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Maja Evoli
Maja Evoli Pred 22 urami
Buy sprinkles
forky boi
forky boi Pred 22 urami
the 9.9k who disliked this video is only leftist and democrat people who want to force control over you by mandating wearing masks in public _please don't kill me :D_
Nojus Bass
Nojus Bass Pred 22 urami
i am in this situation now 😳
Hannibal Grim
Hannibal Grim Pred 22 urami
When I was 16 I applied at Target, 3 weeks after the interview got a letter stating I was not happy enough to work there.
Gyro Zeppel1
Gyro Zeppel1 Pred 22 urami
4:14 my fav
Tolerable Productionsシ
Tolerable Productionsシ Pred 22 urami
*Damn* I remember this beeing uploaded like 2 hours ago and i didn't even notice its *allready been a year since this vid got uploaded*
P64 Blue
P64 Blue Pred 22 urami
🤔 these monsters look way better in TheOdd1sOut form...
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Pred 22 urami
Internal since my roommate and his debts
DankProfessorOwl69 Pred 22 urami
Who noticed the inflated-ball Floof 2 at 2:44?
Fatal geno Fatal geno
Fatal geno Fatal geno Pred 22 urami
Wait a minute in 5:54 you say you girlfriends is dude
miracle foxy
miracle foxy Pred 22 urami
Oh now I now where the song come from
Kaitlyn Tebeau
Kaitlyn Tebeau Pred 22 urami
Give me the carrot 👀
Sangeetha D
Sangeetha D Pred 22 urami
No kids don't like youtubers they like..............GAMES
Nathaniel Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas Pred 22 urami
I got a complaint for putting mayo on a sandwich too hard. WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN
Julian Escobedo
Julian Escobedo Pred 22 urami
He says mm 60 times geez
Jeremy Keller
Jeremy Keller Pred 22 urami
You ok can do ber
miguel gonzalez
miguel gonzalez Pred 22 urami
oh yeah there are lost comics of garfield in 1976 i think they came out
EZ aspie
EZ aspie Pred 22 urami
:(i did not win i never win any thing
Ammo Knight
Ammo Knight Pred 22 urami
i love how your mom is always wearing an apron in the animations
Chris Drake
Chris Drake Pred 22 urami
Short video
Lucy Szela
Lucy Szela Pred 22 urami
Vinayak Gupta
Vinayak Gupta Pred 22 urami
It's not pronounced "jif", its "G" "I" "F".
Putin top
Putin top Pred 22 urami
Я просто пришол с тик тока.....жизнь боль...
Memoona Malik
Memoona Malik Pred 22 urami
2:20 james(TheOdd1sOut):geometry Me:geometry dash ikr its hard
Dankurt playz
Dankurt playz Pred 22 urami
Where's the philippine subscribers?
Anthony Sharp
Anthony Sharp Pred 22 urami
Drag zap
Drag zap Pred 22 urami
I am Indian
ryhannah nievez
ryhannah nievez Pred 22 urami
heh i still listen to this.. *jams*'
Victor Cimpean
Victor Cimpean Pred 22 urami
My pet parrot is named papi.
Angel Dust
Angel Dust Pred 22 urami
‘And yeet it back in the wild’ okay that got me laughing
Aydan Rebel
Aydan Rebel Pred 22 urami
Hold on what is so bad with smarties?
Ammo Knight
Ammo Knight Pred 22 urami
he poured me out of a boot 😔
westgoobies n
westgoobies n Pred 22 urami
imagine if kids from 2073 watch this video they see the television
John Labriaga
John Labriaga Pred 22 urami
and how come your brother inside of the egg pano
Kyra The Krazy
Kyra The Krazy Pred 22 urami
lol this comic sounds like something my brother would make. :3
Kylegaming1424 Lam
Kylegaming1424 Lam Pred 22 urami
James: it’s not Jaiden. Me: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
John Labriaga
John Labriaga Pred 22 urami
wait dragong can sing
abhaas gamer
abhaas gamer Pred 22 urami
10,483 vegans
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Pred 22 urami
Use this and😆 you get free Robux Andre 🙂🥵😊box in fortnite in Roblox😁😋🤑
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Pred 22 urami
Play Caroline is wasn't a scam
Jane No
Jane No Pred 22 urami
Oooh it's a rhyme
Olivia Petrowski
Olivia Petrowski Pred 23 urami
They’re making another 101 Dalmatians movie called “Cruella”
ThE PaNdA SqUaD Pred 23 urami
I do something like this so we pick a protect and then study about it for SOOOOO LONG and I was really shy when I did it 😳
Dealing with Awesome ness
Dealing with Awesome ness Pred 23 urami
1:12 Steven Universe
Dante Wingo
Dante Wingo Pred 23 urami
Me: life is meaningless
Eloc Industries
Eloc Industries Pred 23 urami
hi james
Hector Taxz
Hector Taxz Pred 23 urami
wow you have time out corner
Phoebe Hertzog
Phoebe Hertzog Pred 23 urami
Who else saw that he got an A in LUNCH
Robloxiamanpro Pred 23 urami
To be, Or not to be. That is the Question But what is the Answer?, Comment
aram abudallh
aram abudallh Pred 23 urami
Moni Nomi
Moni Nomi Pred 23 urami
If you are stung by a lot of bees you can die because they're poisonous
Paris penn Smith
Paris penn Smith Pred 23 urami
Thanos snap all da peeps for james
RaceReign Pred 23 urami
Why is GIF's face a red media error screen? Also, why does it say 404 on her shirt? Does this mean James's brain is corrupted?
