Weigh Ins | Bellator 247
Kimbo Slice - ONE OF A KIND
Re-Air | Bellator EuroSeries 6
Gaz Man
Gaz Man Pred 3 urami
That was sooooo good 👍
Sean Loeffler
Sean Loeffler Pred 3 urami
Bellator just trying to build people up with this bullshit video there’s a few amazing head kick knockout anyone that takes follow up punches bullshit
Marc Pred 3 urami
Now hes in jail
nieron Pred 4 urami
Seeing him knockout by Lima is one of the greatest things that happened on MMA
Joseph Drozd
Joseph Drozd Pred 4 urami
can anyone explain to me what the hell happened at 4:30?
Jack Kessler
Jack Kessler Pred 4 urami
What the hell was that about? Everybody knows Rampage can't wrestle worth a damn. Why didn't Beltran take him down immediately?
Ded Head
Ded Head Pred 4 urami
pathetic stoppage.
Гера Канаплёв
Гера Канаплёв Pred 4 urami
Славик молодчина отмудохал клешню аборигену 🤣🤣🤣🤣🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👍👌💪💪💪
Oliver Seiler
Oliver Seiler Pred 5 urami
CC is awsome
Rini Khaerany
Rini Khaerany Pred 5 urami
Pencak silat 4:56
Rini Khaerany
Rini Khaerany Pred 5 urami
Pencak silat
Almeida Matheus
Almeida Matheus Pred 6 urami
Vingou o irmão 🇧🇷
Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig Pred 6 urami
holy shit.. bellator really sucks..
Esrom kirk
Esrom kirk Pred 6 urami
What really got him killed?
Билли Бонс
Билли Бонс Pred 6 urami
На те же грабли 2й- раз..
Mykel Contra
Mykel Contra Pred 6 urami
We want cyborg vs nunez 2!!!!!
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz Pred 7 urami
Bruh & I didn't wanna fight cause I had a broken finger 🤕🥴
Jr forte genio
Jr forte genio Pred 8 urami
Mais contra o brasileiro se fudeu
Alan Martínez Rodríguez
Alan Martínez Rodríguez Pred 8 urami
Ben Askren feeling much better after watching this video.
Александр Иванов
Александр Иванов Pred 8 urami
А где юфс ? Надо там всё перебить!
Nilson Cavalcanti
Nilson Cavalcanti Pred 8 urami
Manda ele brincar assim com Douglas Lima 👈
I Tuohy
I Tuohy Pred 8 urami
Nick won hand down.
vigi marna
vigi marna Pred 8 urami
Dumb ass referee he did'nt know, it's dislocated or no, he should stop the fight
ZA-7 Pred 9 urami
As always Machida knows how to give a good fight.
Machine God
Machine God Pred 9 urami
Imagine if he had two arms
Samuel Oliveira
Samuel Oliveira Pred 9 urami
A eterna promessa... KKKKKKKK
Max Wilian
Max Wilian Pred 9 urami
a mimir
Justin Franks
Justin Franks Pred 10 urami
The guy is as precise as a jeweler and timing makes metronomes envious.. -Announcer talking about MVP and his movement/etc woooooweee, that's one hell of a analogy
Nacho Boom
Nacho Boom Pred 10 urami
Mvp vs adensayna
System Records
System Records Pred 10 urami
The announcers are paid to be oblivious- 'cyborg just keeps improving and keeps getting better with every fight' lmao she got flatline ko'd by Amanda Nunes 1 fight ago
Ricardo Nascimento
Ricardo Nascimento Pred 10 urami
Quem ganhar dinheiro pra ficar deitado o tempo todo? (X) Wanderley Silva ( ) Prostitutas
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson Pred 10 urami
Great highlights but mvp crushing cyborg's skull is supposed to be the ender.
Jamie Sienko
Jamie Sienko Pred 10 urami
horrible stoppage.
Douglas Lugão Santos
Douglas Lugão Santos Pred 11 urami
Wanderley punch bag
Eddie Lamarca
Eddie Lamarca Pred 11 urami
I really don’t understand why so many people hate on him I’ve always liked him even after losing once I repeat one loss smh
2019? comments shit me
2019? comments shit me Pred 11 urami
That guy really just came out and circled towards the guys only hand?? WOW!!
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil Pred 11 urami
I’d like to see dillashaw and chandler fight.
Tony Lovatto
Tony Lovatto Pred 11 urami
Love it!!!!
rock rox
rock rox Pred 11 urami
Call lima now....
