I Have Some REALLY Bad News.
Doing What's Right
Pred 3 meseci
First Date Does My Makeup
We Broke Up.
Pred 9 meseci
Never Doing This Again.
Pred 2 leti
Shelena Akther
Shelena Akther Pred 22 urami
M. Y. F. R. E. N. D. L. O. V. E. N. T. A K. N. O . W. S. W. H. O., s. @jeffrystar
Adrian Kaleja
Adrian Kaleja Pred 22 urami
Jeffstar your cancelled so stop makeing videos
Geetanjali Saha vbiotonian
Geetanjali Saha vbiotonian Pred 22 urami
The beautiful ebony girl 6:26 is was the only good in this video
Nicolle Pred 22 urami
We all no what Shane meant when he said "but it looks like...." if you dont your to young.
Y O Pred 22 urami
This reminds me of the documentary ’The Queen of Versailles’. I hope this ends better considering the make-up industry is suffering at the moment
legends grace
legends grace Pred 22 urami
Wish you to have a great life to style all your birkins and others
Tor Bad
Tor Bad Pred 22 urami
Since when did jeffree do his brows?
mea sayson
mea sayson Pred 22 urami
the second color looks so good
XxGacha RosexX
XxGacha RosexX Pred 22 urami
not to be rude but i would be gay only for your life *Nathan has left the chat*
nina xxx
nina xxx Pred 22 urami
there are so many hate comments here... just here to say that answering hate with hate does not make you look peaceful nor good.
joanna jamerson
joanna jamerson Pred 22 urami
What..bad news
mia's ASMR
mia's ASMR Pred 22 urami
How dare you make him destroy his pallet I think he didn’t want to do that you slot
Marsjanka SailorMars
Marsjanka SailorMars Pred 22 urami
Sailor moon always be my favorite anime
Karyn Siemering
Karyn Siemering Pred 22 urami
That Blue is so pretty on you! Why aren't you wearing blue lipstick too?These are all yummy-delish but Ice tray & Blue Monday are my favorites.
Daymien plays games
Daymien plays games Pred 22 urami
Who's here after the laryee video🥺
EyeOfTheLauren Pred 22 urami
“...sitting on a velvet ottoman on my giant bear trap like an Afghan hound....nyaaaaaaae”
tonkacat Pred 22 urami
Omg hardly anyone is wearing a mask.
khole beliza
khole beliza Pred 23 urami
can someone answer me? is jefree star a man or woman???????
lorin .
lorin . Pred 23 urami
we don’t really care about you bb 😽😽
cookie267 Pred 23 urami
whoever filmed this needs to take them tremor pils for the shaky hands, and stop filming like hes inside a fish tank... terrible quality video, JS should invest in someone professional and who knows how to use a tripod, or a shoulder cam
lorin .
lorin . Pred 23 urami
iiqldin Pred 23 urami
who is here after their break up 🤭
Tomura Shigraki
Tomura Shigraki Pred 23 urami
Yasss culture appropriation thx “queen” 6:50
vanaikee Pred 23 urami
Jeffree Makes Me Laugh NON-STOP idk why
Erica Jones
Erica Jones Pred 23 urami
Girl the brown and green hair... your edges look boss babe! 😍🤍
Kathleen Mason
Kathleen Mason Pred 23 urami
I hope your little fur baby enjoys his life with you as he heals.
Jose Lechuga
Jose Lechuga Pred 23 urami
Jeffery when I'm an adult can I be in one of your video and I've been here since 4k
Simona Mozūraitytė
Simona Mozūraitytė Pred 23 urami
not the james pallete omg i woud've take that :'(
Night Star
Night Star Pred 23 urami
I wish I had money to buy everything but sadly I don’t! I have been a stay home mom for over 16 years and I’m happy for it but broke ! 😅
nina diamondschovel
nina diamondschovel Pred dnevom
When i saw the lipstick thingy close up i just wanted to bite it i know im weird
The Muze Family
The Muze Family Pred dnevom
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Dad Pred dnevom
*jeffree star being pulled on a 80,000 dollar versace sled by 6 Pomeranians*
Gorgeous Girl
Gorgeous Girl Pred dnevom
360$ And nowhere does what brush stand for? Wow she really didn't bother with the product.....
Adrienne Fontaine
Adrienne Fontaine Pred dnevom
For all our Nanas, the best person in my life
morgan Weatherwax
morgan Weatherwax Pred dnevom
The zooming in and out is driving me insane!! Where is Christian
Karen Grosso
Karen Grosso Pred dnevom
He is the must self-obsorbed materialistic person. Started watching for the makeup and reviews but now it's just a stage for his ego. I won't buy a thing of his and support this excessive over the top lifestyle. I can see why Nate left.
chevy royalty
chevy royalty Pred dnevom
You should make a dog cosmetics palet
miss waffless
miss waffless Pred dnevom
Don’t mind checking out the distract we’re all waiting for you :)
jeffree: we broke up nikkie: i'm trans james: i found my foundation color
Yuli K
Yuli K Pred dnevom
Can your camera men stop zoom in and out like crazy... And - cancers bacteria 😂😆😂😆😂😆
Yasmeen Soboh
Yasmeen Soboh Pred dnevom
kapsasy Pred dnevom
Jeffree Star said Ni- Oop 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Bobbie Jo Ashton
Bobbie Jo Ashton Pred dnevom
💕Love & Support you alway's💕 ⭐JEFFREE⭐ !!!
