Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. Pred 7 urami
Jeff is correct but most don’t seem to comprehend, controlling the line of scrimmage “WINS” football games not Zeke, not DakZilla, not the Red Rifleman and which ever other one player you fanboys like.
Werner Rodas
Werner Rodas Pred 7 urami
I like watching max and Stephen A but come on they not built to talk MMA
ManoMagic101 Pred 7 urami
Looked to me that AD wouldn’t miss a midrange shot he throughout these whole playoffs lol
Isax671 AINA
Isax671 AINA Pred 7 urami
These Guys don’t know anything about MMA , But their opinions about Fighters . Sounds like they talking about NBA players.
Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins Pred 7 urami
Browns problem is defense!!! The bengals put 35 up on us!
Michael Addy
Michael Addy Pred 7 urami
What will happen to Fitzpatrick
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Pred 7 urami
How many of y’all know that’s Mike Thomas’s uncle tho?
Ladarius Brooks
Ladarius Brooks Pred 7 urami
Max Kellerman doesn't know what he talking about
Peter Wang
Peter Wang Pred 7 urami
Lemme guess... Danny Green is in this video for the Least Efficient Shooter
Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins Pred 7 urami
To give up on baker would be nuts!! he has won more games than the previous 3 seasons before he came!
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. Pred 7 urami
Doesn’t matter who starts DakZilla or the Red Rifleman, the Dallas CowMen will continue to get the 💩 kicked out of them.
Jacob BG
Jacob BG Pred 7 urami
Noob espn
king sly
king sly Pred 7 urami
This dude perkins in the 69 of analysts
bambam Pred 7 urami
Stephen "NOT A SCRUB" Smith.
Felix Natanael
Felix Natanael Pred 7 urami
Khabib looks annoyed by the questions. The questions focused on the future fight after this fight with gaethje. Right now there is only 1 fight linger in khabib's mind, he is focus on gaethje.
lardotx Pred 7 urami
him and deshaun w are the same. just have a roll out. they arent even looking at defenses.
Adrian Grey
Adrian Grey Pred 7 urami
As a fan I've been reading Tuas been balling sincr training camp so this isn't a shock he just needs time to practice with the first team because he hasn't in months and only because Fitz mother tragically passed away
SNSRoblox Pred 7 urami
I think the dolphins can win and become a wild card team with Tua. I think he will become a good quarterback and I'm excited to watch him
Trae Fittz
Trae Fittz Pred 7 urami
Royal Ramble
Royal Ramble Pred 7 urami
Easy to say when you had a big 3.. this mans goal is winning a championship challenge set by kobe.. hes gotta do it.
Keith Day
Keith Day Pred 7 urami
I wouldn't be surprised if MJ used his superstar status to pull some strings in getting Mr. Thomas off the Dream Team, that's just the nature of the beast 😡 sad to say the least.🏀🏀🏀🏀
lxquid Pred 7 urami
I think tua will pick the dolphins back up
AJ Pred 7 urami
They aren't down at at all...
OUR KULTURE entrepreneur BALTIMORE Pred 7 urami
This sound stupid fire him after one season he didn't even get his own players in their yet let alone covid season cmon yall can't b real
Chris Knez
Chris Knez Pred 7 urami
IDK Michael Jordon is the all time NBA GOAT. Le Baron will NEVER be #1
Paulina Wlazło
Paulina Wlazło Pred 7 urami
Come back to me 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ Pred 7 urami
As of 21.10.2020 and James winning his 4th ring, i think this should be the list - even tho i'm against rating a player before he's done playing: 1) MJ 2) Lebron 3) Kareem 4) Russell 5) Magic
Osas Pred 7 urami
Bruh I thought Giannis would own the post but I suppose Lebron been doing it longer
Meghraj - Chargers Diehard Fan From India #BoltUp
Meghraj - Chargers Diehard Fan From India #BoltUp Pred 7 urami
Excited for week 10 Herbie vs Tua 🔥💪 Best of luck to Tua and dolphins fanbase from Chargers fan
K B Pred 7 urami
To anyone who watched Dragic in the playoffs does not believe that stat
Andrew A
Andrew A Pred 7 urami
So this video is a bunch of Cowboys fans proving Stephen A Smith right. And they have the self-awareness of a Kardashian.
