How iDubbbz Fell From Grace
Why KSI Made Jake Paul Cry
Pred letom
How I Became An Animator
The Christmas Finale
Andrei Vs. TheOdd1sOut
How To Become Pewdiepie!
velocity Pred 4 urami
nadia Pred 4 urami
I feel like they don't really get a say in privacy. They've just been filmed and published since birth. Do they get to choose whether they want to be on the internet? Not really. I think some pictures are okay, because, ya know kids are cute. But videos like two times a week? I think wait for a while until they're 14.
Time Reaper
Time Reaper Pred 4 urami
Booo you fucking suck
Oofinn Pred 5 urami
pewdiepie will be no 1 *always*!
Zel Vibes
Zel Vibes Pred 5 urami
no bro it is an indian song
Divyansh Meena
Divyansh Meena Pred 5 urami
Leondra Edwards
Leondra Edwards Pred 5 urami
I like how he actually got 100k likes epic win boys
feather puke
feather puke Pred 5 urami
Yay, I love dream and george they're so funny :3
Moonton Ml
Moonton Ml Pred 5 urami
In our country we rarely use toilet paper, we often use our hands when pooping
Purpvox Pred 5 urami
if ill be a big ytuber in the future...ill still reply to every comment i get in my video...because your fans/audience are the literal reason you are a big ytuber
Purpvox Pred 5 urami
@Icy i may not be able to do all of it but ill try my best to reply
Icy Pred 5 urami
Sorry dude thats impossible if you have 100k views on a vid and 50k people commented on it its gonna take days to read all them
Danex Pred 5 urami
Paa: Gaming
Paa: Gaming Pred 6 urami
2:23 Face reveal! Watch at 0.25x speed and Thank me Later!
Nintendo switch cool
Nintendo switch cool Pred 6 urami
hey look plainrock124
AVIATION BOY Pred 6 urami
I love your outro man make it more longer in the next videos 😍❤️
Jeremy Cielo D. Mortel
Jeremy Cielo D. Mortel Pred 6 urami
when andrei said Warudo! it gave me jojo vibes
T Series vs pwediepie
Super Films 012
Super Films 012 Pred 6 urami
8 thousand simps disliked the video
LazyToGame94 Pred 6 urami
I don’t think Dream refined it he did nothing to cool and exploiting fans to get what he wants the original Minecraft youtubers like Captain Sparklez and DanTDM who had cool and fun content Dream has not help with the community I’ve honestly have started to hate Minecraft because of him but if I didn’t have a passion for Minecraft I would have stopped playing he ruined the mob vote this year if he hadn’t intervened and tweet that he would follow anyone who voted the glow squid because he didn’t want anything to affect he man hunt series the iceillager would have won maybe not but it was almost tied with dreams interference and without it most likely it would have been a land slide with the iceillager winning and dream has gave away illegal Minecraft accounts which against Minecraft policy’s so I don’t know why he isn’t banned on SLshow and or Minecraft
Subah Hubah
Subah Hubah Pred 6 urami
The definition of "I'm not like other girls."
Damian K
Damian K Pred 6 urami
this video is so..badly made. I have no idea who idubbz is, found the vid by accident but whoa, the first 2 minutes of an 11 min video talking abt nord vpn, then fills the rest of the vid with empty 'content' with occasional captain obvious. Last minute of the video wasted on 'what do yall think'.
Devin Jetski
Devin Jetski Pred 6 urami
brian is my cousin but why did he hang out with I have made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement He doesnt like talking about drama to me
Sam Dragontear
Sam Dragontear Pred 6 urami
I think if iDubbbz wanted to respond to the backlash like a total Chad he should of simply said "if I were a simp she wouldn't need a job because she'd have all my money. So if you wanna keep my girlfriend from trying to take my money go simp for her."
Chizuruツ Pred 7 urami
XenøDestructor Pred 7 urami
Puts 13+ Me a 10 year old 👁👄👁
Dylan Cai
Dylan Cai Pred 7 urami
yes Booo yes🏳️‍🌈🤣
Dylan Cai
Dylan Cai Pred 7 urami
Yes boo yes🤣🏳️‍🌈
Cool Beats 11
Cool Beats 11 Pred 7 urami
I just had a random thought If the multiverse is real what If Dr Disrespect in a different Universe is called Dr Respect and everytime someone would kill him instead of cursing them out he would compliment them just a weird thought of mine
Crocodile on A jetski
Crocodile on A jetski Pred 7 urami
Who the hell is Dax? Never heard of him. He ain’t nowhere near popular on SLshow
Rayle Baroy
Rayle Baroy Pred 7 urami
A Trash Lemon
A Trash Lemon Pred 7 urami
Me who had pneumonia for a while: nuh uh no no way you would be able to sell stuff like that oh heck no
A German Pigeon
A German Pigeon Pred 7 urami
Pietramala Djaprie
Pietramala Djaprie Pred 7 urami
The start reminds me of walking animation from DOS version of Maniac Mansion and Amiga version of Zak Mckracken
Purpvox Pred 8 urami
i realized almost every famous person was bullied when they were kids
Tapaswini Panda
Tapaswini Panda Pred 8 urami
Andrei: it's more than a lipstick Me: where were you when I thought It was red color and I tried to paint with it Why didnt you post it before 😭😭
bhabishya poudel
bhabishya poudel Pred 8 urami
How did he re define Minecraft then? Wheres the main talking?
