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Vhanessa Chua
Vhanessa Chua Pred 8 urami
Jojo looks so pretty 😍
lizelshamy Pred 8 urami
who knew make up could take an hour?
isra abbas
isra abbas Pred 8 urami
chav check... thats all period
kristen's world
kristen's world Pred 8 urami
I love ur makeup!
Latha sivalingam
Latha sivalingam Pred 8 urami
His friends are the best 👌
Miss Peachy
Miss Peachy Pred 8 urami
I have that eyeliner and it works amazimg for me 🔥💯😍
It'sCandice Pred 8 urami
James ur make up is still goodddd
Tianna Banana
Tianna Banana Pred 8 urami
Still better than my makeup smh
Sugar plum
Sugar plum Pred 8 urami
Imagine calling your friends and them actually replying from the first time
cookie Pompom
cookie Pompom Pred 8 urami
James should do Sssnipwrwolfs makeup
PotatoPatato2010 Pred 8 urami
Oh phew I thought this emoji 🥴 GoT tAkEn OfF!!!!
Elysia Grace
Elysia Grace Pred 8 urami
When James is purposely making his make up bad but it looks better than when you actually try
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Pred 8 urami
I put the captions on auto generated when he said “period, love” while doing James’s lipstick and the captions said “peter left”. I died
Madhuri Bapat
Madhuri Bapat Pred 8 urami
This video was so funny . . . Read more
Eva Mayse
Eva Mayse Pred 8 urami
The green looks good though
Yasmeen Alsharji
Yasmeen Alsharji Pred 8 urami
8 am 9 years old and I know this is so soooooooo discussions
Space Gacha
Space Gacha Pred 8 urami
Omg charli likes the green oh my lol!
Uitm Rhona
Uitm Rhona Pred 8 urami
How is it that James Charles is so beautiful and his brother is so cool!!!!
Supreme pizza
Supreme pizza Pred 8 urami
I wish james would do my makeup
Kristi Morrison
Kristi Morrison Pred 8 urami
Now I feel like James needs to show us an amazing green look
Jess Lopez
Jess Lopez Pred 8 urami
The wheezing laugh is killing me 😂
Nayah Pred 8 urami
James: *puts on orange* Me: OMG OOMPA LOOMPA....NO SEBASTIAN BAILS!
Celine Pred 8 urami
Charli is so nice that she really said it was cute omg
Amanda Roark
Amanda Roark Pred 8 urami
Love 💞❤❤
Ladykay Pred 8 urami
Manny being in this vid gave me lifeeee 💕💕
Uitm Rhona
Uitm Rhona Pred 8 urami
Wow the echo! I wanna go to a concert of this!
Rachel Temenczko
Rachel Temenczko Pred 8 urami
James has the same food bowl for his dog as Tom Felton. And how does he type so fasttttt??
wlj cniS
wlj cniS Pred 8 urami
How can they facetime without someone lagging i can never😭🤚🤚
Naska Nikolova
Naska Nikolova Pred 8 urami
Why just why
Normunds Lejiņš
Normunds Lejiņš Pred 8 urami
Not lying but i stikla Love the looooke
saeemahnonia Pred 8 urami
Its really pretty the only thing is how *intense* the freckles are
Sweety Puyam01
Sweety Puyam01 Pred 8 urami
Jame's horrible make up version is the best make up version of mine!!!
رند جاسم محمد ابراهيم
رند جاسم محمد ابراهيم Pred 8 urami
Mia Pred 8 urami
Omg at the start james looked like a oompa loompa
Seema Pred 8 urami
Why does the eye shadow color combination look kinda good
Nana Ama Mensah
Nana Ama Mensah Pred 8 urami
His bad makeup looks a Halloween makeover. It is amazing...way better than mine...AMAZING!!❤️😂
Marley Aris
Marley Aris Pred 8 urami
It’s OK James you don’t have to explain yourself we’ve seen thousands of videos of you doing your make up perfectly🤪🙃
FIDA JALEEL Pred 8 urami
Do you know that if you smile you can't breathe? In reality, we can, I just wanted to make you smile❤...
Kenziee Plays
Kenziee Plays Pred 8 urami
5 year old me : doesnt even have a phone Elliot : has an iphone x
dhishna 01
dhishna 01 Pred 8 urami
DAMNNN i don't even have half of the number of friends that he has.
Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro Pred 8 urami
Quiere sacar su línea de maquillaje igual que yuya
i love gigi good and jackie cox
Ava Grace
Ava Grace Pred 8 urami
Ayo... Chav Check 😂😂😂
Cookie UwUxoxo
Cookie UwUxoxo Pred 8 urami
Hey James Charles u trying to look like a pumpkin for Halloween 😂😂 btw love your vids ur amazing I love you 😘😘 :))
Emily O'ROURKE Pred 8 urami
that makeup is better than when i try to do it well
Sophia Dela peña
Sophia Dela peña Pred 8 urami
I think it's cute. . . . for Halloween?
Shaneen Whitaker
Shaneen Whitaker Pred 8 urami
I hate him he's a boy why is he acting like a girl
R0za Pred 8 urami
Larray listening to Clouds by 1D 😌yes sir
not school acct Compton
not school acct Compton Pred 8 urami
yslkei Pred 8 urami
BluesClues Pred 8 urami
If I tricked you like this *Read More*
Honey Shorten
Honey Shorten Pred 8 urami
joey: "2020 is going to be the best!" that just makes me sad :(
Emma Pifer
Emma Pifer Pred 8 urami
When James does makeup in weird light and it looks better than yours in normal light.....
Salma Adan
Salma Adan Pred 8 urami
Damn cute am always excited am big fan lovaya
rini ibmc
rini ibmc Pred 8 urami
You should do a among us make up video
yslkei Pred 8 urami
i love james sm😭🤍
Tiara Nair
Tiara Nair Pred 8 urami
Gaming Unicorns!
Gaming Unicorns! Pred 8 urami
He has all the numbers of the people I want to call on his contacts list 😂😂
Charlie Playz
Charlie Playz Pred 8 urami
Is it just me or benny wasn’t that creative.. and the bunny looked terrifying
Pia Van Den Ende
Pia Van Den Ende Pred 8 urami
Jame's friends answering the phone: "Hi gorgeous!! 🥰❤️" My friends answering the phone: "What bitch?"
Olivia's Show
Olivia's Show Pred 8 urami
Nicole Sorensen
Nicole Sorensen Pred 8 urami
ThatRandomGamer Pred 8 urami
This is if I touched makeup for the first time and had no advice X"D
Anzhel Frananza
Anzhel Frananza Pred 8 urami
Oh God drew's reaction was so priceless ,OMG
nina diamondschovel
nina diamondschovel Pred 8 urami
Lol this is the funniest
nessxmonster Pred 8 urami
put the makeup with the green kinda looks goodddd like better than me😂😭🤚🏼
Tamara Maloney
Tamara Maloney Pred 8 urami
I'm surprised Addison wasn't on there. 🥺
Elysia Wills
Elysia Wills Pred 8 urami
Uhhhh I swear it wasn’t that bad some people can’t even get that far
Tiktok Compilation
Tiktok Compilation Pred 8 urami
The “bad” Makeup wasn’t even that bad
Calmly help me reach 69k subs
Calmly help me reach 69k subs Pred 8 urami
*To the late squad reading this : Sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it . Stay safe and read my name*
marjorie anne reyes
marjorie anne reyes Pred 8 urami
it dos not look that bad
Calmly help me reach 69k subs
Calmly help me reach 69k subs Pred 8 urami
*SLshow is getting real comfortable with these double no skip ads*
Anzhel Frananza
Anzhel Frananza Pred 8 urami
Omg at first when James called Charli I was like so nervous 😰
Charvi Gour
Charvi Gour Pred 8 urami
James plz make reacting to indian tiktok makeup tutorial i know that india has banned tiktok But you find in SLshow:)
lumpy space
lumpy space Pred 8 urami
james try doing korean makeup
Lejla Šabanović
Lejla Šabanović Pred 8 urami
James your look is bad but you arw the best love you too much
Aleena Ali
Aleena Ali Pred 8 urami
The fact that there is a charli Dixie and James pic on his phone cover
DepIka Pred 8 urami
Why does james charles looks like a girl + boy E
Aseen's Fantasy World
Aseen's Fantasy World Pred 8 urami
You look nice at that make up look I love that
fashiondonut Pred 8 urami
I am not the only one who clicked this video because charli was in the thumbnail right?😑