Outcry Premiere TVMA
Pred 3 meseci
James Butler
James Butler Pred 3 urami
Santa Cruz going straight sleep 😴😴💤💤
Jesse J
Jesse J Pred 3 urami
aw man its gonna b a ppv 😶
RP August
RP August Pred 3 urami
The comments to funny 😂
help me to reach 5000 subscribe
help me to reach 5000 subscribe Pred 3 urami
Conor is like Ragnar lothbrok
paulio412 Pred 3 urami
why does mayweather turn everything into about him........
ty eazzy13
ty eazzy13 Pred 3 urami
“The Maturation” he knew what he was doing 😂
Masitti Filippo
Masitti Filippo Pred 3 urami
E si e spento Mack gregor
Masitti Filippo
Masitti Filippo Pred 3 urami
Mi fa pena Gregor e un bullo come tanti si e confermato 2 volte ciò che scrivo due perdite madornali con 2grandi uno della boxe e uno de mma
Mike D
Mike D Pred 3 urami
You made them turn the music down for this shit?
Koat Zingo
Koat Zingo Pred 3 urami
What? This guy beats nothing but tomato cans...Santa Cruz is finally going to be a step up
scorver ai
scorver ai Pred 3 urami
somebody can share gervonta davis playlist plss
Jim raymund Mulat
Jim raymund Mulat Pred 3 urami
If floyd does not get an interview everyone in the wirld will forget him except his family. 😂😂😂 keep up the interview .
The One
The One Pred 3 urami
Tank can’t even speak probably
Jose Escutia-Chacon
Jose Escutia-Chacon Pred 3 urami
Does anyone know the song at 9:17
The Last Baron
The Last Baron Pred 3 urami
Shit yarn Floyd
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Pred 3 urami
My fear is Showtime gone tease us with one or two Episodes then ya'll even forget the fight is on.. please keep ALL.. the ALL ACCESS Episodes on here, this is what grows interest in these fights.. not just announcing the fight gonna be on. I'm begging @SHOWTIME Sports.
Jim raymund Mulat
Jim raymund Mulat Pred 3 urami
Video editor made mayweather look good here.
Ismail Malone
Ismail Malone Pred 3 urami
FLOYD your more like a uncle you want that attention. You I love but the music turned down was extra. You be doing too much when it comes to tank
D. Z. Balam
D. Z. Balam Pred 3 urami
I've heard how strong Carlos Monzon was. But I was born after his death. Maidana was arguably the most durable and physically strong fighter I've ever seen.
Fabricio Morales
Fabricio Morales Pred 4 urami
My boy, CHEL STRONG, dropping that sick ass background beat on this trailer titled “BEST” Check it out!! slshow.info/watch/rOZxufn6mmk/video.html
Adrian Chambliss
Adrian Chambliss Pred 4 urami
“Peyton Manning of Defense “
FatLazyCat Feral
FatLazyCat Feral Pred 4 urami
If floyd lost weight he would look 25-28ish
ALPHA MALE Pred 4 urami
Bmore stand the fuck up
Zanzibar Breeze
Zanzibar Breeze Pred 4 urami
I hope Leo beats the shit outta Davis
Sammy That Bul
Sammy That Bul Pred 4 urami
So important to have a father who cares more about his son than himself. Great job, Dad Haney. Devin is a very good young man
Charlie the dog
Charlie the dog Pred 4 urami
"before he went to jail" floyds gonna be shaking his head at that one getting thrown in there
Fred Torres
Fred Torres Pred 4 urami
Interviewer: So how do you see Gervonta winning this weekend?- Floyd: I wana thank al Haymon, The money team and I’m still making millions it comes with the territory ...- - interviewer: 😐
9Ether MediaGroup
9Ether MediaGroup Pred 4 urami
Santa Cruz too soft in the middle...Tank is going to walk through him. Remember I said this before the fight. 👀
Haile Benjamin
Haile Benjamin Pred 4 urami
If it went on he would have been knocked OUT!!!
Noo Noo
Noo Noo Pred 4 urami
David Johnson
David Johnson Pred 4 urami
Interviewer like: I’ma cut this shit here, cause this nigga gon answer a specific GTD question by talking bout himself😄
GhostRecon _
GhostRecon _ Pred 4 urami
he surrounded by yes man 😭🤣 thats why his career starting to crash
Mike S
Mike S Pred 4 urami
26:25 hilarious how tank clowns the dirty socks dude. He always in the middle of tank but ducking from women. But this is him. Tank need to tighten up his circle. www.ripoffreport.com/report/kenneth-purnell/baltimore-maryland-anthony-k-1482714
madstantine Pred 4 urami
Floyd sucks
Deshaun Johnston
Deshaun Johnston Pred 4 urami
Any one knows the song at the end 28.54
AJ C Pred 4 urami
This is a shit fight tbh tank been claiming to be next up but DNT wna put in that hard work teo or devin would fuck tank up
Moses ainsz
Moses ainsz Pred 4 urami
He looks drained man
TheOne ALV
TheOne ALV Pred 4 urami
Finally somebody speaks of this belt issues ,floyd finally ranting about the right things 🔥
Lance Quisto
Lance Quisto Pred 4 urami
Imagine if Manny was an American. They would straight put shits daying he's the greatest boxer of all time. That's just how America works dude.
Percival Jumawan
Percival Jumawan Pred 4 urami
One sided documentary. So sad
Super Bright Brat
Super Bright Brat Pred 5 urami
Saitama: One Punch Man Broner: Eight Punch Guy
Bare Knuckle
Bare Knuckle Pred 5 urami
Beats 50yrs old veteran and next fight on showtime. GGG had to fight for 15 years to get a chance to even come here. GGG is their nightmare. Hype brothers
Richy Valentine
Richy Valentine Pred 5 urami
I hope he has bought this coach a huge house fully paid
Matt PryOkra
Matt PryOkra Pred 5 urami
Too many fucking belts, I agree Floyd.
