Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
Alvin Chang
Alvin Chang Pred 30 minutami
I just love ur voice brother 🥺 I like to dance in ur songs please 🤧
Alvin Chang
Alvin Chang Pred 31 minuto
Big fan 🤧 brother 💖
Alvin Chang
Alvin Chang Pred 33 minutami
Big fan 🤧 brother
Smoke FK
Smoke FK Pred 37 minutami
30k people disagree if they were black.
VooDoo INC.
VooDoo INC. Pred 41 minuto
Y am i just now watching the 3nd of this now. Its 2020 dude ihave goosebumps
chris peters
chris peters Pred 48 minutami
Hey Tom ya ever heard about Centralia, Pennsylvania check it out and thank me later.
Wanrap Syndor
Wanrap Syndor Pred 57 minutami
Dude you the Man..... Thank you 👍
Luca Marus
Luca Marus Pred uro
This has me in tears man. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.
Dustin Bryant
Dustin Bryant Pred uro
My father died in 2014 from lung cancer and i took care of him before he passed on to his enternal resting place. Cancer is a nasty demon
Hey There, Stupid
Hey There, Stupid Pred uro
Ryan Logue
Ryan Logue Pred uro
Thought this new drop would be an "if I was black" remix with another controversial black artist that would rap about if he was white... The nation needs to come together. Politicians wont do it, they just make shit worse. Still a dope ass song dude, love your music!
TBEKorupt Pred uro
Watched my grandma die of cancer when I was 10. :( When will there be a cure?
Daniel Hastings
Daniel Hastings Pred uro
This song hits home in a way that you could only imagine if you have never experienced it. My mom, my world, my strength was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she has tumors spreading through her body. I cant even put into words how scared I am. I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to watch her go through the things shes about to go through. Until I heard this song! Thank you for giving me the courage to be the son that I need to be for her. To everyone out there going through this horrible situation know that your not alone and that me and thousands of others are right here going through this with you. Hope brings strength and strength is what will lead us to victory in our fight against cancer. God bless you all and God bless you Thomas McDonald.
Tony D
Tony D Pred 31 minuto
100% stay strong
Josh Campbell
Josh Campbell Pred uro
All it took was one independent artist to bring us togther shows you who kept us apart. Time to burn this system to ashes
Dorinda George
Dorinda George Pred uro
Thank you Tom, my dad is suffering with bladder cancer right now.
Skye Davie
Skye Davie Pred uro
Please narrate some more videos like this on conspiracy theories or other stories scary stories all of it you’re such a good narrating voice and I love how you put the special effects into it such as the noises and background intensities of the sounds! I love ur charisma and your voice and I follow every belief and word that you say you’re an inspiration and I love you to the bottom of my heart I love everything that you stand for just please make more of these I fucking love it please!!!💙🙏🏼💙
Darkzy Pred uro
im a truck
Skye Davie
Skye Davie Pred uro
God I love you!!!
Rooster Roo
Rooster Roo Pred uro
Makes me even more proud to be a trump supporter
Darkzy Pred uro
i like mac lethal but this kinda ight
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Pred uro
Is this also posed to be a reference to hops I'll mind 8
Melissa Harriman
Melissa Harriman Pred uro
Tom for president 2020
mckenzie donkin
mckenzie donkin Pred 2 urami
yo tom macdonald do you know my uncle hes called taylor
kakoaun Pred 2 urami
Hangovergang Factsss Gangster Real Rapper Tom🔥✍️
MarcousVin Productions
MarcousVin Productions Pred 2 urami
I don't have cancer but at 39 I was diagnosed with MS and told that unfortunately it will kill me soon and the meds are so expensive and both sides of government don't care about us people dying is profitable to the government it's sad really. But I like this tune. Come Check out Our latest album Click here: We are independent like your are tom.
josh arena
josh arena Pred 2 urami
Damn, I have been avoiding this video in the worst way. RIP mom, even though we hated each other I hope you are no longer in pain.
kakoaun Pred 2 urami
2020 Factss For Real Tom🔥✍️
Ka『』RiNaW Gaming
Ka『』RiNaW Gaming Pred 2 urami
Am new so.this my thought. At first you look like no i saw you as just from image that you look like trash rapper with bad life choice but dem you supise me
kakoaun Pred 2 urami
Facts"'🔥✍️ Tom Goat
Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley Pred 2 urami
Love it. I’m a survivor myself. This song really makes you stop and think.
