I Shouldn't Have Done This
Making an instagram ad..
Pred 3 leti
Pamela Bogachova
Pamela Bogachova Pred 19 urami
Jeff is hot
Chef Joel
Chef Joel Pred 20 urami
Brielle Glodek
Brielle Glodek Pred 20 urami
i think in the beginning he spelled sisters wrong he spelled it siters
Brielle Glodek
Brielle Glodek Pred 20 urami
he also spelled Charli wrong he spelled it like Charlie
ĀVREE EVANS Pred 20 urami
#GUARDINGYOURTEMPLEII 👑👑 slshow.info/watch/k0Zlud2aAkk/video.html
Pewdiepie P
Pewdiepie P Pred 20 urami
His zip was open during intro Idk why I noticed that lol..
GTK- XB72 Pred 21 uro
Neck looking Phat as always 😼
phoebe huang
phoebe huang Pred 21 uro
noah is so sweet compared to griffen dixie had to ask him out
Aaliyah Escoe
Aaliyah Escoe Pred 21 uro
Arnthor Pred 21 uro
They look like brothers
Naman Khandelwal
Naman Khandelwal Pred 21 uro
When two worlds combine.
Soumil Bhargava
Soumil Bhargava Pred 22 urami
Bruhhhhh Jeff you are dark sometimes
Ulises Liz
Ulises Liz Pred 22 urami
why is nobody talking about the spider on the screen @6:20 i fucking jumped 😂😂
BANGZ Pred 22 urami
hahah she's so fucking classic
Gabriel Grassmayr Too
Gabriel Grassmayr Too Pred 22 urami
Uhh from the title i thought u would kill david😂 i mean ur jeff and u said, that u got him back
Kit Taa
Kit Taa Pred 22 urami
This whole video had such a good vibe until jake Paul came in, was awkward for a minute and left lmao
Ricma Pred 23 urami
2:20 effects ahaahahhahahaa
xethanronsi Pred 23 urami
when the spider crawled down my screen i fucking died
Sheev Pred 23 urami
1:14 a really nice Scary Movie 3 reference
Andre Scolmeister
Andre Scolmeister Pred 23 urami
“Film actress”😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Joe G
Joe G Pred 23 urami
What kind of ten year old weighs 65 pounds
KanyeSouth Pred 23 urami
“This is not bonding this is suicide” another one of vardons quotes
Mr Mobile
Mr Mobile Pred 23 urami
Do Doug the pug
Justin Simmons
Justin Simmons Pred dnevom
Played hockey with his brother last year 🤷‍♂️
luca francis
luca francis Pred dnevom
Whoever doesn’t get this humour I feel very sorry for
Starri night
Starri night Pred dnevom
why do yall think he cute he ugly
Kung fu Benny
Kung fu Benny Pred dnevom
I wonder if Eric Andre ever gets annoyed at people who blatantly copy his content
jamie k
jamie k Pred dnevom
using davids face for views again? damn jeff
Riya !
Riya ! Pred dnevom
What about the fake spider on the screen that I thought was actually on my phone 😭
Marilyn Paez
Marilyn Paez Pred dnevom
*Charli Damelio's sisters boyfriends friend * that was very unnessecary but ok...
Brandon Fischer
Brandon Fischer Pred dnevom
8:12 the lazer beams SENT me lmaooo
lil wlzzey
lil wlzzey Pred dnevom
Vardon try to expose his family tho
GAGE PEELE Pred dnevom
Bro I used to actually like Oliver tree! Dude why are you always getting mad at people for no reason.
