how they made yugioh cards
Why is Twitter video so bad?
how to post on r/videos
god awful country
Pred 2 meseci
my roof
Pred 3 meseci
thank you for 2 million
i am always sweaty
Pred 4 meseci
every 8 days
Pred 5 meseci
radio stations in 20 years
every student film set
talk show soldier surprise
how youtube makes decisions
ok we did it
Pred 11 meseci
paper-based stickers
potato chip boys
Pred letom
godforsaken country
moms in horror movies
my pool
Pred letom
imbiamba jombes
Pred letom
ok here i come!
Pred letom
my apology.
Pred letom
Pillow Guy Again
Pred letom
Godless Country
Pred letom
Thank You For 1 Million
baby reveal party
a video about PETA
Shtuffs Pred 17 urami
I like how he went back into the fucking bathroom lmal
acrustygoat Pred 17 urami
Idk why ive rewatched this video lots of time
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 17 urami
When did you go to my church??
Hallvard Martinus
Hallvard Martinus Pred 17 urami
As a christian i know Kenneth spread christianity the wrong way
choosegamingFPS Pred 17 urami
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 17 urami
My cousin with depression watched this video. He hadn't laughed or even smiled in six months, but now he did. Love you Gus
Not a fire hydrant
Not a fire hydrant Pred 17 urami
The dislikes are people in the industry
Zahven Pred 17 urami
bike tire???
Ian Snodgrass
Ian Snodgrass Pred 17 urami
She's not like the other girls, she's not a girl
Riker Nishihira
Riker Nishihira Pred 17 urami
The absolute worst moblie ads are afk arena and mobile legends
Kat Pred 17 urami
I mean you lost points for not having your cigarette lit backwards but it is what it is
america america
america america Pred 17 urami
Could someone please help me out and tell me when she was like this? Could I have really missed her like this???
Tate lopriore
Tate lopriore Pred 17 urami
Alacamblam hahahahahahahlolllllll
Fake Vines
Fake Vines Pred 17 urami
Make more of this series
aliciaclaire81 Pred 17 urami
I’ve been enjoying your content over the last week or so, ever since I discovered your channel. It’s criminal that SLshow didn’t serve this one up sooner, but I’m glad to have found it now. Thank you for this moving work of art.
Macka the tiger
Macka the tiger Pred 17 urami
The people who disliked it are the moms who do this and try to hide that this is true
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face Pred 18 urami
Who is this Bus Jackson and why is he using Gus’ SLshow account? Probably to get more hits than he would otherwise.
ICEAYY ? Pred 18 urami
OMEGA CHAD Pred 18 urami
Can I get a 2020 guide this doesn't work they just call me a idot and kick me in the breath hole
Mr. Baked beans
Mr. Baked beans Pred 18 urami
When you run out of ideas for video: Jk
Libertate Veritas
Libertate Veritas Pred 18 urami
His walking animations is like from GTA V.
Zero-Two Pred 18 urami
Bro this guy must work for Apple...
Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson Pred 18 urami
Well we now know this is wrong but if only it was right, this is better than transphobia
LukeDGuy Pred 18 urami
ikr take me back to when she was just doing weird shit like this 😭😭
Tony Dai
Tony Dai Pred 18 urami
This didn't feel Vsaucey at all, in an actual Vsauce video, Michael will find a way to connect ants to almost anything else before looping back to ants. This entire video was ants, no tangents whatsoever, not good. Also the video was way too normal, where's the random weird ass things, such as eating an ant? Where were the insanely adept eyebrow movements?
BRAYDEN BRAY Pred 18 urami
I am a huge drake fan and I think this is funny
ARUB0I Pred 18 urami
2:01 gave me flashbacks
Jhue Mc Gregor
Jhue Mc Gregor Pred 18 urami
Yo pvz gw2 shirt epic
Bcapper Pred 18 urami
Mom is that you?
chumtoad jpeg
chumtoad jpeg Pred 18 urami
Madeline Griffin
Madeline Griffin Pred 18 urami
You forgot all the sponsors
KirioGN Pred 18 urami
For those curious, he ejected 18 shells before he started firing, 17.5 if you give the jammed shell half credit
Graeme Tang
Graeme Tang Pred 18 urami
Fuck the mayo part killed me
Joshua Kilimnik
Joshua Kilimnik Pred 18 urami
“Booger wooger bugle boy” broke me
OriPlayGames Pred 18 urami
Valorant in a nutshell
Katie Moore
Katie Moore Pred 18 urami
That guy sounds like the one glasses kid from Polar Express
Rackzz Pred 18 urami
all 6 years of high school 😂
CJ Satnarine
CJ Satnarine Pred 18 urami
I literally thought it was a real baby... I was scared that the FBI might've taken you in Gus. btw Universal Healthcare in your face...