Lasean Gary
Lasean Gary Pred 7 urami
Steven you just got owned on your own show ,as you do a lot of times as you do a lot of times
Gregory Hester
Gregory Hester Pred 7 urami
Take the money the bucks are still playoff material just need a few pieces to be solid contenders and he still young in 5 years will still be young take the money bro and invest in taking care of you’re body like Lebron and reach you’re peak by having a Mamba Mentality. Build you’re brand then chase chips after deal. But for now work on your weaknesses and study watch film to build IQ and understand how teams defend you become obsessive
Osas Pred 7 urami
That’s incredible
Mithralnuggets Pred 7 urami
Khabib is an idiot. Has nothing upstairs if you know what I mean.
JGSPN Show Pred 7 urami
The Dolphins obviously saw something in practice that led them to believe Tua can help them win NOW.
AJ Pred 7 urami
Honestly if Tua plays well there is a possinle Miami Dolphins playoffs. There's a huge difference between them and the Jets and it's clealry coaching and management. They were equals not to long ago but one is getting better and the other is getting worse.
Сания Даирова
Сания Даирова Pred 7 urami
Жалпы ақпарат жаңалықтар мен оқиғалар
NLE Ghost
NLE Ghost Pred 7 urami
Early gang✌
Willie Bell
Willie Bell Pred 7 urami
1 on 1 LBJ will be MJ facts
Baker only had 18 Pass Attempts and Threw 2 INTs that Absolutely Horrible. If Baker is the Starting QB Next Season that would be Shocking. Well maybe not Shocking it is the Cleveland Browns. There is no Promise Land like R C mentioned Baker with the Browns there will never be any Promise Land more like Trash Land. 😂😂
BC Pred 7 urami
Westbrick always has that mad face on because hes always missing jumpshots
Mohammed Awwal Sanni - Oba
Mohammed Awwal Sanni - Oba Pred 7 urami
@kingbanksss delusional
kingbanksss Pred 7 urami
Nope, because hes a beast 😈
Alston Keenan Lie
Alston Keenan Lie Pred 7 urami
Alston Keenan Lie
Alston Keenan Lie Pred 7 urami
STB.JAY_ Pred 7 urami
Like this for no reason
The-Real-Chase Pred 7 urami
Aarya Ramesh
Aarya Ramesh Pred 7 urami
Cabedia Robinson
Cabedia Robinson Pred 7 urami
Lasean Gary
Lasean Gary Pred 7 urami
Stephen a you sound like a little girl just like Swagoo said. Your emotions mean nothing
Ming W
Ming W Pred 7 urami
Isiah Thomas dislikes this
Angela Newman Mya Sims
Angela Newman Mya Sims Pred 7 urami
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Mitch mac
Mitch mac Pred 7 urami
I actually like adam gase. ....and his cocaine!
Uno Paz
Uno Paz Pred 7 urami
if Danny Green is not here im gonna dislike
Tom Sutton
Tom Sutton Pred 7 urami
How about those Hunter Biden emails?
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Pred 7 urami
King Henry 🚂 💨💨💪🏾💪🏾
BC Pred 7 urami
Before I watch the video Im gonna guess that westbrick is the worst, am I right?
SoBanked- Pred 7 urami
OBJ to the Patriots
V K Pred 7 urami
Trade Matt Ryan start fresh with haskin @falcons coming from a packers fan!
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson Pred 7 urami
Stats rings amd awards. Thats it. Mikes killing almost every player in 2 outta 3 of my categorys listed. Say any names. Lebron, Bill, Wilt, Magic, kareem, or Bird. Mike has more awards than all 6 i believe. Hes got more rings than 5 of the 6. And stats wise id say jordan stats are just as good if not better than all these guys. Even before he was injured at 35 on the wizards he was doing 25 5 and 6 i believe in the mvp convo. Hes gotta be the goat.
