colincreates Pred 22 urami
I ate 3,000 calories of deep-fried cheese in one sitting for a vid adding hot sauce to every bite
Prefeito Gustavo
Prefeito Gustavo Pred 22 urami
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake Pred 22 urami
but they agree to everything based on the factory because of the contract
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell Pred 22 urami
Jesus loves you brochachoz
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez Pred 22 urami
the new one not the old one the old one is better
Ronnie Sleep
Ronnie Sleep Pred 22 urami
I now have to become a doctor so if the purge is ever real. I’ll be rich. I’ll become a organ donor when I turn 18
Ser Art Dayne
Ser Art Dayne Pred 22 urami
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️you really just said shooting a bullet into a pool was a “good plan” as you’re explaining math and science. I thought you were suppose to be a physics guy?
Kristoffer Navarrete
Kristoffer Navarrete Pred 22 urami
Alright im flying to another country bye bye
julian gaming and vloging
julian gaming and vloging Pred 22 urami
He started SLshow the day before My birth day
Pumpkin Waffle
Pumpkin Waffle Pred 22 urami
We love watching scary thoerys but only one headphone works~!!!
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez Pred 22 urami
that movie was bull
ransley aman
ransley aman Pred 23 urami
Lies Anna and Elsa are sisters but there mum was from some where and there dad was are Prince Elsa may look different but she are spirit chosen to become are border with her sister so you see Anna is are bridge to arendle and Elsa is are bridge to the unknown and dude is telling lies noone trust him I saw all of the movie of frozen and yes Anna Elsa and rapzle are all cousin but Elsa Anna sisters thank you for reading cya. And I'm sorry what i said like this is your video any way continue on talk please I insiste. Bye cya
Ser Art Dayne
Ser Art Dayne Pred 23 urami
If any of you thought this movie was good/scary than your opinion literally means nothing bc this was the worst scary movie I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re using “chased” very loosely here. If you can walk faster than your grandmom, than you’re fine.
Lyreck Obras
Lyreck Obras Pred 23 urami
i gotta say MAT PAT JUST TELL US THE THEORY STOP TELLING US STUFF WE COULD SOLVE USING A CALCULATOR AND SOME OF US [i mean us kids] ARE JUST LIKE BELOW 15 [i'm like 11] SO JUST TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ME RAGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Via Plays
Via Plays Pred 23 urami
Plz listen to mother mother ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
TeaTime /Wcedar
TeaTime /Wcedar Pred 23 urami
I think the bone is the hip of the horse that died from the “doctor”
Darielis Dark
Darielis Dark Pred 23 urami
Is ir possible that the other mother from Coraline is somehow conected to Penywise(sorry for bad english ,spanish is mu first language)
diesel pretzels
diesel pretzels Pred 23 urami
im eatig
Zachary Chaber
Zachary Chaber Pred 23 urami
Anyone else noticed that this show and local 58 both aired one more video and then ended after matpat made theories about them? Either he was right and now theyre hiding or he ruined the surprise and they gave up
Chrisought Pred 23 urami
Can you please do a theory on the platform
Scrill100 Pred 23 urami
*Gasp* Digimon! Eyyyyy- anyways I know older video but I watched this a few times also cause I wanted to-
Mārtiņš Mālakalns
Mārtiņš Mālakalns Pred 23 urami
You should make a theory about how old is mister Bernss from simsons.
Evblock TMOV
Evblock TMOV Pred 23 urami
You could be a lawyer LITERALLY
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez Pred 23 urami
💩 👦=matpat
Gou Matsuoka
Gou Matsuoka Pred 23 urami
No one: Me: Binky is a BULLDOG!?........ honestly tho .. wtf.
Splatty YT
Splatty YT Pred 23 urami
The goo behind the slaughter
Naruto_ Usumaki
Naruto_ Usumaki Pred 23 urami
If this existed in the marvel universe you could sleep with dead pool or wolverine.😎😎
robotneedful 408
robotneedful 408 Pred 23 urami
So good to know that only one picture is enough for a video 😂
Mr JFox
Mr JFox Pred 23 urami
2020 is bad enough and then I saw this thumbnail
the MAD ENGINEER Pred 23 urami
14:26 I recommend using METRIC.
Matteo Draws
Matteo Draws Pred 23 urami
Kipo Watch
Olivia James
Olivia James Pred 23 urami
You have a kid
Olivia James
Olivia James Pred 23 urami
Olivia Parritt
Olivia Parritt Pred 23 urami
so matpat something i have also noticed is that the movies are even drawn the same. but no other princess movie is drawn like theirs. the proportions are the same. it’s just odd🤔
Erick Draven
Erick Draven Pred 23 urami
Jason is supernatural. The Necronomicon from the Evil Dead is in the Voorhees family home.
andree andree
andree andree Pred 23 urami
OwOtakuOwO Pred 23 urami
SLshow wants Me to Eat Tide pods... But in the video it says dont eat tide pods... Help..
