DARK Blade
DARK Blade Pred 7 urami
Watching this on a note 20 ultra lmao
Yuda Arkana
Yuda Arkana Pred 7 urami
"assembled in china". that doesn't seem right.
Amie Eichstadt
Amie Eichstadt Pred 7 urami
Hahae so good
Haze 48
Haze 48 Pred 7 urami
Cheapest magnet.
Inside Knowledge
Inside Knowledge Pred 7 urami
Just give me a sensible reason why should people buy this wireless charger? Why.
Jacob Hicks
Jacob Hicks Pred 7 urami
Just use 3m tape to keep it down...
Joseph Salvador
Joseph Salvador Pred 7 urami
*_*me waiting for wireless bluetooth charging_*
God of Chaos Khorne
God of Chaos Khorne Pred 7 urami
The texture on the inside of the case is so it doesn't stick to the phone and look like its wet on underneath. Many clear phone cases have that
snipedoctor Fred
snipedoctor Fred Pred 7 urami
Wyatt about the sturdiness of the cable on the MagSafe ? Don’t you think it will tear off at the connection ?
Ash Binx
Ash Binx Pred 7 urami
Of course, you switch to every new phone to make money from views,duh.
Shouvik Das
Shouvik Das Pred 7 urami
Ppl are dying everyday and there are lots of real world problems out there, and we are concerned about a wireless charger should stick to a phone or not?
Voidz Gaming
Voidz Gaming Pred 7 urami
Why does your case cover the lidar sensor
Voidz Gaming
Voidz Gaming Pred 7 urami
Your case covers the lists sensor??
rissel juada
rissel juada Pred 7 urami
Nice phone..one iphone please i dont have one 🙏🙏🙏
Atilla Çalışkan
Atilla Çalışkan Pred 7 urami
It is not a stupid design, it is a feature
Gaming K
Gaming K Pred 7 urami
Apple: It’s actually same as iPhone 11, but we’ll call it iPhone 12
Psychokill3rXII Pred 7 urami
iPhone 12 case is ok for iPhone 11?
Myriah z
Myriah z Pred 7 urami
Waz Bie
Waz Bie Pred 7 urami
U wanna know the better is for gamers. It’s gonna feel comfortable when we play game while charging🤩
Keanu Wick
Keanu Wick Pred 7 urami
Ordered Realme 7 this one is crazy great....
Even non US reviewer got review edition iphone 12, except this guy.. oh Apple please forgive him, he will never bend an iPhone again
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim Pred 7 urami
I never imagined that this would happen
Siham Hadef
Siham Hadef Pred 7 urami
Yeah and at the end of the day we will find u use a mac for a pc and an Iphon for a phone 🤣
shxne Pred 7 urami
everyone knows that a cat can beat that
Moi Ve
Moi Ve Pred 7 urami
What is a "little bit better"? How can you measure a little bit? sighs... wish reviews would be more accurate and professional..
Mr P
Mr P Pred 7 urami
Extreme Music
Extreme Music Pred 7 urami
Imagine being in a spinning office chair while watching a video with this
Tomáš Jančovič
Tomáš Jančovič Pred 7 urami
I can easily imagine that the part where the wire goes inside the circle will get damaged so easily when taking the charger off from your phone after so many times. I know that everyone has experienced it even with the normal wire charger
Dark Darts
Dark Darts Pred 7 urami
Imagine urself living in india where u can get the lastest Sd 865 soc device cheaper than the Iphone SE base variant.. Value matter!!!
Extreme Music
Extreme Music Pred 7 urami
Me thinking it’s for AirPods 1st and 2nd gen:😲 Me hearing him say it’s on,y for AirPods Pro:😟😕🙁☹️🥺😩😫😖😣😭😭😭
Kevin Green
Kevin Green Pred 7 urami
The wired wireless charger.
Richardlizhu Pred 7 urami
I was able to see it more with the dark screen than the light screen
Jayysmoove Pred 7 urami
i personally think its probably lowkey a mockery to society...apple knows ppl are stupid enough to buy it just because its a new apple product...so why not get a good laugh n kick out of something while taking stupid peoples money...theres literally no need for that cable. theres $2 - $5 cables that can do the same out there. really think about it
Niklas_P Pred 7 urami
Galaxy note 20 ultra has only 496 ppi galaxy s6 has 577
saksham sharma
saksham sharma Pred 7 urami
finally could use earpods while charging but oooppsss..... :(
MagnifiScents Pred 7 urami
Is it me or is Lew more iPhone/Apple neutral these days. Maybe the later case has something to do with it.
DJLion2002 Pred 7 urami
Pixel: 61%: 1day, 7hr until full 😂
Vincent34 Valentine
Vincent34 Valentine Pred 7 urami
How much is 1 Case? 200$? 😅
Katie Mason
Katie Mason Pred 7 urami
I like the iPhone 12 pro max, but I can’t decided the colour Pacific blue or silver/white. I also don’t know if I like the thickness it’s like the 5s
David Booker
David Booker Pred 7 urami
Apple will follow and still find some way to charge you $1,000
78hooman Pred 7 urami
Apple: "no charging brick in the box to help the environment" Also Apple: "Buy our magnetic chargers, cases, other accessories, what was that about the environment?"
abdiel ramirez
abdiel ramirez Pred 7 urami
Lew always late to the game!!! Where are the real Iphones???? Come on!
