seeanthonyn Pred 19 urami
I love watching Rondo’s interviews. Hes very clear, concise and insightful. He will be a great GM or coach
Jhustine Provido
Jhustine Provido Pred 19 urami
1 million views probably from me lol
masinski81 Pred dnevom
HNB please make channell for highlights only, those reviews are unwatchable :/
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pred dnevom
Lebron got JR SMITHED again LOL
God Father
God Father Pred dnevom
Anybody here after the clippers blew a 3-1 lead and kawhi shot 6/22
egghead37able Pred dnevom
Lakers should have kept IT
Edgar M
Edgar M Pred dnevom
The fact that the crowd showed the Warriors support😢 Seattle deserves their team back
Edgar M
Edgar M Pred dnevom
The Kings should relocate to Seattle and Bring back the Sonics. And Sacramento's Team history can go to OKC and Sonics can have their team history and banners and retired jerseys back.
Lyle S
Lyle S Pred dnevom
People who slap the ball out of their pponents hands after a dead ball/game stop or whatever are teh one in the wrong IMO. just tell them to give the ref the ball or wait. No need to be a dick
Liam Martin
Liam Martin Pred dnevom
Damn james harden is 32 points after that he get the 33 points and 34 points up to 40 points
Liam Martin
Liam Martin Pred dnevom
Harden can shoot the ball but also he try to shoot the ball in the court so capella was not strongest but i like james harden because he is a strongest player in nba i also watch this
Liam Martin
Liam Martin Pred dnevom
Drizzy NBA
Drizzy NBA Pred dnevom
here for the 2 year anniversary
Prplhaez45 Pred dnevom
Peterly Latortue
Peterly Latortue Pred dnevom
This is the beautiful flower that I admire right here😍😊
Big tasty 76
Big tasty 76 Pred dnevom
Nice editing
Hoops & Brews - HNB Media TV
Hoops & Brews - HNB Media TV Pred dnevom
Rough season for the Boys
Eliza Vance Avianna Landry
Eliza Vance Avianna Landry Pred dnevom
I'm Single 😍😥
Daniel Aguiar
Daniel Aguiar Pred dnevom
Nobody cares
King Harlin Henderson
King Harlin Henderson Pred dnevom
How Bout Dem Cowboys !!!
HNB Media TV - Highlights & Sports
HNB Media TV - Highlights & Sports Pred dnevom
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Big Daddy T Richardson
Big Daddy T Richardson Pred dnevom
Jesus Christ Ashley Nicole 😘
The Worst person you'll meet
The Worst person you'll meet Pred dnevom
Here come the thirsty niggas
Виктор Нев
Виктор Нев Pred dnevom
Бля!!! Как у них гимн поют!!! Прямо до усёру.... Прям соревнование в пении в усираниииииииии...........Типа... я аж настолько патриот аж обсерусь сейчас, и все вокруг должны обдристаться от моего волшебного голоса в порыве патриотизма от нашей невообразимой страны. Fuck!!! As they sing the national anthem!!! Directly to useru.... Direct competition in singing in siranjeevi...........Type... I'm so much a patriot that I'm going to get drunk right now, and everyone around me should get drunk on my magic voice in a burst of patriotism from our unimaginable country. Гы! Прикольно Алиса переводит.
Top 3 favorite things you like to do in your free time?
Loading_1001%Kawakami _
Loading_1001%Kawakami _ Pred 2 dnevi
This is now my 4th time rewatching this series. I also keep on watching the wcf between these two teams. This matchup never cease to amaze me and I don't know why. Looking forward for these two teams to clash in the future.
Daluyduy Salazar
Daluyduy Salazar Pred 2 dnevi
He a champ now, hes gonna play like a champ next season full of confidence
Essxnce Pred 2 dnevi
the way how Simmons just walked as he saw the ball went in was just funny asf 9:29 🤣🤣
Christian Grace Dala
Christian Grace Dala Pred 2 dnevi
Tatum was clutch
Christian Grace Dala
Christian Grace Dala Pred 2 dnevi
Go Boston
Uzzy One love
Uzzy One love Pred 2 dnevi
Albert Tongol
Albert Tongol Pred 2 dnevi
That rocket lineup can win championship in 2020 finals.
Jamarius Mullen
Jamarius Mullen Pred 2 dnevi
Who’s here after Lakers just won the 2020 championship?
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Pred 2 dnevi
7:53: 133 points *3 pointer made* 7:58: 134 points Scoreboard: Am I a joke to u?
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Pred 2 dnevi
Most viewed
R Brown
R Brown Pred 2 dnevi
She sounds drunk...
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred 3 dnevi
Jimmy and Duncan is on a mission however what the F... is Morris doin? he's got 3 lakers wide open can't believe he's become JR 2.0
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pred dnevom
Wait, the audience is VIRTUAL? HAHAHAH how pathetic is this shit. They are trying to get us used to a cyber screen world. Wake up HUMANITY. Wake up.