KABLAMALAM Dickinson Pred 18 urami
I thought it would be just a weird song where everything is out fo key but it is surprisingly good
Justin Schoeck
Justin Schoeck Pred 18 urami
You know... I had a gut feeling that was the word he wanted to use... Because I too, would do that.
CJ Satnarine
CJ Satnarine Pred 18 urami
Are these American jokes I am too Canadian to understand?
Mr. Intheshoes
Mr. Intheshoes Pred 18 urami
Kind of??
EllipTypical Pred 18 urami
Do one where you use a hypodermic needle before your friend with AIDs comes in and asks "Hey, have you seen my hypodermic needle?'"
Evy Verschaeve
Evy Verschaeve Pred 18 urami
Is this Gus Johnson from the Among Us stream with senator AOC?
Riker Nishihira
Riker Nishihira Pred 18 urami
I wanna see Gordon ramsay watch this
Bryant Peden
Bryant Peden Pred 18 urami
0:57 trying not to laugh
Cory Spracklin
Cory Spracklin Pred 18 urami
I am confused by what you guys do over in Wisconsin
FunnyLuckyDucky Pred 18 urami
King james version sounded lile teenage virgin
Louae V
Louae V Pred 18 urami
Where his dad
Hans Holz
Hans Holz Pred 18 urami
Aww that was so hilarious.. thanks for that one! :'D
Shua_JK Pred 18 urami
My name is Josh lol
Deathclaw wearing shades
Deathclaw wearing shades Pred 18 urami
1:05 Americans doing magic
Nebula Gaming
Nebula Gaming Pred 18 urami
Two words: enable captions.
Michelle Hoffman
Michelle Hoffman Pred 18 urami
That's just my life I'm in my forties now by the time I think something's cool or I find something interesting it's probably three to five years after the fact
Jack Leo
Jack Leo Pred 18 urami
I like how that just stares at him mid actuaron like: that’s my thing
CJ Satnarine
CJ Satnarine Pred 18 urami
No one: Gus watching this video: Y R U GAE btw i did not mean to offend anyone just a jk
Karen Leard
Karen Leard Pred 18 urami
I am finally woke
Ean Casada
Ean Casada Pred 18 urami
Get a god damn haircut
Boiboi 100
Boiboi 100 Pred 18 urami
i really love gus’ mom, she’s so funny and sweet
CJ Satnarine
CJ Satnarine Pred 18 urami
Unrelated Question: Is that can you are drinking from Canada Dry, because it looks like it...
Patsfan 4life
Patsfan 4life Pred 19 urami
Wrestle mania III 🤣😂
Salmon Man
Salmon Man Pred 19 urami
Why was this is my recommendation
Z3ps Zap zappidy
Z3ps Zap zappidy Pred 19 urami
Where is the forest fire
Caroline Pvong
Caroline Pvong Pred 19 urami
Billie Eilish has made her own custom ukulele for sale so this aged like fine wine lmao
WatchMemez Pred 19 urami
Kyle Dawson
Kyle Dawson Pred 19 urami
Gus your shirt BIG LION
Kyle Dawson
Kyle Dawson Pred 19 urami
Also you need some FLEX TAPE it’s the strongest tape not masking tape
NitroFNTV Pred 19 urami
Plot Twist: The Milk wasn’t expired
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
This is exactly what I find in my brother's room
SlapperofBassKnowerofThings Pred 19 urami
I broke my computer screen with that fist bump
Reuben Murray
Reuben Murray Pred 19 urami
i can't believe that was 2 years ago like how old am i
Squeaky シ
Squeaky シ Pred 19 urami
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
2:24 thank you for that. I no longer need headphones now
garbagecanman Pred 19 urami
I’m here did you subscribe
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
I've been friends with girl like this...
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
I don't know why but Gus as Rowling in here makes me remember of Alexis Bledel in Gilmore girls
I’m bored, send help
I’m bored, send help Pred 19 urami
Why did this actually make me sad...
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
Yep, all "tough" dudes were shirtless in the playground
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
See, he had a good reason to get up Hellen
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
I love you Gus
Dapper 4
Dapper 4 Pred 19 urami
I was expecting a fist to just fly out and punch him in the face
Musique Classique
Musique Classique Pred 19 urami
Where did you meet my dad?