I Hate Reading
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I Don't Like the Dentist
The History of my Hair
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Locked out of my House
Ari's Birthday! (again)
Injuries & Being Sick
Living with Ari
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My Childhood Stories
My Opinion on Traveling
My Random Thoughts
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Parent Stories
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Happy Birthday Ari!
Things that Freak Me Out
My Dog Stories
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Flirting & My Stories
My Opinion on Halloween
My School Stories
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The College Struggle
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
To the Moon (Piano)
How to be Stupid
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Dough D-D-Dear
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I Hate High Heels
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Hide and Pee
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JaidenAnimations Intro!
King Crimson
King Crimson Pred 8 urami
Is anyone else going to mention how she said Air Earth Fire and Ground at 5:24 instead of Air Earth Fire and Water?
Atahan Tek
Atahan Tek Pred 8 urami
Saying stuff like I’m 13 to a 8 yr old is dominance and coolness so ohh I’m cooler because I’m 12 and your a six yr old so they Bully or make them listen to E V E R Y T H I N G THEY SAY
Red Pred 8 urami
Dork alert xddd
Renzo Mendoza
Renzo Mendoza Pred 8 urami
I mean is it really bad to say your age I mean I'm 12 about to 13 right 🤷
Stefan Stanescu
Stefan Stanescu Pred 8 urami
i dide know your face before this video was posted let me tell you how at mr beast battle royal you and james and the odder guy win and we can see your face at the end
Kuzey Emre Onat
Kuzey Emre Onat Pred 8 urami
dont be sad but uh...james plushies is better
Turbotoilet1997 Pred 8 urami
0:13 she just predicted among us
Erica Peterson
Erica Peterson Pred 8 urami
That Jaden plush is a voodoo doll
FBI Pred 8 urami
Stop it, get some help
Tayutau Pred 8 urami
man I'm never having kids
Globalinks Sports
Globalinks Sports Pred 8 urami
Somone can beat jaiden score is a hacker
Daniel1200 Daniel1200
Daniel1200 Daniel1200 Pred 8 urami
I love your pokemon video jaiden, That super awesome
Sofia Fia
Sofia Fia Pred 8 urami
4:20 hi MVPERRY!
Vania Bianca
Vania Bianca Pred 8 urami
jaden h a i r
mahmoud Al jawhary
mahmoud Al jawhary Pred 8 urami
I have a charizard card
Avjeet Singh
Avjeet Singh Pred 8 urami
Yep people this is the highest viewed video on Jaiden’s channel, really makes you think huh?
Kenzie Runako
Kenzie Runako Pred 8 urami
Well, synonyms make writing more fun.
Wan Muhammad Ammar Wan Zulfakrurazi
Wan Muhammad Ammar Wan Zulfakrurazi Pred 8 urami
6:07 Awww what a cute Pachirisu😍😍
Vaishnav V
Vaishnav V Pred 8 urami
Pls dont do a face reveal.
Edgy -_-
Edgy -_- Pred 8 urami
Me: I should put the volume on its boring- Jaiden in the video: 2:35 I gave me a heart attack ooof
Testing In Game
Testing In Game Pred 8 urami
Now im jealus because you have that sponge bob game can i have it
Wysker Warewolf
Wysker Warewolf Pred 8 urami
Is 1k more then 1m i dunno
Vir Londhe
Vir Londhe Pred 8 urami
Your opinion on Zelda breath of the wild for a new video
Pearl こんにちは
Pearl こんにちは Pred 8 urami
Jaiden: doing a world record speed run Ari: *Pooping on Jaiden's computer for the straight 6h*
Zymux Pred 8 urami
Imma pokèmon nerd I knew everything in this vid
ณัฐณิชา จันทร์แจ่ม
ณัฐณิชา จันทร์แจ่ม Pred 8 urami
For some unknown reason this is one my favorite jaiden's VDO, the animation, the artstyle, pretty much everyting. Love you, jaiden.🙂
Bagel Banquet
Bagel Banquet Pred 8 urami
So good mad props to you two!!!!!!!
