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Daniela Sofia Prado Pinzon
Daniela Sofia Prado Pinzon Pred 21 uro
YOU ARE THE BEST MOM!!!!! Stormy is so lucky to have you as mom! LUV YOUUUU!!!!!
Daniela Sofia Prado Pinzon
Daniela Sofia Prado Pinzon Pred 21 uro
I just think that you are so nice that I will ask my dad to buy you makeup pallet and some base and lipstick
HoneyBunny Bunny
HoneyBunny Bunny Pred 21 uro
What a great mother she has a very sweet and polite child 🥺
molly margaret
molly margaret Pred 21 uro
if my child isnt like stormi i dont want it.
Chari Carrizosas
Chari Carrizosas Pred 22 urami
Daniela Sofia Prado Pinzon
Daniela Sofia Prado Pinzon Pred 22 urami
stormy told me " you are broke" in 10000000 leguages lol
Shahad Ali
Shahad Ali Pred 22 urami
0:50 لو انها عندنا كان صقعتها بالخلاط هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
Hanifa Ali
Hanifa Ali Pred 22 urami
U know she is well trained when she says mommy after every sentence
Ilaria Moscagiuri
Ilaria Moscagiuri Pred 22 urami
I love you kylie
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma Pred 22 urami
Why don't the Kardashians--Jenners call Kris Jenner their mom
Evania A
Evania A Pred 22 urami
Stormy: give me a towel pls Kylie: oop now we’re cleaning 🧹 Me: awwwww
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma Pred 22 urami
She is 24 and almost a billionaire
Alicia Ortiz
Alicia Ortiz Pred 22 urami
Lil stormy is my fav gurl you too but she’s soooooooo cute 🥰 she said eggs are underneath aka her armpit
김안나 Pred 22 urami
Kylie is a best mom 🥰
Sohaila Sohaila
Sohaila Sohaila Pred 22 urami
who else was feeling hungry while watching this? 😂
T Syd
T Syd Pred 22 urami
I give her mad respect now! She is really a great business woman and mom.
Joey Ross
Joey Ross Pred 22 urami
Stormi ugly af
Cj L
Cj L Pred 22 urami
It's the "HI HARRYY" for me
madi chisholm
madi chisholm Pred 23 urami
“u gonna keep it there?” about the booger😭
Fe Edenburga
Fe Edenburga Pred 23 urami
Hi kyle Hope u notice my message. By the way iam mother of 4 children which your fan and always watching ur videos.and because of that iam also hook on your videos iam also watching all of ur videos ... I just wanna ask if u can give my kids something they can use in their online schooling.. i can afford to Buy now coz i have no work because of pandemic since march until now no work..hope this coming christmass they have gift... Thank u hope u notice my message just for my kids.. by theway iam nette,from philippines here my email address [email protected] ... Thank u have have a nice day
Anina Bruccoleri
Anina Bruccoleri Pred 23 urami
Is Kylie still dating travis because she said her and daddy will the the other minions so who is daddy
isa Pred 23 urami
The fact she said "we need towels PLEASE" shows the values Kylie teaches her <3
Anna Carolina Bernardo
Anna Carolina Bernardo Pred 23 urami
They're so cute
Aisha A
Aisha A Pred 23 urami
Kylie was a brat to her parents and never listened to them and disrespected them but stormi is the opposite
Seher Ak
Seher Ak Pred 23 urami
Türkiye den selamlar 🤗
علي الاسدي
علي الاسدي Pred 23 urami
You 're made me laughing 😂because you and your husband the same.There is no different between you and him .He looks like the female. Did he a gay☻
Maya Tamang
Maya Tamang Pred 23 urami
Stormi is too cute...Honestly i just focused on her and her cute little reactions and talks...
sajitha hamsa
sajitha hamsa Pred 23 urami
She has kendall's smile in clickbait❤️❤️
Fatima Ezzahra Fenniche
Fatima Ezzahra Fenniche Pred 23 urami
“Peace out camera” ahhhhhh 😍
The trends that Kylie perpetuates are dangerous, especially when they're built on narcissism. She is constantly posting selfie after selfie and photoshopping a startling amount of them, and this brand breeds the idea that self-obsession and your physical appearance is more important than anything else. For younger girls, this might influence them to believe that this is the path to success, versus having an education or a career. She posts nearly a dozen pictures of herself every week, wearing makeup and clothing that is too expensive for most teenagers to even dream of. While she's glorifying her rich girl lifestyle, her ego is on display in every picture she posts or adds to her story, and it's why she has become so problematic for younger girls especially.
Purabi Saikia
Purabi Saikia Pred 23 urami
Peace out camera😂😂
lianna G
lianna G Pred 23 urami
Stormies the cutest I cant stand her shiny big eyes I love her so much and Kylie , have a good Halloween y'all ✨
mariela Pred 23 urami
stormi's the cutest
aya ayaat
aya ayaat Pred 23 urami
Black Park
Black Park Pred 23 urami
Cutest girl ever 🎀 God bless you stormi 🍥🍫
Kasturi Bhagawati
Kasturi Bhagawati Pred 23 urami
Her fingers and nails, OMG!! 😍😍
Neeti Mohan
Neeti Mohan Pred 23 urami
Kris Jenner is so beautiful
lylotss Pred 23 urami
imagine driving on the highway and you see Kylie riding next you lmao
Stacey Jane
Stacey Jane Pred 23 urami
Ah this is so great!