Gavin Leisinger
Gavin Leisinger Pred 8 urami
I hate this so much so I’m going to watch it a bunch and get you more money
Elii. Pred 8 urami
2.7 million subscribers and no verification smh youtube
Butter-I Pred 8 urami
7:48 Wow he really went through all of that just to make a plain smiley face
A chunk of the internet Animations
A chunk of the internet Animations Pred 8 urami
If you watch his SLshow videos you have an IQ over 200 I'm not talking about leafy by the way
Brandon Gonzalez
Brandon Gonzalez Pred 8 urami
Andrew Zayas
Andrew Zayas Pred 8 urami
Yeah that’s a great boxing just think how to punch opponent and you move around and you have to think
Milly_Studio plays
Milly_Studio plays Pred 8 urami
Makeup, my biggest enemie..
Peach Cayanong
Peach Cayanong Pred 9 urami
I was dead laughing at the butt plug at the start. "Pink thing?"😂
siam hossain
siam hossain Pred 9 urami
vary great video
siam hossain
siam hossain Pred 9 urami
Tsuki Pred 9 urami
as a gay guy i know exactly what that pink thing is
someone else
someone else Pred 9 urami
Does anyone appreciate how kinda cute and cool the outro looks?
xxHoneyBunnyxx Pred 9 urami
If Pokimane watched this…
Elizabell perez
Elizabell perez Pred 9 urami
DIC Pred 9 urami
Its ok but dont make it to much :/
Pheonix of The Silver Moon
Pheonix of The Silver Moon Pred 9 urami
Wow... Dream really does have a 1,000,000IQ...
SU_TART198BD Pred 9 urami
Don't you think I didn't see your face and the others
Everything Thrice
Everything Thrice Pred 9 urami
*GoodTimesWithScar will forever be the best builder Minecraft has ever had*
Everything Thrice
Everything Thrice Pred 9 urami
*Even Justin Y. reappeared to find out how Dream became so popular.*
Loggy Boo
Loggy Boo Pred 9 urami
Small nitpick but 'Simp' has been a word used for a looong time. It was established well before Poki ever streamed, it just wasnt as popular
The Cooon
The Cooon Pred 9 urami
O bet all the 8k dislikes are pokimane simps
Dizzy The Cat
Dizzy The Cat Pred 9 urami
He's Crying Icecubs :0
Dena Rollins
Dena Rollins Pred 10 urami
What about Sean mcglochlin? A.k.a jackspepticeye?
Williame Kuate
Williame Kuate Pred 10 urami
You should do one on how funny changed minecraft
Daniel Saldana Canchola
Daniel Saldana Canchola Pred 10 urami
Fanciful Fox
Fanciful Fox Pred 10 urami
Ok this is cool and all, the queen is ADORABLE and no one can change my mind :)
Alejandro Ubaldo
Alejandro Ubaldo Pred 10 urami
dude splitting facts , like family vids should just stop
Memes Even more memes
Memes Even more memes Pred 10 urami
Cancel Culture Cancer Culture (I saw it XD)
Thewiredplug Pred 10 urami
3:23 Peter Griffin
Not a comment bot
Not a comment bot Pred 10 urami
Dream is brilliant
The VR Guy
The VR Guy Pred 10 urami
Mom: “Honey, I’m pregnant!” Mom before the vlog: *downs 20 birth control pills*
Meloyello Pred 11 urami
James New girlfriend: **sad noises**
Rose Bud
Rose Bud Pred 11 urami
3:40 Haytor is a gender, just wanted to point that out
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz Pred 11 urami
this sucks theodd1sout is better than andrei terbea
Yana Madyarova
Yana Madyarova Pred 11 urami
I am from the future. Be ware! 2020 is terrible.
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Pred 11 urami
THe ending is amazing lol
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Pred 11 urami
I may have gone overboard
dark skull
dark skull Pred 11 urami
Not only did he bring minecraft back *he also rigged a minecon mob vote by say to vote for a retextered squid and he would follow people* (he didn't follow anyone )
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol Pred 11 urami
This is the reason I'm obsessed with Dream's Minecraft Manhunt. Thanks. That wasn't sarcasm...
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Pred 11 urami
SLshow is hard work but your video that you’ve been working on could just get deleted out of nowhere well you’re hundreds of hours working all for nothing SLshow doesn’t make as much content as twitch or not as much money but the SLshowrs still work hard on the other hand twitch streamers are pretty lazy I’m not gonna lie it’s great that they make more content every day I mean I like to watch streamers every day but if they’re eating and reacting to SLshow videos sometimes then that’s lazy but Twitch streamers Make more money all the time but that’s OK kind of sucks for SLshow though but anyways I like Twitch and SLshow equally and I wish SLshowrs can make more content but it’s kind a hard. For animators it’s the hardest sometimes I animate my little cartoons with out posting It takes hours of work I feel more bad for the SLshowrs and I do the twitch streamers I wish everyone would stop fighting
UltraHeart6560. Pred 12 urami
Crazy eight Crew
Crazy eight Crew Pred 12 urami
Hey kids! Let’s go on a treasure hunt! For angry little fortnite kids.
Elyse Pred 12 urami
I feel like youtube and twitch both require a good amount of work and it can depend what types of streams or videos you make
KillerboyYT02 - PC - MOBILE
KillerboyYT02 - PC - MOBILE Pred 12 urami
Why is your bird always angry when you hold him or her