Adiyat_ kpop&anime_gaming
Adiyat_ kpop&anime_gaming Pred 8 urami
whos here after james said he has a gf.i mean they would be a cute couple but they r real ppl
Natasha Lee Gurn
Natasha Lee Gurn Pred 8 urami
Hey... this video is 3 years old... OMG
Rashawn The Gaming Master
Rashawn The Gaming Master Pred 8 urami
I saw you before
Odd4Inch Pred 8 urami
•anime gang joined chat
Madeleine F
Madeleine F Pred 8 urami
I tried talking to one of my friends about an issue I had with my mental health, Ifeel like she avoids talking about serious topics sometimes so I was a little bit sad when she kinda didn’t help. i’m sure she just doesn’t know how to deal with those things and i don’t blame her, I don’t know how to deal with it myself either.
Juanito Racho
Juanito Racho Pred 8 urami
Bruhh i watched food wars when I was 11 and I'm 11 ssooo?? Don't give damn!!!
Totally Yuuto
Totally Yuuto Pred 8 urami
Isnt there a newer spongebob game like this?
CallMeFreakFujiko Pred 8 urami
This is weird. I was talking about birds with my husband and I was like "I want to see Ari being a brat" so I clicked on this video and it's going to be three years old tomorrow. Weird coincidence.
Bunseng Ly
Bunseng Ly Pred 8 urami
Jaiden you are not alone my hair sometimes Pierces through my skin and I have really short hair
Slammy The Kitten
Slammy The Kitten Pred 8 urami
I know a person in my discord server , who’s played this game for days.. 1 week.. we call her a Weenie Rat. If you see this , your cool , Spooky.
Glitched Data 64
Glitched Data 64 Pred 8 urami
Just wanna say... i think your voice is rly nice :)
Joseph Padla
Joseph Padla Pred 8 urami
She's called Mama so surely there is a Papa as well, right?
Saumya Pred 8 urami
As a child on the internet, i think its about establishing our authority (or the lack of it)? and our "uniqueness"
Sucy_Witch Pred 8 urami
I didn't know Lixian (Markiplier's editor) voiced as the old teacher here
Man DODOLAND Pred 8 urami
2:43 Papyrus
Joosep Alasoo
Joosep Alasoo Pred 8 urami
sombody beat you in speedrun 4 h 15m 44s all gold medal
Random Potato
Random Potato Pred 8 urami
Fake.... Fake... Fake... That’s all I am most of the time I need to pretend. Life sucks we all know that now, So many people are dying and I wish I was one of them... But I have one thing to tell you alright? Life sucks we all know that sometimes thing are too much... and we want to leave... but listen skin is not paper so don’t cut it, your neck isn’t a shirt so don’t hang it.... Words hurt sometimes even more then the physical pain- But you need to get through it. Because if you think about this... if you leave everyone that loves and cares about you will leave to. You are beautiful way prettier than me that’s for sure- But Never Ever think bad about yourself you matter. You deserve a hug. Edit: No I am not a 48 year old man simping I am a ten year old girl who goes through all this pain-
Hasan Muhammad
Hasan Muhammad Pred 8 urami
2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 HOOOOOOOWWWWWW!?!??!!
Cheesy Kuriboh
Cheesy Kuriboh Pred 8 urami
Is it sad that when I had this game all I did was play the ice cream part over and and over?
Random Person
Random Person Pred 8 urami
I'm soooo late but ummm... yeah.
