a e i
a e i Pred 22 urami
Very cringe.
KCWOOSH Pred 22 urami
The Bees could never
ابو احمد
ابو احمد Pred 22 urami
وش ذا الخياس 😪
aurel Pred 22 urami
Whoomp, there it is!
KpDiamond Tarot
KpDiamond Tarot Pred 22 urami
Welp Nicki’s verse is on repeat!!! ❤️
the5ftgoddess Pred 22 urami
Come on Nicki 💯
Prev GOATED Pred 22 urami
View 8mil
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Pred 22 urami
1, 994, 365
Tammy Santos
Tammy Santos Pred 22 urami
Nicki killed this
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Pred 22 urami
Tammy Santos For real!!
asaki Pred 22 urami
it's tomorrow spelt "tommorrow" for me
Lil_nunchucks _yt
Lil_nunchucks _yt Pred 23 urami
Aaron McPherson
Aaron McPherson Pred 23 urami
Go watch Anaconda Video 👌🏼
Jaevon Collins
Jaevon Collins Pred 23 urami
sada baby is cancled im just lestening for nicki
David Pred 23 urami
Tootsie roll and tag team vibes from the beat. That’s a sample.
ellé brown
ellé brown Pred 23 urami
“He a freak like giannis” dayum nicki
De'Quad Binder
De'Quad Binder Pred 23 urami
Okay Nicki!
Rosalie Paulino
Rosalie Paulino Pred 23 urami
All I got to say is that this IS FIRE!!!!!!!!!
Nick Nat
Nick Nat Pred 23 urami
I am here for Sada...2020
Joycelyn Taylor
Joycelyn Taylor Pred 23 urami
I had to rewatch after Sada Baby tweets
joehonny monny
joehonny monny Pred 23 urami
Nicki Minaj killed it. Only here for her tbh
SULLY THA MONSTA Pred 23 urami
Aysia Bonner
Aysia Bonner Pred dnevom
Come on y’all we gotta pass the money bag yo song smh
Vivian S
Vivian S Pred dnevom
So we just gonna skip the fact she said 9 mounths pregnat
Sellouts Wrld
Sellouts Wrld Pred dnevom
Sada Baby is the definition of 15 minutes of fame 💀
Ken Worldwide
Ken Worldwide Pred dnevom
Here from NoJumper🔥
Uncle Ray
Uncle Ray Pred dnevom
This shyt is absolutely lit 🔥
Laker Nation
Laker Nation Pred dnevom
This is Garbage!
s Pred dnevom
How can you make so bad music?
Rochell Barbara
Rochell Barbara Pred dnevom
Nicki will murder you on your own song causing you to not promote it 😂👏🏽
Jesse Parami
Jesse Parami Pred dnevom
Kinda sad this comment section
Мишаня Pred dnevom
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania Pred dnevom
Nasrin Abdi Aziz
Nasrin Abdi Aziz Pred dnevom
Nicki Minaj can improve any beat. This is the blatant display of that.
Vevo Vintage
Vevo Vintage Pred dnevom
Yass Queen!! Love Nicki ❤❤
Vollie Espérer
Vollie Espérer Pred dnevom
Lez get one thing clear barbs; if this shit charts (as it probs will) we gonna praise nicki and ONLY nicki. not the homophobic scum 💖
da future is here
da future is here Pred 22 urami
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Pred 22 urami
umar quadri
umar quadri Pred dnevom
and thats on that. Period
Soe Thein
Soe Thein Pred dnevom
Chick Broom
Chick Broom Pred dnevom
In love with this tune playing everyday
G Mc
G Mc Pred dnevom
i'm Hyperrr
i'm Hyperrr Pred dnevom
When nicki goes forest fire for just a remix for a tik tok song Edit: don't get me wrong the song is fire
W-youtube Pred dnevom
The Queen just murdered
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred dnevom
Imagine when she shows her baby boy and her she breaks the internet again like she did when she announce she was pregnant
Swag #
Swag # Pred dnevom
when you think your preworkout is too weak and you drink another scoop 0:41
audrey20061 Pred dnevom
They took that tsf chain for sada rappin with von? I dont hear no FBG diss besides von verse. Guilty by association
Southserve Anarchy
Southserve Anarchy Pred dnevom
This Sounds Something Like From The 80s I Aint Mad
M kind
M kind Pred dnevom
you can't listen to this song just once
Junior Lewisky # That Nigga
Junior Lewisky # That Nigga Pred dnevom
Real barbz will keep str3eaming this song
sophia Pred dnevom
If Nicki and write and record this song 2 days before giving birth, I can write my essay that was due two weeks ago
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Pred 22 urami
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred dnevom
Malu Has An Onlyfans 😳! slshow.info/watch/rbUQur1IIQ0/video.html
kiity blanket
kiity blanket Pred dnevom
Loveeeee in LOOOVEEEE💞
Deshar Davis
Deshar Davis Pred dnevom
Ruined the song🤦🏿
RobbieWritesCode Pred dnevom
Have they isolated Sars-Cov-19 for the PCR tests to detect it definitively?