Guinaps Trader
Guinaps Trader Pred 11 urami
Faltou Douglas Lima kkk
João Aquino Tavares
João Aquino Tavares Pred 11 urami
Que luta meus, amigos que luta! Lagartixa tava merecendo, agora queria vê Michael Page vs Israel Adesanya
dirtbagzrus Pred 12 urami
Rory is a legend in my city
troy Pred 12 urami
Listen to these stupd idiots in the crowd, "Do something!!" lmao shut up idiot drink more beer
Romualdo Sena
Romualdo Sena Pred 12 urami
Sei não....o alemão tomou um pau, como pode ter ganhado???
AVID Sion Pred 12 urami
Not only is that a free 3+ lbs of weight to "spend" elsewhere, but it's kind of a lose-lose situation for whoever's fighting him, no? I mean if you do win, you just beat up some guy with one arm, but if you lose you just look kinda shit. Idk, it would explain why Browning looks like he's not really giving it his all striking - since Newell literally only has a jab, you'd think he'd just get in close and light him up given he can't really cover on the counter - instead opting to take it to the ground very quickly and leave the one place where he has the clear advantage.
x_sink Pred 12 urami
Esse cara é de verdade kkkkkkk
aaron francis
aaron francis Pred 12 urami
Pitbull vs Daniel Straus was better than all these fights combined
Tiago Tavares
Tiago Tavares Pred 12 urami
Sonnem com a mesma idade do Wanderley mas parece ser uns 10 anos mais novo
Michael Lane
Michael Lane Pred 13 urami
Kimbo a legend? He wasn't even kinda good.
FellowRser Pred 13 urami
Right hand that’s all I’ve got right hand and a left shoulda “notorious” nick Newell
nikmak Pred 13 urami
Chandler is getting Askrened
Lee Jaehyuk
Lee Jaehyuk Pred 13 urami
Durable jaw
Michael Oberg
Michael Oberg Pred 13 urami
alot of haters around here. Before commenting, look at all the other haters. Your mainstream opinion has been expressed. GOOD DAY SIR.
Ulisses Azevedo
Ulisses Azevedo Pred 14 urami
Fedor is the best of world -From BRAZIL
Dan Hardy
Dan Hardy Pred 14 urami
Looks like a bunch of flops to me
MrZevv Pred 14 urami
chokes are the lamest submissions ever ..
Carlos Oliveira
Carlos Oliveira Pred 14 urami
O Douglas Lima mandou lembranças parceiro.
saule Pred 14 urami
10:36 that was clean AF
oscar de la huja
oscar de la huja Pred 14 urami
4:26 WTF 😂
Mger Melckumyn
Mger Melckumyn Pred 14 urami
Это вот мощь,и сила..и рубака, и может задушить забароть...аа ,Хабиб что скажешь? Или с таких ты обходишь стороной за милю..
Desuke_ Pred 15 urami
Es bueno el manco... literal
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 Pred 15 urami
..fighting some tin cans
Erkin Zlatov
Erkin Zlatov Pred 15 urami
После бойя оверима емилянинко ужасно бойится партера.
Thoriso Mabogoane
Thoriso Mabogoane Pred 15 urami
4:33 the greatest showman on earth.
roge jogan
roge jogan Pred 15 urami
Bellator commentating is so bad. And imagine drawing comparisons to the UFCs fighters. You ever here Rogan or Anik say Wonderbra fights like Bellators MVP lmao
Ruben Stones
Ruben Stones Pred 15 urami
Wow he's right! Way to go!
axton36 Pred 15 urami
So glad Sonnen whipped that POS ass! You are a DICK Silva! Hope you enjoyed your ass kicking. You fucknut!
Ethan Barlow
Ethan Barlow Pred 16 urami
I definitely came for the comments.
Dan O
Dan O Pred 16 urami
0:39 lol?
John Small
John Small Pred 16 urami
4:27 😂
beimir cc
beimir cc Pred 16 urami
Is he allowed to punch with his left?
J J Pred 14 urami
@beimir cc probably but he doesn't have the reach to connect so it's pretty risky
beimir cc
beimir cc Pred 16 urami
Probably right?
lucky5th Pred 16 urami
Last punch was SUPER late
Jermaine Mac
Jermaine Mac Pred 16 urami
Lame!!!! Ass fight !!!!
Alex Pred 16 urami
How is this even a fight
Derrick Terry
Derrick Terry Pred 16 urami
To bad he can’t put a pad on that nub and use it as a club.
Ridho Jambii
Ridho Jambii Pred 16 urami
Dakr jokes🤣🤣🤣
lucky5th Pred 16 urami
Kind of sick seeing so many people reveling in the defeat of someone they have never met and could never beat.
TheSilenc3 Pred 17 urami
1:34 What is his brother screaming. He lost to Chandler