nuyou21 Pred 22 urami
🤯 Damn, it’s Apple Season! Tim  take my money, again! 💰😂
V A Pred 22 urami
Disclaimer....if you can afford it lol
Pranav Ravi
Pranav Ravi Pred 22 urami
For education iPad air 4 is good can u answer please please
Kartik Bahekar
Kartik Bahekar Pred 22 urami
a 5 minute "review"? wow,, we get more in depth info on vergecast lmao
𝓜𝓲𝓰𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓓
𝓜𝓲𝓰𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓓 Pred 22 urami
Salvation is a free gift.When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption. Jesus died for our past, present ,and future sins on the cross ,was buried ,and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.
Geronimo Pictures
Geronimo Pictures Pred 22 urami
I know where these stains on the back of the iPad are coming from... xD
Anirban Ghosh
Anirban Ghosh Pred 22 urami
this guy has no clue what he is talking about
Budo Bašović
Budo Bašović Pred 22 urami
This will probably be my next iPad, probably in a couple of years when it + Pencil 2 are like $3-400 used. This is the reality for many of us.
ULTRA Thanos
ULTRA Thanos Pred 22 urami
Ls Ngu
Ls Ngu Pred 22 urami
iPad Air 2020: What’s an iPad Pro?
L H Pred 22 urami
Dieter! Hero!!!
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma Pred 22 urami
Once more the sith shall rule the tech reviews! 1:27 lol
TimBo Pred 22 urami
How is that QUALCOMM modem? I have the previous iPad Air and it is often slow, slow, slow when loading videos and other things. Been that way since day one.
Sharif Pred 22 urami
Tanay Pai
Tanay Pai Pred 22 urami
anyone know where i can get the wallpaper? not there on the link in the description
Anav Mahajan
Anav Mahajan Pred 22 urami
5:00 you get quad speakers on iPad Air. Didn’t you see the speaker grills on all four sides?
Adam L
Adam L Pred 22 urami
You don't....Apple has just created speaker grills, but only 2 actually have speakers. The other 2 are for show only...just like the bottom of the iPhone...
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Pred 22 urami
Adam L
Adam L Pred 22 urami
TouchID doesn't impress me if you have to press to unlock...!!!
Ade Molajo
Ade Molajo Pred 22 urami
As an iPad Pro user... that bezel is jarring!
Ray A E Parker
Ray A E Parker Pred 22 urami
I'm still rocking the OG iPad Air 1 nearly 8 years on. It's slowed down so much that you can't use much but it's perfect for my sheet music and watching SLshow.
Unfazed Pred 22 urami
This or tab s7 if I have a note 20 ultra ?
Logan Hovdestad
Logan Hovdestad Pred 22 urami
At least there’s still a power adapter included
Corado Cotuna
Corado Cotuna Pred 22 urami
Ipads are not great for videos and Netflix due to the aspect ratio .....
Adam Badri
Adam Badri Pred 22 urami
Y J Pred 22 urami
The Verge is Dieter and Dieter is the Verge
Sarah Aitmouha
Sarah Aitmouha Pred 22 urami
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
The Man
The Man Pred 22 urami
price strategy is confusing there should have been a 128gb variant
jacob white
jacob white Pred 22 urami
am I the only one who has no intentions of buying this but I will watch because I love watching tech videos
ttorroo Pred 22 urami
i just got ipad 7th gen last december, so this is hurt my heart
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Pred 22 urami
fall in love and get ditched and this would seem ok then
Nekminute Pred 22 urami
Not an Apple thats for sure
chu lao
chu lao Pred 22 urami
Dieter has been busy.
shauhardo khan
shauhardo khan Pred 22 urami
i am #720 liker
Renato Gomes canal
Renato Gomes canal Pred 22 urami
buy the old ipad pro !!! done
ramtin vedadi
ramtin vedadi Pred 22 urami
I love verge but I don't know why I hate nilay
Jake D
Jake D Pred 22 urami
Awesome review
Kellan Stevens
Kellan Stevens Pred 22 urami
I think I’m going to sell my iPad Pro 2017 10.5”, and I’ll buy the Air 4, I always thought I would need pro motion but I really don’t care anymore
Adam L
Adam L Pred 22 urami
you will once you go back to a 60Hz display...!
Gabriel Haslinger
Gabriel Haslinger Pred 22 urami
I thought it has quad speakers...?
The next Justin Y
The next Justin Y Pred 22 urami
Apple 2 years later: *Ipad air pro max s+ 25 inch display 2022*
Manav Goswami
Manav Goswami Pred 22 urami
No.... Air and pro can nevr be merged
JustTrying Pred 22 urami
@1:27 looks so Creepy..goood lol
PandaDad Pred 22 urami
Wait that's blue?!?!
Super Okapi
Super Okapi Pred 22 urami
Dieter, smudges, please.
Mumtaz Tuasikal
Mumtaz Tuasikal Pred 22 urami
Dieter on every iPad video : "iT's aN iPaD!"
EjaxPlus Pred 22 urami
I am on ipad air 2. Is it worth the upgrade?
