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Leon Chinea
Leon Chinea Pred uro
Speaking of expensive paint, you guys should do a video on Lumilor paint. It’s paint that lights up.
Melanin alien
Melanin alien Pred uro
With much money I would literally go off grid you will not find me no phone or email
Mohamad Najmi Bin Jailani
Mohamad Najmi Bin Jailani Pred uro
heyya James, this episode doesn't added in D-List playlist, mind to add it in?
That fkn turkey
That fkn turkey Pred uro
i don't think that placement is very good. Its ''wide open'' just underneath the car unprotected. little rocks, sand, debris and gonna hit it and all the little fins gonna get fucked up after a while
retrogaming Pred uro
why wouldnt it pass smog/emissions? (ik im using them interchangably)
CopperGlitter 37
CopperGlitter 37 Pred uro
Novah Ikkala
Novah Ikkala Pred uro
Defending your copyright is fine, the problem is when a company, like, Harmony Gold, does this. HG is the company that brought Macross, and in it's day, Battletech copied some mech designs. There was a lawsuit. Fair enough. But HG now lives of suing people for their copyright holdings, but not doing nothing, at all, with those names and brands. THATS when I at least, think suing for copyright is abismal, they are purposefully abusing the copyright system to just live of a name that was popular almost half a century ago.
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Pred uro
India got the gypsy badge and the same 1.3 liter engine in the beginning and then a fuel injected one. Sold till 2019 till crash norms were adopted 😂.
Melanin alien
Melanin alien Pred uro
Ooh just wait until the military complex want to build robots to kill🤔
One lap down
One lap down Pred uro
Canada is the greatest country everI am allowed to say that because I’m Canadian
shaeran k
shaeran k Pred uro
Zach is the face of Donut.
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Pred uro
India is gonna get the Jimny or supposed to get after the gypsy which was sold and has become an icon.
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell Pred uro
That’s James!!! Is this the first Donut video with him in it?
Apexshader Pred uro
i thought there was a discord
T for Terry
T for Terry Pred uro
ima get me one of these
Rhett Holynski
Rhett Holynski Pred uro
Can't leave this out the Gretzky was all in a small cup of tims
seinasora ツ
seinasora ツ Pred uro
My dad had an integra type r before I was born in Germany.
Kian Darcy
Kian Darcy Pred uro
Cadillac Seville and deville are rly cheap
Mior Khairi
Mior Khairi Pred uro
the US are missing out on so many things now
TJ Brillhart
TJ Brillhart Pred uro
Paint something on high car with the expensive stuff and low car with the cheap stuff!
Supraman93 Pred uro
I’m a mk4 owner and unless he is spraying he isn’t making 1280 on a 7675. I ran a 7685 and never made over 1150 at 42psi. A gen 2 7685 wouldn’t even make 1300.
ScooterFett Pred uro
Canada and United States are both American, in NORTH AMERICA
Paul Ford
Paul Ford Pred uro
Nailed that oil filter trick lol
Super knullisch
Super knullisch Pred uro
10:51 Wait.. isn't that the "acknowledgement sound" when you order your dragons around in Warcraft 2...? Nice through back mate!! 😅👌
Oreo Lover
Oreo Lover Pred uro
you can add ssc now
steve willie kuzneski
steve willie kuzneski Pred uro
"moment of silence for those who dont know this channel."
David Dumitrică
David Dumitrică Pred uro
They would have automatic signal lights
Ethan Stanley
Ethan Stanley Pred uro
Mabey its because they spend like 80 million more on their cars a year than red bull.
OrMa Pred uro
Don't touch my beloved Legacy!!
xsara123 Pred uro
Eh, we should start our own brand again. We could for example remake some classic Japanese cars, and rebrand them. Honestly, if a company remade the 92 Toyota Celica, I would buy it. Some designs just never get old. I don't get why we don't just bring them back with the same look and new tech.
Tri Dinh
Tri Dinh Pred uro
how annoying is t his asshole, and i love the raptor, this guy somehow makes me hate it
Rory Carpenter
Rory Carpenter Pred uro
Deadpool is Canadian! 😁
The BrickShooter
The BrickShooter Pred uro
Dankpods tested if rayons actually sound good and... they aren't that great. There are cheaper pods out there that sound better.
Gustavo Nunes
Gustavo Nunes Pred uro
Essas medidas americanas são péssimas, mas vocês são incríveis
xsara123 Pred uro
Redpath makes sugar.
Francesco Prodi
Francesco Prodi Pred uro
As an engineering student I find this extremely beautiful and extremeley deadly for me at the same time 🤣
AboutLastKnight !