Ivan Macias
Ivan Macias Pred 5 urami
El Chino mejor hubiese debutado en la UFC
Gary Nicholas
Gary Nicholas Pred 5 urami
Shuby Duby Pro Blackness
Shuby Duby Pro Blackness Pred 5 urami
Floyd came in and said, "where is the cameras".
Ontario Glenn
Ontario Glenn Pred 5 urami
Lmao Broner’s team ain’t shit lying to him like that 😂
AyooAlexx Pred 5 urami
Man these are real Boxers🥊 real fighters 💯 Not like these lames ass wannabe boxers Logan Paul & Jake Paul❌ them mf’s are trash. All of a sudden a bunch of SLshowrs that were never into boxing are into it🤦‍♂️ & their fan base too a bunch of dick riders for Ryan Garcia too 🤦‍♂️
BoxingWave 1on1
BoxingWave 1on1 Pred 5 urami
“Hey Floyd can you tell us a little about Gervonta Davis” Floyd: “Well, one thing about me is I’m always sharp, I made smart business decisions.”
Noaim Macauyag
Noaim Macauyag Pred 5 urami
If only McGregor have good combination. But the daughter of Mayweather lol
Dj P Avenue
Dj P Avenue Pred 5 urami
31:32 gervontae face like: “here his bitch ass go talking about himself again”
Gregory Powell
Gregory Powell Pred 5 urami
I already know how this is gonna end...tank is gonna catch another body...a new victim on the way...🤔💯
Banana Bro’s car detail
Banana Bro’s car detail Pred 5 urami
Damm his daughter really went and stabbed the mother of NBA young boy’s daughter
Angel Cevallos
Angel Cevallos Pred 5 urami
Floyd always says he dont want to take nothing away from a fighter before he takes something away from a fighter...lol
Roel's Masterpiece
Roel's Masterpiece Pred 5 urami
Shaq is sitting right there
Dk Hustle
Dk Hustle Pred 5 urami
Davis is intelligent, fast and strong boxer. I wish he never met floyd. Now he is boring
Alexander Hong
Alexander Hong Pred 5 urami
He calls him LOMO
pollo :3 xd
pollo :3 xd Pred 5 urami
Como que el albitro solo quería que ganase floyd
Chief Pred 5 urami
this will be a NO contest fight for gervonta davis... santa cruz is too small and won't bring any power in his punches... he can't even make a knockdown on Carl Frampton on their 2 fights... he can't hurt Abner Mares... he won on a close decision againts Alfredo Santiago on his last fight... and lastly he struggled against southpaw on Mijarez... davis will just run through santa cruz punches... as expected davis should win in a early KO to say the least...great mismatch
Angel Langarica
Angel Langarica Pred 6 urami
Tank got this Santa Cruz lil ass body ain't gonna hold up
Jhoan Pereira
Jhoan Pereira Pred 6 urami
Fight for life
G-money 915
G-money 915 Pred 6 urami
Tank will not make weight just mark my words.. He is gonna pull a Mayweather vs Marquez.. Watch
Jones Slim
Jones Slim Pred 6 urami
The insecurity level in Floyd is way too high to measure in any instrument. The device will be broken.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Pred 6 urami
Floyd, no explanation needed. Your main rival was supposed to be Manny. I put Marquez over Manny on the all time ranking list because he floored him. I love Manny, I truly do. But the boxet past the year 2000 is Floyd Mayweather.
Edgar Alonso
Edgar Alonso Pred 6 urami
Since when does Childish Gambino box and change his name to Gamboa
Im Elevating
Im Elevating Pred 6 urami
I love floyd being in tanks corner and all but tbh i wanna see tank blossom on his on .. it makes the journey better
Adam D
Adam D Pred 6 urami
After getting Lomachenko vs Lopez for free, No way in hell do I pay to watch this fight. This is a lesser fight. why isn't this a free fight? GTFOH
illmatic826 Pred 6 urami
Ray get so passionate about defense and shutting niggas down lmaoooooooo
Billy Crawfoot
Billy Crawfoot Pred 6 urami
that steamed man is called Maidana
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson Pred 6 urami
I ..ME...I...ME...I...ME....So sad😷 What was the question again?😥 Turn the music back on🕴
dnell32516 Pred 6 urami
Floyd is a clown
marcb510 Pred 6 urami
Gamboa hasnt been good for 10 years though
durant gamer
durant gamer Pred 6 urami
Tank gonn bank this guy... lmao he throws 10punches at once 🤣😂 #GTD
Alexandre Adzie
Alexandre Adzie Pred 6 urami
What the name of the first song when he was doing a shadowboxing 44.20 ?
Jose Jose
Jose Jose Pred 6 urami
Why does Davis hit the bag so gay?
Carlos R.
Carlos R. Pred 6 urami
Ryan Garcia can beat Tank bro! Mad respect to Mayweather but Damme, Ryan would beat Tank.
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Pred 6 urami
Idk. They both seem hungry and have all the motivation going into it. We'll see.
Damianz71 Pred 6 urami
Floyd has brain damage 😂
ron hardy
ron hardy Pred 6 urami
I rather listen to Floyd for a hour than watch a guy beating the shit out of the air... That was hella RUDE cutting off "The Best Ever" speaking his mind
Ramblin Ralph Velez
Ramblin Ralph Velez Pred 3 urami
With no disrespect to my boss..we had to move on with the workout... we let him say what he had to... thats why he spoke for as long as he did!!!