ZSgamer(Minecraft) Pred 7 urami
suprised siakiam wasent on the least efficent 3 pt shooting
Keith Day
Keith Day Pred 7 urami
Bulls hands down!!!
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus Pred 7 urami
Lol wasn't Damian lillard supposed to be better than Steph curry?
Chaya Becker Belen Acosta
Chaya Becker Belen Acosta Pred 7 urami
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
pim b
pim b Pred 7 urami
I like the mavericks, but I think this is a bit too high, unless they make some off-season moves
Dappdaddy666 Pred 7 urami
...the problem is Jerry Jones 4real 4real, HOWEVER it’s a bad hire 😳💯✔️👎🏿...
hip hop fiend
hip hop fiend Pred 7 urami
I think if Loma had of been more aggressive in beginning of the fight, it would have played alot differently. Because he was down in points, it lead to his desperation in rounds 8-12 which caused him to put himself in harm's way for a knock down/out. I think Lopez's corner out coached Loma's and Lopez himself fought a great fight! But Loma is still my guy, hope there is a rematch in the works!
Zack Martin
Zack Martin Pred 7 urami
All I’m going to say is the closest the Rockets got to a championship ..... was when CP3 was running the offense in 2018
zaheer abdulla
zaheer abdulla Pred 7 urami
Someone must teach this guy what it means to be "cold".
StupidNub Pred 7 urami
Giannis can't handle the pressure. Look, he's a great player, potentially the league's most dominant player. Yet, he hasn't performed well in the playoffs, and even if you don't agree completely, you can at least agree that he doesn't have an "extra-gear" he can tap into in the playoffs (yet (and possibly never (no guarantees))). If he's traded to a team where he'd be the sole contributor to bringing a championship, he won't be able handle the media, the tension, the change in atmosphere, the higher stakes, the change in pace, aggressive defense of the playoffs, etc. There's only 1 team he can go to that would "take care of the pressure" for him and ensure no weight of responsibility is on him, and give him a supplementary super star role, and that's Golden State, but they won't pay him top dollar. He's also not a ring chaser, he doesn't seem to want it so bad that's he's willing to take hits. Lebron becoming Villain, Durant becoming Villain. He don't want that. If he goes to heat, first of all it would mirror the move Lebron made, so that's socially awkward for him, that would destabilize him more. Second, he'd be the new "duo" with Jimmy butler, and being a duo can be too much for some people too, *cough* Paul *Cough* George. Take the money, bring in Chris Paul or Rondo. Point Guard's playmaking ability is really underrate nowadays.
sleepingtiger Pred 7 urami
ESPN why didn't you put the full interview?
gary m
gary m Pred 7 urami
When you let the guy go that's winning you superbowls that should tell you something. WAKE UP COWBOY FANS!
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez Pred 7 urami
Don’t care about the winner but., Kershaw make Dallas proud
Kadene Fields
Kadene Fields Pred 7 urami
Ok but Max.. What are you talking about?? 🤔🤔
Mohammed Awwal Sanni - Oba
Mohammed Awwal Sanni - Oba Pred 7 urami
people blamed Giannis too much for losing to the heat when guys the second best player cant even make layups
Ryan Jessen
Ryan Jessen Pred 7 urami
PAUL pierce can you shutup
Ugiçi Pred 7 urami
LeBron is b**** made why would you ever expect him to behave like a man
Jamirimaj Pred 7 urami
The only debate is when exactly did he claimed the greatest shooter of all time title? My take is after that legendary OKC game.
Ralph Pred 7 urami
They just don’t get it, it doesn’t matter what LeBron will do, you can’t undo 6 finals losses, you can’t undo what he did against Dallas and how the Spurs destroyed him and the Miami Heat the last time. LeBron is great, but can we please stop comparing him to MJ
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma Pred 7 urami
This list is garbage.
Tiago Etset
Tiago Etset Pred 7 urami
wayne beendope
wayne beendope Pred 7 urami
harden should go to another team
Steve Sheldon
Steve Sheldon Pred 7 urami
OMG, I just agreed with Spike Lee for the first time in my life.