Gapi P
Gapi P Pred 7 urami
it's truly amazing how useless and pointless wireless charging really is. Oh so I'm ''wirelessly'' charging my phone by having a cable that goes from a charger to my phone as opposed to wired charging where I have a cable that goes from a charger to my phone..... brilliant.
Santoni Geek
Santoni Geek Pred 7 urami
this case was for pro users
Daniel Nygård
Daniel Nygård Pred 7 urami
Hey Lue. Are you using this laptop? Maybe do a "lottery-style" would love to have this laptop. Just to expensive.
Wan Pred 7 urami
Save environment by removing charger...but sell A LOT magsafe acc..
Jaspinder Singh
Jaspinder Singh Pred 7 urami
not gonna get it untill it has aftermarket case and accessories available🤣🤣🤣 Oh wait.... is it compatible with the wireless charger???
Bjørn Pred 7 urami
I heard that the magnet is weak if you have a cover + a card sleeve on. The card sleeve falls off too easyli.
Adrian SM
Adrian SM Pred 7 urami
This magnet charger don't affect the environment? They don't include a charger in the box anymore for that reason!🧐 Incoherent isn't it?
Reza Ali *
Reza Ali * Pred 7 urami
So basically 19000$ they are charging for a standcase 😬😂
Shivesh Lochunah
Shivesh Lochunah Pred 7 urami
Your later case looks crappy
Leon Cibolja
Leon Cibolja Pred 8 urami
What’s his wallpaper on his phone? Someone send link plz
Kartikay Bhardwaj
Kartikay Bhardwaj Pred 8 urami
Unbox therapy: im switching from Apple to windows cause Mac's "E" key doesn't work Me: or or or you just got a better brand deal
Ahammed Yaseen
Ahammed Yaseen Pred 8 urami
So that's why I saw it in my grandmother's house
Anand Thandav
Anand Thandav Pred 8 urami
Wireless charger also have wire fuckoff really this charger make sense??? Rename as no charger port chargers
Ben Pred 8 urami
Hey Lew, are Apple still pissed at you? Is that why you're not getting the iPhone 12 earlier like other reviewers?
Telmen Basarkhuu
Telmen Basarkhuu Pred 8 urami
Better than plugging in and out
andrei115 Pred 8 urami
wow, one plus sure makes some quite beautiful phones
Big Mike
Big Mike Pred 8 urami
This video has a whole lot of NOTHING.
Stories That Matter
Stories That Matter Pred 8 urami
How come no leather cases this time around ?
Gordon Walaits
Gordon Walaits Pred 8 urami
All Google services stopped working over 30 minutes here in Ghana.
James Farr
James Farr Pred 8 urami
I would buy the mini because of size, processing , and price.
Kait Campbell
Kait Campbell Pred 8 urami
In classic Apple fashion they changed the design of the iphone so the cases with the magnets won't fit your past iphone even though the mag safe will work with the older phones...
Dead Slayer GAMING
Dead Slayer GAMING Pred 8 urami
Its good for mobile gamers
deepak kisku
deepak kisku Pred 8 urami
Wireless charger with wire😂
nickel mickel
nickel mickel Pred 8 urami
Nothing new technology wise,wireless charging is not new and I have had a 5G for for over a year now, (oppo Reno 5G).
Niyazi Kutlu
Niyazi Kutlu Pred 8 urami
Is that the Iphone 12 Pro in Graphit?
tsuki Pred 8 urami
1:02 nice
Craig Mercier
Craig Mercier Pred 8 urami
I wonder if the intention of creating the MagSafe was to allow users who play games in landscape mode the ability to do so without the cord getting in the way of your hand settling nicely on the edge. With the new charger you can rest your hands on both edges without obstruction.
typh3ous Pred 8 urami
Completley agree with your category choice for my style. Ive had black cases for years - so would probably go - black iPhone with 1) Blue (for a nice change) 2) Plumb 3) Black 4) Green 5) Orange Then dismiss the rest
pradeep hooda
pradeep hooda Pred 8 urami
crap video. seems apple denied to pay him.
fernandog Pred 8 urami
Is it bcuz this's just a model of iphone 12, so the magnet might be different from the actual one??
Omega Pred 8 urami
Every other SLshowr has the actual phone...
Omega Pred 8 urami
Lew....why did you degrade apple in your older vids .... I mean....you could have easily got the reviewers phone....and made a better video ..just my opinion...make friends with apple XD ..it's only going to help you. :)
Pamela Stevenson
Pamela Stevenson Pred 8 urami
Wow i also got mine unlocked by @crowt3ch via Instagram, he's a pro
Pamela Stevenson
Pamela Stevenson Pred 8 urami
Wow i also got mine unlocked by @crowt3ch via Instagram, he's a pro
Ronald LeBeau
Ronald LeBeau Pred 8 urami
This year waste phone where’s 4 lens where’s 3D recording?
Alex Sallery
Alex Sallery Pred 8 urami
Is it worth getting the FE on snapdragon over the S20+ on exynos?
Fake News Network
Fake News Network Pred 8 urami
The magnet damages the electronics inside the phone!
Teddy Sanders
Teddy Sanders Pred 8 urami
Ready for another video of you crying to Apple to send you review units bro