Yousef Plays dbz and more
Yousef Plays dbz and more Pred 8 urami
I beat your world record by a few mins but its not official cuz I'm not redoing those hours of boredum
Barış Özügüler
Barış Özügüler Pred 8 urami
0:45 that was offguard okay and the subtitles omg
Saumya Pred 8 urami
The otamatone sounds like a digital shehnai-
Sophie Pred 8 urami
I am so good at crashing parties, like i BRING THE PARTY WITH ME idk its a gift
Adrisa Dutta
Adrisa Dutta Pred 8 urami
This is the most precious video from her... I needed to hear this. Thanks
Lizards at Large
Lizards at Large Pred 8 urami
My name is mason finally I achieved somthing good in life
Student CHUNG Yan Ni Yanni
Student CHUNG Yan Ni Yanni Pred 8 urami
Idkaname .p.
Idkaname .p. Pred 8 urami
I can agree perfectly with this xD
Se Kirk
Se Kirk Pred 8 urami
This was epic I got so onto this
Slinky Guitar
Slinky Guitar Pred 8 urami
I must have missed the 2020 tour. But i see there is a 2021 tour i could be really excited about! Maybe ill see you in Minnesota?
Christopher Tampol
Christopher Tampol Pred 8 urami
I always eat the crust first then leave 1 line of crust then I’ll eat the rest of the bread 🍞😅
Alisha Maharjan
Alisha Maharjan Pred 8 urami
Do it again but with let me explain studios plz
Little Big Brothers HQ
Little Big Brothers HQ Pred 8 urami
Nice mha refrance
Katarína Hudáková
Katarína Hudáková Pred 8 urami
dars nice
Chatchawan Temridtiwong
Chatchawan Temridtiwong Pred 8 urami
Cooking ur mom???
subscribe Challenge with no vids
subscribe Challenge with no vids Pred 8 urami
Yas appreciate those people who has never had a migraine before (it is legit death)
Hi there do u kno me?
Hi there do u kno me? Pred 8 urami
Jaiden: what do I do with this? the plushie: <creepy muffled sound> what do i do with this? hahaha even i got surprised
cOOchi man
cOOchi man Pred 8 urami
If u were invisible and u close your eye will u still be able to see through your eyelids
Shubham Yadav
Shubham Yadav Pred 8 urami
I literally got shocked 5:49
Gloria Cayetano
Gloria Cayetano Pred 8 urami
Jaiden I have anxiety so yeah
•Beatriz Cabrera Geronimo•
•Beatriz Cabrera Geronimo• Pred 8 urami
0:04 your sus
Cutefoxgal 0w0 UWU I’mbluebarry fan :3
Cutefoxgal 0w0 UWU I’mbluebarry fan :3 Pred 8 urami
I’m ugly but your a goddess
mini mocha
mini mocha Pred 8 urami
Reikhansyah abyan mizwar
Reikhansyah abyan mizwar Pred 8 urami
your pet ari poop a big poop! X_X
Ooof Gaming Channel
Ooof Gaming Channel Pred 8 urami
Ye if you get forced you dont wanna do it but if they dont you want to read FACTS
Cutefoxgal 0w0 UWU I’mbluebarry fan :3
Cutefoxgal 0w0 UWU I’mbluebarry fan :3 Pred 8 urami
Wow your so cute
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox Pred 8 urami
I live in the UK and I can safely say that some people are that weird
Randomdudewithnoname Pred 8 urami
Did you make a Face reaveal
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Pred 8 urami
4:33 Look like *I* win this time. Ahhahahahaah.
itspawsome_ 0909
itspawsome_ 0909 Pred 8 urami
Duna as a half dragon and half human looks like Selena from mobile legends bang bang XD
Wilfredo Carballo Jr.
Wilfredo Carballo Jr. Pred 8 urami
theres a reason why this poped up in my recommendation and i want to know why 69 years later I know why it poped up becuase it w... dies of old age.
Leandro Peron
Leandro Peron Pred 9 urami
Sarah Søndergaard
Sarah Søndergaard Pred 9 urami
I can also confirm i have been on steroids for a decent chunk of my life, because my asthma is not stopping and i keep takling medicine with steroids, and its sounds REALLY off if you’d known me in person, but it just that.