Sonny Copus
Sonny Copus Pred 23 urami
When will there be a film theory of big city greens
alu alu
alu alu Pred 23 urami
I would accept thanos
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez Pred 23 urami
what the h*** is rong with you
adam dyrhaug
adam dyrhaug Pred 23 urami
Matt Patt you left too much money on the table for someone with less moral character. If we are to assume no holds bar wining the purge then the choice crimes to commit are: kidnapping, murder, organ harvesting and selling. One might need a larger operation to complete said task but everyone should be set for the rest of the year for this one night minus the medical professionals involved. Back to the drawing board Matt Patt try again. Use the grounds the purge participants have far less morals and more desire to not get caught or receive retribution.
t i
t i Pred 23 urami
andree andree
andree andree Pred 23 urami
bruh its just a cartoon so its not even real!!!
Ava Corey
Ava Corey Pred 23 urami
snake jazz? is the snek good? i hope so...
Maya Willoughby
Maya Willoughby Pred 23 urami
Me watching this in 2020: BWAHAHAHA. you wish.
SHADOW LEGEND Pred 23 urami
can you please do a power ranger theory
Hyunjin's Americano
Hyunjin's Americano Pred 23 urami
This channel is the reason why I read too deep into everything Not that I’m complaining tho
Olivia James
Olivia James Pred 23 urami
You’re so funny
Vfx studioX
Vfx studioX Pred 23 urami
i wish u can make a theory on 'the filmtheory' give me credit if thewish gets granted
Aadarsha Bantawa
Aadarsha Bantawa Pred 23 urami
I hate 😒 you
Hey Iam cursed but a lot love me
Hey Iam cursed but a lot love me Pred 23 urami
What if coral didnt really die? Thats my theory, I dont want marlyn and nemo to be, you know
DarkLadyJade Pred 23 urami
I would have preferred an ending closer to this than what we actually got.
Crystal Chan
Crystal Chan Pred 23 urami
Pollinators: There's 1 impostor among us
wisdomwalrus Pred 23 urami
i was in the middle of watching parks and rec on prime, then peacock took it the next day
WayStedYou Pred 23 urami
The funny thing is sonic made almost the same money as detective pickachu after they altered sonic, 85m budget and 360m vs 150m budget and 433m box office
Photon Theorist
Photon Theorist Pred 23 urami
They're not evil, the jedi represent order, which isn't necessarily good. And the Sith are chaos which are definitely bad
wisdomwalrus Pred 23 urami
3:47 nailed it is great
VaderTrap Pred 23 urami
Dominated by Dominations
Dominated by Dominations Pred dnevom
Brett Whalin
Brett Whalin Pred dnevom
There is number magic... arithmancy. Prediction through math. It is Hermione's favorite subject.
Gabriele Ciccotti
Gabriele Ciccotti Pred dnevom
So by this logic Buddist temples are evil?
Brianna Bloom
Brianna Bloom Pred dnevom
Me, someone with anxiety who likes shows that are predictable because they're "safe" Y..yeah. I've totally never watched these movies. Completely honestly though, they are pretty bad, and I was pregnant when the pregnancy/baby one came out and it made me laugh with how unrealistic it is.
cantalope funny comesy
cantalope funny comesy Pred dnevom
To sum it up Wach the video
mahuua sharma
mahuua sharma Pred dnevom
the way this turned out to be true just broke me...
Squrriel Studios!
Squrriel Studios! Pred dnevom
If binky was a bulldog why is arthurs yellow dog not anthropomorphic? Thats just slavery
Nico Keenan
Nico Keenan Pred dnevom
Food theory, why does edward hate milk
Brother D
Brother D Pred dnevom
For anyone who hasn’t read the book, don’t waste your time. It’s a tedious read.
aaradhy pro
aaradhy pro Pred dnevom
Population controling : exists Kira : ima bout to end this mans whole career
Cydne Gee
Cydne Gee Pred dnevom
Really dude I love your content but this made me angrey if paid attention u would have heard all might say he got hurt fighting all for one and he got hurt so bad he was only able to use his quirk for a limited time
Yolanda Cajilima
Yolanda Cajilima Pred dnevom
I watch jayden
I’m a YouTube
I’m a YouTube Pred dnevom
yay my childhood is ruined
Joaquin Ceasar Durban
Joaquin Ceasar Durban Pred dnevom
plot twist: they actually made it wrong in the first place so that the show has a story
Wolfe Da boi
Wolfe Da boi Pred dnevom
U shut that mouth rice of skywalker breaks everything apart as a true Star Wars fan you’re word are curses to me and the 80 percent off the world population that that movie can’t even be considered Star Wars Beacuse it was made by dysney and comics are separate realms or else Luke has a gf Dysney will make 16 more Star Wars if it give them money now u understand The battle of sith and Jedi has to happend
Damian N
Damian N Pred dnevom
CRM = change request management.
Gonta gokuhara
Gonta gokuhara Pred dnevom
It’s the spooky season that means I’m gonna be rewatching a lot of horror movies
Aniruddh Chaturvedi
Aniruddh Chaturvedi Pred dnevom
"The theory is wrong" Boy thats a strange thing
aybike ulusoy
aybike ulusoy Pred dnevom
angel wolf
angel wolf Pred dnevom
RetroPhoenix Pred dnevom
The moral of this movie: Stay pure virginity is cool
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Pred dnevom
I can't understand this anime, or most anime for that matter