Anna Leigh
Anna Leigh Pred dnevom
Jeffree come get me bitch I’m so bored here lol I loved this video!
Colin Brown
Colin Brown Pred dnevom
What are your thoughts on becoming a SLshow animation via Meat Canyon or Canon. 🌟
Leona Pred dnevom
slshow.info/watch/IdGWdWE7-k8/video.html You think that you can do everything you want just because you're famous? Imagine suporting this man, seriously.
Knoxx Onwood
Knoxx Onwood Pred dnevom
Vote yes to Domi having pups! You have to do a video of you choosing a sire! X
DODO BLINCK Pred dnevom
Wtf is that FUK you 🤨
Maria Julie
Maria Julie Pred dnevom
Their bronzer is a no no for me.
Flossy Brown
Flossy Brown Pred dnevom
Be strong JS!!!!!!! WE all love you!! xxxxx
Marta Hardt
Marta Hardt Pred dnevom
Ok I like him but why are people praising him for remembering the cashier's name and basically acting like a semi-decent human being? Should be a given. It's sad that we accept less than dignified behavior from the rich and/or famous and when one of them acts NORMAL, it's like "Woooow! Let's give him the damn Nobel Peace Prize!" 😖
Mikeila Carlos
Mikeila Carlos Pred dnevom
Jeffree has been the most extra person in the world!
alyssa vazquez
alyssa vazquez Pred dnevom
So like...just build your own house? Lmfaoo
Ivan Tulumovic
Ivan Tulumovic Pred dnevom
Are Shane and Jeffree still talking?
Ivan Tulumovic
Ivan Tulumovic Pred dnevom
Are Shane and Jeffree still talking?
Sheri S.
Sheri S. Pred dnevom
You're so awesome, Jeffrey, thx 4always keeping it real 💙🙋🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️💖🧡💛💚💜
Sheri S.
Sheri S. Pred dnevom
You're so awesome, Jeffrey, thx 4always keeping it real 💙🙋🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️💖🧡💛💚💜
New Mexico 007
New Mexico 007 Pred dnevom
Not showing any hate but ...... saying how ...... “how hard life is for you “ over and over again ..... makes me a little upset .... I lost my mother my rock my cheerleader in life a year ago .... my husband best friend lover and accomplice in life 6 months ago ... and my brother best friend my secret keeper and my ride or die 3 months ago .... I live in constant depression and I am literally going crazy .... seeing your hard times remodeling makes me sad .... I would live in a box if I could have my loved ones back ..... I wish you happiness even if you were to live a humble life ... things are not important believe me .... material things have real no value when you have no one to share it with anymore
Kidist's Corner
Kidist's Corner Pred dnevom
Kathy Morris
Kathy Morris Pred dnevom
Rain Bailey
Rain Bailey Pred dnevom
They are so cute together
Jbearave R
Jbearave R Pred dnevom
So did u wonder... If there is cannabis CBD oil for cáncer treatment for dogs?? I heard much on how it sabes the day.
Miho Olivo
Miho Olivo Pred dnevom
why do they look so alike
amber escobeco
amber escobeco Pred dnevom
The true glam&gore - watch video slshow.info/watch/MiNn1cxT77g/video.html She hates the gay community 🤷‍♀️ Barf
Nataly Rodriguez
Nataly Rodriguez Pred dnevom
I missed your videos so much 😩
Althea Magno
Althea Magno Pred dnevom
idk but the new packaging of the lipstick is kinda like kylie skin product?
izzy ha
izzy ha Pred 23 urami
How?? There are literally no similarities
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood Pred dnevom
Can’t wait to see your house when it’s done
p e a c h y
p e a c h y Pred dnevom
nell padchonga
nell padchonga Pred dnevom
hate the cameraman
Nataly Rodriguez
Nataly Rodriguez Pred dnevom
I love you 🥺💗💕🙌🏻 sending you all the positive vibes and wishes
GAME CRIZLE Pred dnevom
“Posing like an afghan hound”
Bettynka 29
Bettynka 29 Pred dnevom
GAME CRIZLE Pred dnevom
“Posing like an afghan hound”
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns Pred dnevom
I actually really like their brand believe. It hasn't disappointed me yet. Except the mascara wands. I've tried them all and only like the gold one. The setting spray is awesome.
grace lol
grace lol Pred dnevom
k i hate u but can u do another ASMR
Peggy Pred dnevom
Jeffree, Jesus loves you /John 3:16/ We all need to get right with God.
Jordan Friedrich
Jordan Friedrich Pred dnevom
This video will remain iconic.Life is wild,but these were good times queens.🤘💯💓
Olivia Martinez
Olivia Martinez Pred dnevom
Jefffres lips are his worts lips on my best Lips lmao xx
April Chavez
April Chavez Pred dnevom
Drill Sergeant the lipstick oh my God no you didn't.lol love him
Conversations with Kat
Conversations with Kat Pred dnevom
That is so much work 😫 I don't know if I could get through it while I was home.. I'd have to live somewhere else and check in on occasion