AboutLastKnight ! Pred uro
I was made in the back of a 71 Nova 🤘
vera streha
vera streha Pred uro
To cool ur engine you need bigger cooler just cooler and not oil cooler oil lubes and water cools
Jonathon Davis
Jonathon Davis Pred uro
Has anyone actually tried Dr squatch and if so is it good
A H Pred uro
Building a base miata to strap on a spinny boi later, I like
Martien Willems
Martien Willems Pred uro
Is it just me, or does the Miata already have an oil to water oilcooler installed from the factory?
ilhaam ashraf
ilhaam ashraf Pred uro
B2B logo not perfect this time
Beau Abbott
Beau Abbott Pred uro
new to the car community and realized. most of you fuckers are weird.
ThirdWorldChaos Pred 2 urami
89 Caprice
Nesh Plays
Nesh Plays Pred 2 urami
Screw Lamborghini, FERRARI THE BEST!!!🐎🐎🐎🔥🔥🔥
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Pred 2 urami
Don't use a Cresent wrench... Just use a socket that is the same size for installing adapters.
Wildwideweb Pred 2 urami
abs Pred 2 urami
He sounds drunk doing this video
Dan Theman
Dan Theman Pred 2 urami
When you change the oil isn’t there always some dirty oil in the cooler that can’t be drained?
Vicius Pred 2 urami
"Me vs Bart" Well that aged well
Mark Bellefleur
Mark Bellefleur Pred 2 urami
You missed the Bricklin SV-1
Kava Is Making
Kava Is Making Pred 2 urami
I got the 3.0 Csl BMW
Razz Pred 2 urami
Definitely on the watch list now
KiddWid Playz
KiddWid Playz Pred 2 urami
*sleepers in a nutshell*
Dean Jooste
Dean Jooste Pred 2 urami
Can you feel a 5 HP increase? Or what's a 'magic' number increase where you can actually feel a difference?
Mr. Norris
Mr. Norris Pred 2 urami
Do you are have stupid? How about some research before making the video. F1 plans to go all electric soon, and the electric motors are getting more important every year. Put those blue-light killer glasses off and drive some more laps in ur oval circuit at 65mph, american.
Chris Sr.
Chris Sr. Pred 2 urami
I called the fork lift fail. They have NO downward force. Speaking from experience!
SMOKEY MIXTCHA! Pred 2 urami
The legendary gt sport is one of the best racing games ever
Satan Pred 2 urami
In the thumbnail the vw logo points to france lel
nils Pred 2 urami
Where is doms daytona?
KURIA NJUGUNA Pred 2 urami
I have never understood why the country that sent humanity to the moon cannot build a good car, even the cars that seemed to be good are Canadian?
Top12 boardstore
Top12 boardstore Pred 2 urami
Competition is great.
Gerome Icban
Gerome Icban Pred 2 urami
I want one myself its sick and im a big fan of john wick
rusty goldfinch
rusty goldfinch Pred 2 urami
Im going to guess and say that our government grossly mismanaged our natural resources away and tax us way, way to hard to have a decently priced product
Grayson Rushton
Grayson Rushton Pred 2 urami
At least it's not like "LoOk aT tHIs CaR dESiGnEd bY WOmeN"
gromandstrom Pred 2 urami
You guys should cover the Bricklin. Designed by Malcolm Bricklin and made in my province, New Brunswick. Our premier at the time gave Bricklin some tax credits and we got ripped off.
Jean Lafrance
Jean Lafrance Pred 2 urami
That is definitely not a poutine in the beginning. That poutine needs an exorcism
Scoot Scoot
Scoot Scoot Pred 2 urami
Does everyone else just skip through their advertisements?
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Pred 2 urami
My 1995 Nissan pickup says hold my beer. It's bulletproof.
Luke Salmon
Luke Salmon Pred 2 urami
I feel like we all knew what would happen when the oil filter came off ! But gave me a giggle
Nate Garcia
Nate Garcia Pred 2 urami
Yall gotta cover he new hummer pls
Kac309 Pred 2 urami
Long story short. If you track your car then yes.
Artie Shell
Artie Shell Pred 2 urami
They should give approximate current updated value of the Miata after each mod.
Drooby Pred 2 urami
Just got to this and my buddy has a valiant and a cuda 👌🖤
wyatt giese
wyatt giese Pred 2 urami
Where’s sonic yellow on subarus?
you don't know me
you don't know me Pred 2 urami
First round Camaro almost better in all ways Lets give the mustang 5 points and the Camaro 4
Ch1cken Supreme
Ch1cken Supreme Pred 2 urami
Bruh... What abot an oil temp sensor? You can never have enough sensors on your car
Declan Wilson
Declan Wilson Pred 2 urami
Scotland invented the telephone ☎️🤔
DJ Coin Laundry
DJ Coin Laundry Pred 2 urami
Does he say the cost in the video anywhere?
David W.
David W. Pred 2 urami
And just like that....I’ll never buy or look at Consumer Reports again