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Driving A 40mph Wheelbarrow
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We Built A Homemade Ute!
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ATJ Pred 17 urami
Emin Pred 17 urami
To those looking for the video:
Jacob A
Jacob A Pred 17 urami
Lancia Feces
THE NOBODY GAMER Pred 17 urami
give me it!!!!!
George Munro-Jones
George Munro-Jones Pred 17 urami
not here from the podcast, ig so many came from the podcast that its now being pushed to recommended?
Da Malat
Da Malat Pred 18 urami
Audi SQ5 B9........... WTF were they thinking !!
Fdili Malainine
Fdili Malainine Pred 18 urami
Wow watching the first video is so weird, nowadays videos are funny
chewyjap Pred 18 urami
Creepy....why do these guys sound like they are speaking through their noses?
Rallff_ Cam
Rallff_ Cam Pred 18 urami
Looks like a fun adventure, shame 2020 will have different plans XD
Ro Bo
Ro Bo Pred 18 urami
Thats the type of documentary this brutal car deserves. Well done mate
Harrison Dewees
Harrison Dewees Pred 19 urami
what junkyard is dat?
Ethan Cowell
Ethan Cowell Pred 19 urami
I'm just commenting to enter the competition
Alexandra Hepworth
Alexandra Hepworth Pred 20 urami
Hey, there's something wrong with your ride. You left a huge oil slick at the start line, you have to finish the race fast!
Miitri Laakkonen
Miitri Laakkonen Pred 20 urami
Yeah maybe 3 grand for a clapped out POS one..😀😀
DistrictFilms Pred 20 urami
Randomly getting this now😂 6years ago tho😕
liam321995 Pred 20 urami
I think they should get Adnan on for a podcast! Old school car throttle, I also paused this to watch the 308 rap 🤣 I think the take away from all the raps was... yea its alright...
Smiling Filipino
Smiling Filipino Pred 21 uro
Just waitin for someone to buy a Honda E then then engine swap it with a Vtec engine.
Bash Davidson
Bash Davidson Pred 21 uro
ive watched this video but youtube keeps recommending me it go away
Wilbo Shaggins
Wilbo Shaggins Pred 21 uro
I saw these and thought awesome new Honda then realised that it's electric and was turned off of these immediately
ben davis
ben davis Pred 21 uro
shouldnt it be a 365i? bc the turbo
Teddy A
Teddy A Pred 22 urami
That was so awesome
AbominableJoshie Pred 22 urami
Project car? Hot Wheels contender? Make it a safari car. Small suspension lift by spacers, knobby offroad tires, and some big lights. Easy to do on a budget. It will look great, and it's all reversible later.
TheBrokenBolt Pred 22 urami
Where did it all go wrong for car throttle? They used to make these EPIC music videos now they just buy clapped out old bangers.
Mythix2 Pred 22 urami
me: Honda brits: Honda me: E brits: E me: Honda E brits: hondaree
Maxim Seynaeve
Maxim Seynaeve Pred 22 urami
burn those shorts mate
Big Dady
Big Dady Pred 23 urami
Boht chutiya gaadi lagti he muje bhi bro
THATE46 KID Pred 23 urami
The amount of orange peel
Ben Benboi
Ben Benboi Pred 23 urami
He is you but with a ponytail.
Grimshaw Grummage
Grimshaw Grummage Pred 23 urami
If you are a hgv driver, you should be OK. With a hummer as your daily
djneo92nl Pred 23 urami
Cool car, Smart Roadster ! 2003 so 17 years old
AtlasHonda Pakistan
AtlasHonda Pakistan Pred dnevom
The Power Of Dreams
K Udana
K Udana Pred dnevom
in srilanka tuk tuks piss us off so bad!
Stipe Marić
Stipe Marić Pred dnevom
Oh how time flies.
Nidrax Gaming
Nidrax Gaming Pred dnevom
0:12 you'd fail your exam if steering like that in Poland instead of crossing your arms, so yeah, this says much about how outdated UK driving test is.
United States of Embarrassment
United States of Embarrassment Pred dnevom
Love the design, hate the range anxiety
Philipp Izosimov
Philipp Izosimov Pred dnevom
lalala lulululu
sousuke higashi
sousuke higashi Pred dnevom
Honda E or Honda Ree?
Martijn Pred dnevom
Why talk about the road, when you're experiencing a new car?
onzaueb Pred dnevom
This car is very similar to a subway train or a tram: is electric and the back looks like it could be the front. Also, mostly the same battery power range: close to none. Honda did a very good mockup of a cool car. Now they need to put an engine in it.
Anirudh Ashok
Anirudh Ashok Pred dnevom
hand brake at every stop is idiotic lol.
Jack Prince
Jack Prince Pred dnevom
Trying to persuade my dad to help me pay for a £700 318ci , I’m 16 and want to get into drifting
Abstract001 Pred dnevom
ME: Sees title I didn't know your driveway needed a V6
Stefan Nathaniel
Stefan Nathaniel Pred dnevom
As BMW Driver in asia, I can confirmed that I passed this class
Fahad Ahmad
Fahad Ahmad Pred dnevom
Stig on public transport was hilarious on old top gear😂
Rnav Pred dnevom
im from the podcast, fucking hell, this is actually beautiful
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey Pred dnevom
Everyone needs a friend like Gareth
Matty Sea
Matty Sea Pred dnevom
Hey car throttle team - What’s the term for an electric car petrolhead? Electronheads? Pluggers?
mstrbkr Pred dnevom
keep left unless overtaking!