Jules B
Jules B Pred dnevom
When Jonah gagged after he spit in the thing😂😂😂😂
uzb ozbsj
uzb ozbsj Pred dnevom
Bro code said bye ✌️
Asu Asu
Asu Asu Pred dnevom
When he said “your hair is literally a bowl” i died
Poor grammostola pulchripes
Poor grammostola pulchripes
Anton Sucic
Anton Sucic Pred dnevom
Jeff looks funny when ur looking him for the side 3:24
Brandon Fischer
Brandon Fischer Pred dnevom
it’s actually really hard to tell what’s real in this episode because nick is a talented actor. reference: real bros of simi valley on facebook watch
Jaxon Willow
Jaxon Willow Pred dnevom
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swish gamer
swish gamer Pred dnevom
my name jeff
Caitlin1!1!1 Pred dnevom
Jeff is like a milder version of Eric Andre
David Ohayon
David Ohayon Pred dnevom
Desperate to the 🦂
tolman larson
tolman larson Pred dnevom
Keep Jonah but make him miserable through out the whole show
Not Ion
Not Ion Pred dnevom
Jeff would knock the shit outta this knock off Walmart version of Cameron dallas lmao
Victor Osorio
Victor Osorio Pred dnevom
5:30 -this is just so i can come back to that part
Jorge Ruiz
Jorge Ruiz Pred dnevom
Keep vardan dog
Tierrah Ball
Tierrah Ball Pred dnevom
i die of laughter everytime i watch jeffs vids he has no filter lmao
Denise Zimmerman
Denise Zimmerman Pred dnevom
Ok ik Jeff's humor and everything and I do actually like it but these vids are just getting annoying, like basically repetitive. I want Jeff, just him and the "client", Jeff's dry humor, by himself, ya know
Andrea Loves you
Andrea Loves you Pred dnevom
I fking love how Lele just always be herself wherever she is and I love how Jeff and Lele’s friendship is back
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Pred dnevom
“This is like Christmas at the foster home. Everyone’s trying to make it better with shitty surprises” lmaooooo
ツArsen Pred dnevom
NOAH sensei . . .
NOAH sensei . . . Pred dnevom
Lana looks dead inside
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis Pred dnevom
Marlyece Sampson
Marlyece Sampson Pred dnevom
I was high asf watching this and tripped out when I saw that ant 😂
Betzy Negron
Betzy Negron Pred dnevom
I thought the spider on the screen was real
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Pred dnevom
this was pretty fucking funny not like the other episodes this was a ggod time more like this
Veronica Anderson
Veronica Anderson Pred dnevom
how did all of the jokes go over this kid's head
Wylie Howey
Wylie Howey Pred dnevom
Jonah singing is the definition of cringe
Daniel Magana-Cardenas
Daniel Magana-Cardenas Pred dnevom
Its funny how whenever Jeff says Jason mamoa a picture comes up that's clearly not Jason mamoa. Lol
XRP Olie
XRP Olie Pred dnevom
Wtf last time I saw vardan he looked like a 4th grader
Squidward Tenticles
Squidward Tenticles Pred dnevom
Is anyone gonna talk about how uncomfortable noah looks 😂
Kayla Kerr
Kayla Kerr Pred dnevom
The way Noah looked a little sad when jonah and vardan were fighting over the pumpkin on the couch was so wholesome
Bobert Bobmundson
Bobert Bobmundson Pred dnevom
The shot of that guy eating the cup of noodles while the fire alarm is going off is basically a direct rip off from the Eric Andre show
Hazel Grace
Hazel Grace Pred dnevom
djmixnmagic Pred dnevom
Fun drinking game: Take a sip everytime Noah says "like." Just a sip, though. Alcohol poisoning is not fun
Sunday Carrillo
Sunday Carrillo Pred dnevom
Omg his hairline no wonder he got that wig in the front of it lmaooo
Paul Dzadu
Paul Dzadu Pred dnevom
That ended off so good
Ale the baby daddy
Ale the baby daddy Pred dnevom
I don't know why but my respect for bryce went 📈📈
Void Stiles
Void Stiles Pred dnevom
Lele pons has Tourette syndrome and I think she has the tics with it bc she hasn’t stayed still this entire video
Ellie Pred dnevom
Man i feel awkward everytime jeff handles his guest. His humor is so unqiue.
Azriell Word
Azriell Word Pred dnevom
Nobody’s talking about how he had cockroaches in the drawer😳
Ugly Chris
Ugly Chris Pred dnevom
Damn Jonah makes this shit so hard to watch now lol whatever character he plays is trash
Arceli Pimentel
Arceli Pimentel Pred dnevom
my brother wants an appointment
Austin O'Branovich
Austin O'Branovich Pred dnevom
This is the first time seeing Vardon in 8 months and he got big asf
Idk Idc
Idk Idc Pred dnevom
Wow it the black man him sekf
Idk Idc
Idk Idc Pred dnevom
Nick/Jonah is so funny
OFF THE AIR Pred dnevom
3:43 jona kept talking while Jeff an duxie starting having a conversation that's When I stated laughing so hard
Duner Gaming
Duner Gaming Pred dnevom
Damn vardons tall
Cc78 Pred dnevom
Jonah is too much. I wish it was just chill, normal interview.
Talia Valencia
Talia Valencia Pred dnevom
did u see dixie's face when nick was just talking about how he always has bad day...lol!!!