Aaron Jomie Moreno
Aaron Jomie Moreno Pred dnevom
nicki minaj owns this song now bye
Sarah Pred dnevom
This is what Waka Flocka Flame what has become if he didn’t find God
d Pred dnevom
Imagine not slapping this before Nicki remixed it
Tracy Ball
Tracy Ball Pred dnevom
Nicki absolutely killed this, unfortunately Asda baby totally ruined the rest of the song, just can’t get away with his voice, doesn’t seem to have any passion in it,
Lungi K
Lungi K Pred dnevom
Nicki went off maaan💀💀
Yade Pred dnevom
this girl back edit: it do sound fire tho
Tina Fortson
Tina Fortson Pred dnevom
I always thought this blac youngsta
Tyra Wieland
Tyra Wieland Pred dnevom
But... is he serious?
Angel Hxze
Angel Hxze Pred dnevom
Lmao idk how to explain it but Nicki sounds so cute here. Went hard too
C.A.R.L R.l
C.A.R.L R.l Pred dnevom
#Barbz #Queen
C.A.R.L R.l
C.A.R.L R.l Pred dnevom
🇦🇷🗣️Barbz 👸🏽😍👑💅👠💄
Jazzya Pred dnevom
I’m here after Nickis fans found his old tweets, saying Beyoncé should Die, and that he hates dark skin people. Never herd of him before. I like the beat. That bout it
Ever B
Ever B Pred dnevom
Still waiting on Cardi album 🤷🏾‍♂️Corona ain't no damn excuse ...it actually gave people time to create...u can still come up with some shit n quarantine...even if u can't tour n do concerts...u can be ready for when Corona is over....any excuse will do...we want our album...lol🙄 trying to trick people with that WAP song....girl we still waiting on a whole damn album 😒..oh right ..this about Nicki😉sorry y'all I got off track. This song is 🔥
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Pred 22 urami
Davit Petrosyan
Davit Petrosyan Pred dnevom
Lmao you just wrote a whole ass paragraph about someone that has nothing to do with this song gtfo
rotkitty Pred dnevom
Ever B
Ever B Pred dnevom
I don't Care for Nicki or Cardi but I do like some of their music....n other news...THIS SHIT IS 🔥this beat will raise the dead
Marisa Jasmine Arellano
Marisa Jasmine Arellano Pred dnevom
Original sample of the song: I’m ready -Kano Thank me later...
Việt Gamer - Vlogs
Việt Gamer - Vlogs Pred dnevom
Lamar Dizzle
Lamar Dizzle Pred dnevom
*When the song doesn’t match the music video*
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone Pred dnevom
Who’s here after his old tweets resurfaced?
Tebogo Thantsha
Tebogo Thantsha Pred dnevom
When onika said play date with Adonis I was like who the fuck is Adonis then I realized is drake's son oh well🤭🤗🦄💜🇿🇦
BRODY5540 Pred dnevom
Nicki the Goat ! Period
TankInbound Pred dnevom
Lmao jfk brought me here
KING ISAIAS Pred dnevom
This Legendary 🤣🤣💯
Lil Woozie
Lil Woozie Pred dnevom
Them boiz don’t slide? Ha that’s why yah got yah boi chain snatch!
tapinbrysx Pred dnevom
Malu Has An Onlyfans 😳! slshow.info/watch/rbUQur1IIQ0/video.html
Is only just me or does anyone else hear “hoes in the house” in the background of the beat?🤔😂
Rachelle H.
Rachelle H. Pred dnevom
She always make it hit different
Ty Pin
Ty Pin Pred dnevom
Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson Pred dnevom
Lovee mee some saada baabyy