Diego Montirl
Diego Montirl Pred 3 dnevi
Oladipo todo pendejo
Joenelco Sentillas
Joenelco Sentillas Pred 3 dnevi
Done n p
Hurelulga Enkhtur
Hurelulga Enkhtur Pred 3 dnevi
And lakers rokies cooking gsw warriors lmao
Michael Primak
Michael Primak Pred 3 dnevi
how is this guy just on a 2 way contract??? so many chumps go in the first round and get guaranteed 3 year deals that don't show any of this guys promise. plus... he's possible bait for giannis. kostas has a nice free throw stroke and shows real intelligence and anticipation out there. giannis got the brawn and kostas got the brains.
Ramon Gabriel Sediño Jr
Ramon Gabriel Sediño Jr Pred 3 dnevi
Ford Truck Dude The Fragmentationer
Ford Truck Dude The Fragmentationer Pred 3 dnevi
I actually saw the game and went to it too. I actually got to watch the game after performing the national anthem on the basketball court with my high school band.
Ronaldinho 10
Ronaldinho 10 Pred 3 dnevi
A black mark of Lebron defense
Sunny Sharma
Sunny Sharma Pred 3 dnevi
if rondo stays in lakers 1 more championship is coming. man! watching lebron and rondo on the same team is just special. 2 best IQ hats off man.
Carlos Camacho
Carlos Camacho Pred 3 dnevi
Why did Klay get so mad lol
Torque Pred 3 dnevi
look at that stupid twin yelling into lebrons face as if he did anything
Grimmjoe Jaggerjacks
Grimmjoe Jaggerjacks Pred 3 dnevi
They really thought they'll win the series. Lol
Liam Mulgrew
Liam Mulgrew Pred 3 dnevi
Kemba Walker is a Regular Season choker !!!
thanhnguyen49420 Roysbroveagyiz Box
thanhnguyen49420 Roysbroveagyiz Box Pred 3 dnevi
Yara Khalaf
Yara Khalaf Pred 3 dnevi
The speed of Thanasis is unreal
Billz DaBandit
Billz DaBandit Pred 3 dnevi
What happened was he performed for the flippers should've been with the LAKESHOW they would've been lit
Charvas Willis
Charvas Willis Pred 3 dnevi
That’s was the driest crowd in the world
Lemuel Buitre
Lemuel Buitre Pred 3 dnevi
2020 champion!!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Pred 3 dnevi
Every one forget about crediting nunn.... Played a vital role in crucial time
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred 3 dnevi
Wait, the audience is VIRTUAL? HAHAHAH how pathetic is this shit. They are trying to get us used to a cyber screen world. Wake up HUMANITY. Wake up.
Tre Patterson
Tre Patterson Pred 3 dnevi
They looked like they kissed
Andrew Jeon
Andrew Jeon Pred 4 dnevi
This USA team is p much the Celtics lol
ToysofArkham Pred 4 dnevi
I was at this game!
Zapuhtay Zatcru
Zapuhtay Zatcru Pred 4 dnevi
Lebron James the king go go James
Izame Mario
Izame Mario Pred 4 dnevi
4:22 i thought i saw Big daws in the crowd while rewatching this
louie fernandez
louie fernandez Pred 4 dnevi
Congrats:: USA!!!
Diego Vilche Delgadillo
Diego Vilche Delgadillo Pred 4 dnevi
Reggie Miller :mmmmmm
Tekken God
Tekken God Pred 4 dnevi
Basketball makes Serbia my favourite country in Europe
Dustin Thompson
Dustin Thompson Pred 4 dnevi
Joseph H
Joseph H Pred 5 dnevi
They called him the GOAT before he even got drafted!!!!
JMurphy Pred 5 dnevi
He's the best thing since Rodman.
chemistryset1 Pred 5 dnevi
what a clever and fun play, kudos Jokic
TwitterVidsFunnyAF Pred 5 dnevi
Watching this makes me realize Lebron gets way too many passes. 2018 cavs team wasn’t as bad as ppl saying. Imagine the pacers beating them and go on and play gs in the finals. Nobody gon say oladipo ain’t have help only when it comes to bron
Pippo Killerman
Pippo Killerman Pred 5 dnevi
Your NBA player "would smash" list xd
solomon hunter
solomon hunter Pred 5 dnevi
Will you do a jayson tatum interview
Dennis Babailan
Dennis Babailan Pred 5 dnevi
youtube suggestion is so far for what i want to search, and why the hell i came here 😂 thumbnail click bait 😂😂😂
88wayz2LIVE Pred 5 dnevi
Do you feel famous??
Rami Rieble
Rami Rieble Pred 5 dnevi
Your full time job?