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[•REC]² (2009) KILL COUNT
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DCA - Lets Play
DCA - Lets Play Pred 5 urami
Hodder has the kind of dedication to a role that a lot of big names don’t have for any role, he’s willing to go above and beyond to be Jason, he has the shit beaten out of him for the film and he still did more
anime 100 40
anime 100 40 Pred 5 urami
Im him
Tony Covarrubias
Tony Covarrubias Pred 6 urami
Only a few hours since the video was posted and already at 1 million views,nothing that James and his editors can do,dead meat is the best
Synyster666 Pred 6 urami
4:30 Did anyone else get the They Might Be Giants reference?
NobNob 337
NobNob 337 Pred 6 urami
Is this a Jojo reference?
John Mendoza
John Mendoza Pred 6 urami
I dont understand how killing someone who's trying to kill you gives people trauma
Charles Borkowski
Charles Borkowski Pred 6 urami
The Texas chainsaw massacre, jaws, alien, and so many better ones, I don't know my favorite at all!?
Reese Dellihue
Reese Dellihue Pred 6 urami
Gotta appreciate James' dedication to changing that background every video
Rogue Jedi
Rogue Jedi Pred 6 urami
Porno budget with a porno dialogue
Koshidono Pred 6 urami
When you fg that anna hutchison is the yellow ranger from jungle fury and you see her actin all sexy😂😂😂😂😂
ihate names
ihate names Pred 6 urami
The one guy in charge blowing his own head off perfectly represents what this movie made me want to do when i watched this turd. I thought AvPR was bad. I was wrong.
apple cringe
apple cringe Pred 6 urami
15:21 sweds not Swiss
Minebrothers 999
Minebrothers 999 Pred 6 urami
1:44 love that chucky face
Pratyush Nayak
Pratyush Nayak Pred 6 urami
Puppy wasn't on the list 🥺🥺
Mace OfLight
Mace OfLight Pred 6 urami
*When your too scared to watch the actual movie so you just watch Dead Meat and FoundFlix.*
Teya Lynn
Teya Lynn Pred 6 urami
The guy at 8:30 looks like a young Nelly
stonks Pred 6 urami
The horror movie title never hike in the snow : The snow: wait why is there no hikers..?
Gonk droids Together
Gonk droids Together Pred 6 urami
Wait this movie exist? Where can I watch this
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 6 urami
It's on SLshow, as James said.
PT WSTN Pred 6 urami
"good ppl on both sides" lmaooo
Phantom Pred 6 urami
Wrong it’s 13 kills..
Taylor Ogle
Taylor Ogle Pred 6 urami
I honestly expected Freddy to say ”Im Batman” when he was killing Chris
Tyler Lucas
Tyler Lucas Pred 6 urami
Agent Kerri looks like ash from r6
the green balloon
the green balloon Pred 6 urami
Who tf decided to dislike this
Brooklynyte Pred 6 urami
But you didn't tell us why this was allowed to be made if the franchise is in limbo! Great prosthetics for his face! Edit : Oh, I guess calling it a fan made film does the trick....
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 5 urami
Yeah, they don't make money from it, so it's easier to get away with it.
Eddie Nava
Eddie Nava Pred 6 urami
i laughed too hard at the "jason got cake" comments lmao
Phantom Pred 6 urami
This movie is rubbish compared to other horror movies that are less popular..
Joseph Castillo
Joseph Castillo Pred 6 urami
Is it Nick Mick or Vick? I don't know what I'm hearing!
The Noob Gamer
The Noob Gamer Pred 6 urami
Bruh it's just like among us
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Pred 6 urami
Welp... It's 2020 and it's October.. 2022 is 2 years away. Let's see what happens
Longo Movie reviews
Longo Movie reviews Pred 6 urami
I still can’t tell if this movie is gay or not
clout jerry
clout jerry Pred 6 urami
3:27 wu-tang🔥
Fellow Human
Fellow Human Pred 6 urami
Honestly I think it was way too short
Mitchell Mitting
Mitchell Mitting Pred 6 urami
18:00 Mel-born God it hurts every time to hear as an Aussie
Pretty Gordo
Pretty Gordo Pred 6 urami
We really got Snow Godzilla and Snow Jason in the same year. I hope we get Snow Gordan Ramsey next.
Phantom Pred 6 urami
How did Jason survive hanging in this movie if he was meant to be human...