Enrique Valdez-Arvayo
Enrique Valdez-Arvayo Pred 2 urami
this shit is funny
kakoaun Pred 2 urami
Tom Goat✍️🔥
alex duncan
alex duncan Pred 2 urami
Still one of my favorite videos if Tom is where rap is going its gonna be epic
Dot 2 Dot Daniel
Dot 2 Dot Daniel Pred 2 urami
I'm a new fan, a BIG fan
Landen Alton
Landen Alton Pred 2 urami
why people dislike this he's talkin to all you dumbass haters there is nothin wrong with this song he's just tellin the truth like "People are so stupid, why are y'all so stupid? Get better problems, I swear to God that y'all want 'em, you're so dumb" like bruh hes talkin to u.
About to get lit
About to get lit Pred 2 urami
Who wanna see Tom and Upchurch collab??
Charles Vlachos
Charles Vlachos Pred 2 urami
I cant even put in words how much you are appreciated this message is so powerful, im not sure if i have cancer yet but i know people who have survived and the radiation and it changed so many things about them. Money shouldn't be currency positive energy should be and if it was you and everyone else hearing this would be millionaires.
Donine Planichek
Donine Planichek Pred 2 urami
They gave my dad 3 months to live when he was suffering from 4 different kinds of cancer. He lasted 39 days, and the last week he continuously begged me to let him commit suicide. In the end he didn't let go till I told him to go meet his grandson that I lost 4 years earlier (non cancer related). After that I literally felt him leave his body.
XRMusiC Official
XRMusiC Official Pred 2 urami
Maybe MAC Lethal's diss it s not that good but he is way better.
mkxforever Pred 2 urami
Rip chadwick boseman wakanda forever 🙅🏿
Tiffany Shaffer
Tiffany Shaffer Pred 2 urami
Lmao for real
M Scott
M Scott Pred 2 urami
My brother-in-law ( brother to me, he's such a great guy. I have known him my whole life. Married to my sister for almost 40 years ) was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Thank you for this video. I needed this
Amanda Ruddy
Amanda Ruddy Pred 2 urami
Just found out 11 year old chocolate lab, Hazelnut has stomach cancer. He only has one to two weeks left to live.
Korean Prodigy
Korean Prodigy Pred 2 urami
2:06 *Nothing personal kid*
Tiffany Shaffer
Tiffany Shaffer Pred 2 urami
This hit me hard an amazing song!!! RIP PAP
Tami Ramos
Tami Ramos Pred 3 urami
This video is has a great message. Keep up the good work. I have another subject you could press upon....if you want to....and that is the trend of fat acceptance. This is a toxic movement and is a contributor to the high cost of health care almost as much as cancer is. Love ya' Tom!
Tech87hd Pred 3 urami
Very few could of took these words and did this with them . This song very heart felt and deep, also truely motivating during hard times, he really is a versatile musician i can truly relate to this too "the struggle aspect" lyrically he expresses and covers all the major facts and aspects about cancer "other diseases/hardships subliminally" he displays and personifies the struggles complimentented with that strong chorus too "this is fuckin music!!!" great work man Tom goes there when nobody will, facts. Im 33yr straight white male and i have to admit this one was a tear jerker literally seriously the combination of song and video....its music and medicine.
Steven Dunagan
Steven Dunagan Pred 3 urami
Song made me cry a little.
Christi Smith
Christi Smith Pred 3 urami
damn Tom and Nova.... yall got me crying this morning. I've been wanting to hear this.... as I sit here with my best friend who has stage 4 copd AND Lung Cancer. shes too weak for treatment..... plus we don't believe in the bullshit treatments anyway. hugs to all who are fighting. 🤍💜
Jackson Monroe
Jackson Monroe Pred 3 urami
thats a good song
Sean Durham
Sean Durham Pred 3 urami
"No more plastic straws wrapped in paper, just paper straws wrapped in plastic." Had me rolling LMFAO!!!
paddy conman
paddy conman Pred 3 urami
Any advice I'm 24 going on 25 and drinking heavily dont know what to do tried getting help from doctors didn't work
Timothy High II
Timothy High II Pred 3 urami
I can't stop listening to it