough would be very mad about all the land clearing
Kipper Lane
Kipper Lane Pred 7 urami
Y’all still messing with that house good god I stopped watching for a while thinking y’all would be working on a car but damn this turned into a Discovery show I’ll check back in a few weeks LATER guys I watched y’all since y’all started too
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 7 urami
Family is the most important thing in life. You guys are truly blessed.
Seven Beverly
Seven Beverly Pred 7 urami
They could legit make Travis Pastrana's compound on their property
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 7 urami
see the parents that were responsible for you two. Peace ✌ ☮
Brian Tayler
Brian Tayler Pred 7 urami
In the Earthmoving business, you find the work and then get the equipment. Never the other way around. Look for a used machine at the auctions and do repairs on the channel.
Aniq Hanafi
Aniq Hanafi Pred 7 urami
Where is the 370z?
Faris Shadeed
Faris Shadeed Pred 7 urami
Now ur putting the viper in use
rabbibaby Pred 7 urami
Calling it now, they're building a helipad on their property
Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac Pred 7 urami
Millionaires plugging financing for their equipment dealership. How about giving away a skidsteer or shovel so one of us could start a business? Should get you to 3 million subs!
SIR CYCLON Pred 7 urami
I thought they are only good doing car stuff but they are a engineer
Stan Chase
Stan Chase Pred 7 urami
Would be cool to wrap that back balcony/porch around to front going from upper level to lower level on side of house? Big deep wrap around porche is something you'll be greatful for in the end...
Panosadd Pred 7 urami
You guys should buy a real camera for better quality to really see this amazing landscape!
Jack Little
Jack Little Pred 7 urami
All the recent rain combined with the natural movement of water down from the mountain there is ABSOLUTELY no way there well should go dry. I live in the mountains of northern New England and we had no rain at all this summer to speak of. But my home is on the side of a large mountain with a deep well and while other individuals wells and springs were going dry, we had no problems with water at all👍
Chadi Hilal
Chadi Hilal Pred 7 urami
Its kinda meaningless video , no progress of works just waste of time You should do some builds mods instead of just wasting time And another issue guys, go back to car building its more interactive
Chris Healey
Chris Healey Pred 7 urami
Love clear n burn vids. Atb from England.
David Winokur
David Winokur Pred 7 urami
Hey, let's use our $100k race car as a leaf blower! Dang, son!
Maverick Pred 7 urami
Wellhouse paneling looks like shit.
Леонардинио Джихангиров
Леонардинио Джихангиров Pred 7 urami
Одним словом вы подсели на рекламу строительной техники и инструментов.
Maico LAKWATSERO Pred 7 urami
19:08 look at those birds.. I think there is a nest near ur property guys
Maverick Pred 7 urami
Lol, they will never go camping with the military truck or Jeep.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 7 urami
Y'all should camp out there with your gladiator and apocalypse rig
Eric T
Eric T Pred 7 urami
Man it would look good if y’all could stack up some of those big rocks in the front entrance and make to tall columns and then mount a gate to it , those big flat rocks are amazing and have a thousand uses especially if there free and already around the property already