Romero Bryan
Romero Bryan Pred dnevom
I really do wish they would sell this in America /:
Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr Pred dnevom
I rolled a 4 month old seat ibiza last year 😥🤣 £19K
The Imposter
The Imposter Pred dnevom
How do i drive a frickin vulcan?! It's so hot and can melt you and maybe is going to blow up anyway!
Jeding JEDER
Jeding JEDER Pred dnevom
Kil Uma
Kil Uma Pred dnevom
Leave it to the English to pussify a Hummer,
George Berrill
George Berrill Pred dnevom
I have a 1.9JTD ELX 'Ugly Bug', it's #6 (1 petrol, 5 diesel), my first was the 1.6 petrol, it didn't last long because it was woeful on power and not very economical, it was everything a Multi can be but I wanted some economy so I got a diesel, my MPG went from 26 to 50. Not only that but the diesel is a lot livelier too. I can't say a bad word about, they are amazingly reliable. Like any car they have their foibles - rear swing arm bearings is the biggest pain but I've only had to do that job twice in 6 motors, so I can't complain too much. On long runs they are very comfortable and not tiring to drive, I go to both Munich and The Algarve several times a year and have never had a problem. Some people hate them but they are usually people who have never owned one, once you have you'll be lost to find anything so practical - it's a car for 6, take out the 3 seats in the back and you've got a van, the volume will amaze you, it's like owning 2 vehicles in one. Mine is now 16 yrs old and I'm not ready to let go of it for a while yet. When they gave it a 'face lift' they killed it, it just looks like any other shed on the road now. Most Ugly Bug drivers do give a wave or a flash of lights when they encounter another Bug, there's a sort of camaraderie amongst us and we can recognise the shape of the car without having to look at the car's badge first. Stay safe people.
ajrestivo Pred dnevom
guy sounds like a doctor
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice Pred dnevom
I just brought my gt2 home... replaces my mkvi golf r. so far.. ya, should have done this earlier...
Stewart MDeakin
Stewart MDeakin Pred dnevom
i have got both initial d cartoon and no animated. both great films.
Vytenis Pred dnevom
Awesome series. Watched it all in one go 😆 just a question, why you chose diesel over petrol?
Jaion Cebollero
Jaion Cebollero Pred dnevom
What a stupid fucking title, why would you not be able to live with a hummer? Do mean "whats it like to live with a hummer"?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred dnevom
It's not much of a project car when the paintwork is good and everything works. This is just an old car 😅
Madness Going
Madness Going Pred dnevom
I want the car! Already got a name picked out 😂 abs the tent is handy too because I want take it across Europe!
Wszystko Jedno
Wszystko Jedno Pred dnevom
Hi :)
Beverley Pearson
Beverley Pearson Pred dnevom
The A2 is not all bad, as it’s passed it’s MOT for the past 3 years with no advisories. Well done to the oldies, lol 😆 My old girl (BMW 320d) has passed her MOT 12 years on the run but I have spent £1200 in Repairs, over the last 2 yrs. Having said that, she’s a reliable old bugger, like her owner, lol 😆
QuebecTerreaTerre Pred dnevom
Yes, good idea. Buy a million dollar car just to have the luxury of not driving it !
Christopher Rimell
Christopher Rimell Pred dnevom
I am mistaken, or is that a cameo from MrWhosTheBoss?
Chris Kyprianou
Chris Kyprianou Pred dnevom
Any update on this car?
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Pred dnevom
Here's why you're going to be broke
You Been Here Before
You Been Here Before Pred dnevom
This is basically a mk1 even mk2 Gti. Smh
Nyons Van den Broeck
Nyons Van den Broeck Pred dnevom
Gs300 with a 2jz, nahhhh... let’s call for a Skoda
Cologne Trooper
Cologne Trooper Pred dnevom
Offroading on a road and roasting the only market for trucks are we? Who let this guy review a truck when he has never driven one?
lee jun hong
lee jun hong Pred dnevom
Small engines in big cars nowadays are just small ds with a big body, and thats a fact.
sneaky snek
sneaky snek Pred dnevom
Bro my father has driven in his car more than a half a milion km
Jim The Raspberry
Jim The Raspberry Pred dnevom
Arse*. You arse.
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig Pred dnevom
My daughter's eco boost Fiesta (Australia) just had it's engine self destruct with a failed oil pump. 7 years old 130 000km. Was serviced regularly.
All Videos
All Videos Pred dnevom
Ima nonce
Liam Henry
Liam Henry Pred dnevom
Frank Pred dnevom
What’s a Honduree?
CapN Pred dnevom
Lincoln Town Car 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Gixw Pred dnevom
Here we see bmw drives getting taught how to drive in their natural habitat
Celine Infield
Celine Infield Pred dnevom
Feeling sandy after the beach🤢 tent is real neat!