Erika Timtim
Erika Timtim Pred 23 urami
I'm bad at spelling too!!!!!!!!
Erika Timtim
Erika Timtim Pred 23 urami
like LITERALLY....
Junia Pred 23 urami
Next video is gonna be "I lost it" And it's gonna be a Michael Vey book, because he can't talk about what he really lost, but we know what happened gg James
aram abudallh
aram abudallh Pred 23 urami
Gyhidyfyd itsdghhhukzfdhfraodgtiterayuireoahcoaghshiljidobijdsoiuncbbbbbbnbbnnnnnskdbijoBIUcsioxuoicosouicdsodsgioacigsdvcoigcdaodusgadsugaigodscigcaigsdocigsdsoijsouhhdsithtgxgjdshutdueocutedhafde',,khckhdn
Ȗ̈n̑̈k̑̈n̑̈ȏ̈w̑̈n̑̈ s̑̈ȃ̈d̑̈n̑̈ȇ̈s̑̈s̑̈
Ȗ̈n̑̈k̑̈n̑̈ȏ̈w̑̈n̑̈ s̑̈ȃ̈d̑̈n̑̈ȇ̈s̑̈s̑̈ Pred 23 urami
I was a vegetarian for 2 years.... It was easy. Its obviously not the same as being vegan but like ¦P
Heba Emad
Heba Emad Pred 23 urami
Who realised the puffer fish meme in his fridge wait does he eat life puffer dish that eat carrots ._.
ThatsTricky Pred 23 urami
Thumbs up if watching in 2020 l v
Driz Pred 23 urami
2:27 *pink murdered white and self report Blue: who Red:idk Pink:red Red:wtf Red was not the impostor Impostors win White🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Pink🤪🤪🤪
i think 46 mill watched this man that's half the world
Jxne Army JKC
Jxne Army JKC Pred 23 urami
RIP James' throat when he recorded this
Brian Jasper
Brian Jasper Pred 23 urami
James (Screams) me: You tried your best
PiggyXD Pred 23 urami
Where’s New York! Or no lol I’m from nj
Mighty Miles
Mighty Miles Pred 23 urami
This man broke the sound barrier
Burak Tiryaki
Burak Tiryaki Pred 23 urami
well idid remeber caiyou and yea i know that he is an brat like if someone elses mom when someone miss behave they probably gots an atleast an little hit on his cheeks but if "he" does it they just say "your missbehaving please dont do that" what an amateur parent no punishment well i got some couple punishment in past... but now i am almost an pasifist... in soul and.... also an introvert but i cant also be extrovert now because its imposible now but we can say that i am not THAT introvert i do enjoy go shopping n stuff so that means i am exintrovert/inextrovert so i enjoy being in house but in other side i also enjoy go shopping or hanging out n stuff
50kSubsWithNoVideos Pred 23 urami
Raphi Lucy
Raphi Lucy Pred 23 urami
i was actully in a car i forgot my seatbelt soooo thanks for reminding me
Eunjeong Kim
Eunjeong Kim Pred 23 urami
u forgot to say soobway
SoraNoZer0 Pred 23 urami
nahnah James,that wont work people will still ship u 2 (and me too,of course)
Andrei Santiago
Andrei Santiago Pred 23 urami
thies 1 is o
antivenom FAN123
antivenom FAN123 Pred 23 urami
james i have to do 10 day vegan challenge because..... im hindu and brown.....DONT JUDGE ME ITS MY CULTURE!!!!!!!!
radish Pred 23 urami
yeah guys type hailr lase am=iansls to see those creatures
Ashan Manuel
Ashan Manuel Pred 23 urami
Your mom
SYLVIE EVANS Pred 23 urami
he has 15.9M subscribers now.
LiteralHaste Pred 23 urami
How can I go outside during quarantine?
CottonClouds Pred 23 urami
Welp, see y’all in 5 years when this randomly gets recommended to us again
TanTanich Pred 23 urami
Angel Dust
Angel Dust Pred 23 urami
How did you know at the first I have school tomorrow and I have to do this thing reading in front of 30 people and I’m a shy kid tbh AND YES ITS NIGHT >:c
oreo jain
oreo jain Pred 23 urami
0:31 theoud1out predect amoung us
Rami's WORLD
Rami's WORLD Pred 23 urami