Ross stat
Ross stat Pred dnevom
I'm not a big Kardashian fan but she seems to be raising a lovely polite little girl
Charly Donuts
Charly Donuts Pred dnevom
La tormenta 😌
Diba Dgt
Diba Dgt Pred dnevom
I love that stormy is an adorable and amazing sous chef
Diba Dgt
Diba Dgt Pred dnevom
I feel like stormy is the cutest baby in the world right now
weird. N
weird. N Pred dnevom
my mom: no one cooks with a full face. of makeup Kylie:am i a joke to you
Lavender Kettleburn
Lavender Kettleburn Pred dnevom
When you are so rich that you call your old dressing gown a ‘sexy robe’ 😂 love you kylie!
Totally Safiyyah Mohamed
Totally Safiyyah Mohamed Pred dnevom
Kylie is so lovable and nice aww. man
Aaliyah major
Aaliyah major Pred dnevom
Me: scrolling to see comments Comments:"Whoever likes this will have good luck" "if you read this you will become rich"
miad noor
miad noor Pred dnevom
why is her daugther super ugly?
Ajita Raut
Ajita Raut Pred dnevom
Woww Kylie has taught her daughter so well.. Stormi is really smart for her age 😍
Karca Sinkulova
Karca Sinkulova Pred dnevom
Khushi Kumari
Khushi Kumari Pred dnevom
I wish I was stormi😭
sara shahzad
sara shahzad Pred dnevom
Who listened hi Harry by kylie at 5:47
Beautiful FetchingRose
Beautiful FetchingRose Pred dnevom
i like the background sounds i might sneak in it great Kylie girl
Yuktaa Hemane
Yuktaa Hemane Pred dnevom
5:22 MY HEART!!!!!! AWWWW
Missy Fam
Missy Fam Pred dnevom
I love your mother, daughter relationship.
İnci Aykar
İnci Aykar Pred dnevom
Yayy cookies🥳🥺🧸
madam hair
madam hair Pred dnevom
Do u see how many times she says thanks mom awweeee do cute
Katie Mourtos
Katie Mourtos Pred dnevom
Matina Filaj
Matina Filaj Pred dnevom
House tour
Nothile Mdunge
Nothile Mdunge Pred dnevom
I’ll say this, I love how happy of a child Storm is🙌🏿🥺
Le death uwu
Le death uwu Pred dnevom
stormi is so cute and polite, i don't understand why some people call kylie a bad mom. SHE IS THE BEST MOM.
Aiden Corrigan
Aiden Corrigan Pred dnevom
Money running low huh
Birthday Gift
Birthday Gift Pred dnevom
Was it live
____마리아 Pred dnevom
"My Kylie skin..." Stay safe everyone... GOD Bless We all💗🕊🙏☁
Ashish Agnihotri
Ashish Agnihotri Pred dnevom
Kylie Jenner is just 6 years older than me and she is raising her child so well. Hats off to the power of a mother🙏🙏🙏
Tamara Jovanovic
Tamara Jovanovic Pred dnevom
Måňgo_ washere
Måňgo_ washere Pred dnevom
Kylie Raised Stormi well because in 0:47 she said "thanks" and she had Patience i wish your guys a happy Halloween and god luck
Audra Hanks
Audra Hanks Pred dnevom
Audra Hanks
Audra Hanks Pred dnevom
Lol 😂
Audra Hanks
Audra Hanks Pred dnevom
Bahahah!!!! 🌎😂🤬😎👀🐻✌🏿💰🥜👌🏻👻🥵
Tamara Jovanovic
Tamara Jovanovic Pred dnevom
I love you🤠🤠❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julia Pred dnevom
OMG Stormi is sooooooooooo cute
tawba tawba
tawba tawba Pred dnevom
who's from 2020 after watching the Halloween cookies 😂
Olt Gegollaj
Olt Gegollaj Pred dnevom
uu back wit travis cuz u said me and daddy are going yo be yellow minions
Naysha Khurana
Naysha Khurana Pred dnevom
Why is this Kylie cosmetics ad on youtube and why is this ad so long?
georginaaa correa
georginaaa correa Pred dnevom
kim looked like megan fox for a sec
aishwarya pamulapati
aishwarya pamulapati Pred dnevom
Kylie; I had them make me my own little stash Me thinking; maybe like 20 Kylie; now I have a million of them me; sure, I was about to say 20 million
maria sweet
maria sweet Pred dnevom
What is the name this song??
Olivia Peters
Olivia Peters Pred dnevom
She is a real makeup artist
Anonimia Another
Anonimia Another Pred dnevom
She is so polite, Kourtney’s kids could never