Tristen Menzies
Tristen Menzies Pred 22 urami
So basically if you own an iPhone 11 Pro...there’s no reason to upgrade yet
Daniel Duff
Daniel Duff Pred 22 urami
ChandyTech Pred 22 urami
Ipad Air vs Galaxy tab s6...review please
Justin Zetzer
Justin Zetzer Pred 22 urami
A used iPad Pro is a far better value. If you upgrade your storage on the new iPad Air, you’re only $50 away from the base 2020 iPad Pro with 128GB of storage. Are you fine with 64GB? Buy a previous gen iPad Pro. You’re missing out on so much with this iPad Air (high refresh rate which can help save battery life, FaceID, quad LED flash, etc). A used iPad Pro 2018 model can be bought for a pretty good price as well. I bought a used 2017 10.5” iPad Pro for $550 earlier this year, 256GB cellular model that included the Apple keyboard case.
Livvux Pred 22 urami
No 120 Hz and you have to buy the charging cable extra? WTF!!!
Bindu Sibi
Bindu Sibi Pred 22 urami
It's a good reveiw I like it✌️👍
reapzzer Pred 22 urami
For that longevity thing, boy can I atest to that. I bought the "New" iPad (or the 3rd one) at relase and it is still used in my house to this day for basic tasks. That's 8 years of non stop use and the battery isn't even bad
pumpuppthevolume Pred 22 urami
Rusty Cabbage
Rusty Cabbage Pred 22 urami
If you have an 11 keep the 11.
nazhif1 Pred 22 urami
The TouchID seems like it's the same speed as the older TouchID on the 5S. You gotta click the home button once then rest your finger on it for a moment.
FavoriteTechX Pred 22 urami
Shlok Chandak
Shlok Chandak Pred 22 urami
The true ipad experience comes with the accesories and when you take all those onto count it's almost a $1100 machine.
1 Trompet
1 Trompet Pred 22 urami
Still better value for money than the iphone 12
Anthony Mathias
Anthony Mathias Pred 22 urami
Who else had to do a double take to check on the cat in the first 20 seconds
Mishmellowman Pred 22 urami
My wallet nooooooooooo 🦕🦗🕸🙊🐧🙉🐞🐧🦋🐤🕷🐔🐤
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Pred 22 urami
Moral of the Story: The latest iPad Air is what we were waiting for. Except it is still expensive in India. And everywhere around the world, I’m sure.
Garrett Wease
Garrett Wease Pred 22 urami
Great review. Dieter has been working hard.
Rajiv Raniga
Rajiv Raniga Pred 22 urami
1:27 Palpatine!? Since when did you go from conquering the galaxy to reviewing tech?
Flav Pred 22 urami
5:04 Dieter reminding us all to VOTE!
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Pred 22 urami
Cats are the best to test Technology. Where else will you get to do a Scratch Resistance and Drop Test without calling someone to do it?
Ivan John Viray
Ivan John Viray Pred 22 urami
Yes finally!!!
Adarsh Bhavihal
Adarsh Bhavihal Pred 22 urami
Thank you Apple for turning of the Camera During My Online Exams.
Flav Pred 22 urami
The touch ID system on the power button is just plain weird
Leo D. Astoria
Leo D. Astoria Pred 22 urami
What's a computer?
Garrett Wease
Garrett Wease Pred 22 urami
Lmao usb c is slowly driving Dieter insane
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Pred 22 urami
You know it’s a Herr Dieter video where there is a confluence of Cats and Tech.
Manu Nr
Manu Nr Pred 22 urami
purspike Pred 22 urami
00:23 CAT!
sudipto das
sudipto das Pred 22 urami
5:26 he said the thing! LOL
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Pred 22 urami
I love how Herr Dieter is on a Zoom Call with a Cat. 😂
Michael Pruett
Michael Pruett Pred 22 urami
Did MKBHD give you some shooting at home tips.....? This video looks extra crispy! Great work Verge Video team and of course Dieter.
Shem Wesley
Shem Wesley Pred 22 urami
Good stuff in there .
Tyler Nicks
Tyler Nicks Pred 22 urami
Since when did apple take away the headphone jack in the iphones????
Victor Ziegler
Victor Ziegler Pred 22 urami
Any idea as to why the camera turns off in multitask when using zoom or teams? Could this be solved? Because this is a real pain. I’m a university student and I always have one side teams and one side pdf...
Little Mac
Little Mac Pred 22 urami
Ok as a android user I gotta ask you apple users how endless is your wallet
Dave Lee
Dave Lee Pred 22 urami
5 minutes 27 Seconds to hear 'It's an iPad!" Stop trolling us Dieter!
Fed Donovan
Fed Donovan Pred 22 urami
review the galaxy tab s7 plus
Johnny Shore
Johnny Shore Pred 22 urami
Wow the new iPhone pro max sir lite deluxe 5G 0.2 , is so cool
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee Pred 22 urami
1:27 LOL
Shadhana Ningthoujam
Shadhana Ningthoujam Pred 22 urami
Hey marques
chu lao
chu lao Pred 22 urami
Can you send me a free like?
Manoj Varghese Mathew
Manoj Varghese Mathew Pred 22 urami
Haha 😆
PRAVEEN SV Pred 22 urami
You missed to add face I'd on the main three points
Shreya Sundarrajan
Shreya Sundarrajan Pred 22 urami