MrEdfusion 360
MrEdfusion 360 Pred 6 urami
Crazy Ralf 😂
Mace OfLight
Mace OfLight Pred 6 urami
Among Us Kill Count
Zrxty Pred 6 urami
Does anyone see the fish
AmeerGAMING Pred 6 urami
This is among us this is definitely among us
Defective Factoid Bot
Defective Factoid Bot Pred 6 urami
Wait you missed Grandpa Sawyer He got shot in the face when Ken Foree fired into the house didnt he? Like face blown open right between the eyes wasnt it?
Jaxon Hess
Jaxon Hess Pred 6 urami
that movie is the best
Jaxon Hess
Jaxon Hess Pred 6 urami
can u cover jeepers creeper plese
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 5 urami
He won't, sorry.
Merstrand Pred 6 urami
It's Spooktober feck yeah!
James Lim
James Lim Pred 6 urami
I saw a meme of a woman driving a car, hitting a jogger who seems familiar and then she says "f**cking c*nt". Well I guess I found the origin.
Can Cop
Can Cop Pred 6 urami
"Welcome to the kill cow!" 0:04
hasan huseyin
hasan huseyin Pred 6 urami
rico nasty
Anthony Pred 6 urami
Hey dead meat, my family are about to make a movie. When it comes out can you cover that too?
mr lol head
mr lol head Pred 6 urami
That guy wasn't the imposter
soniA_Nevamind Pred 6 urami
Fun fact: Nurse Andie or whatever is from a show called "Martin" from the 1980's-1990's
LP2U // Chris
LP2U // Chris Pred 6 urami
Girl Helpy The Bear A Little Bean -w-
Girl Helpy The Bear A Little Bean -w- Pred 6 urami
Note Elisabeth Singleton Moss Was Also in The Handmaid's Tale ( one of my mom's favorite TV Shows )
VaccinatedByValv Pred 6 urami
I love the fact that at the end one of the guys said that he wasn't even mad and called Cole a stud
Depressed sock
Depressed sock Pred 6 urami
2:32 the elephant bump into the paper or not strong wall XD
SarahsKnight0 Pred 6 urami
16:02 - And after all this time ... that poor IRS guy is still lying there in the dentist's office alive with his entire lower face all fucked up.
Tudor Hategan
Tudor Hategan Pred 6 urami
Can you make a kill count for "truth or dare" the movie is really cool
JP TWINS Pred 6 urami
This is terraria in real life bruh
mr lol head
mr lol head Pred 6 urami
We have to agree that the invisible man is a badass
R3ADY Pred 6 urami
Somebody needs to email James to make a "The Happening" Kill Count
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 5 urami
But not you?
Kevin M
Kevin M Pred 6 urami
Funny, I was looking for this two days before the video was released.
The Boys Channel
The Boys Channel Pred 6 urami
That explosion was the ROBLOX one
Freida Slaves
Freida Slaves Pred 6 urami
chelsea: cuts 2 holes in a bag james: that girl can do anything
Nami Hunter
Nami Hunter Pred 6 urami
I came back for cake and I was not disappointed! DAMN BOI HE THICC!
Fire Clown
Fire Clown Pred 6 urami
5:09 Me:put it on the wall. Jason:*no*
SarahsKnight0 Pred 6 urami
12:51 - Have none of the people in the waiting room up front heard any of this commotion by now? Dude's maimed or killed like 3 people back here, and he's not exactly being ninja about it.
DaWacMac Pred 6 urami
2 words... Garner Minshew
DefNOTBio Pred 6 urami
Lol "drilled offscreen"
Norhazanil Othman
Norhazanil Othman Pred 6 urami
Jason is an imposter to the snow and he killed many crewmates😭
Iris Muñiz
Iris Muñiz Pred 6 urami
Nora 💜 Thanks for talking about her! I was a huge Faceoff fan and she was one of my favorites
RedZone_ YT
RedZone_ YT Pred 6 urami
Rip Chester
KROKER Pred 6 urami
MR.Dead meat james would you be so nice as to make a kill count on "the hills have eyes" bc I am currently rewatching it and I think it is worthy of a kill count but if you do it is all up to you also ik you most likely have movies to do kill counts on since its yk Halloween but please keep this movie in mind :) thank you and have a good day
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 5 urami
If you want to request it, the email address is in the pinned comment 😊
Elite331Builds Yt
Elite331Builds Yt Pred 6 urami
Can you do a kill count on My soul to take
Liam Straus
Liam Straus Pred 6 urami
*hikes in the snow*
hotelmario510 Pred 6 urami
The scariest thing in this film is the fact that nobody on that train is social distancing.
Banned Pred 6 urami
SLshow subtitles: IM JAMES AGEE NICE